Samsung Epic 4G Drops to $199 at Sprint


The Samsung Epic 4G has been out for a little while now, and though it was worth every penny of the $249.99 original asking price on-contract, those that held off will be pleased to know the handset has dropped in price in Sprint’s online store. The Android-powered Galaxy S smartphone with a Super AMOLED display comes in $50 easier on the wallet at $199.99 on a new two-year contract. Get at it.

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  1. No Froyo, No Google Apps, No Go!

  2. “no Google apps”???
    What does that mean?

  3. It has google apps…What are you talking about Romma?

  4. @johnny
    Be careful reading comments here, the people rarely have any clue. From Samsung’s own site:

    “Powered by the latest Google OS, the WiFi-enabled Epic™ 4G gives you Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search and other great Google Mobile apps – not to mention the rest of the Web – at a touch.”

  5. I stand corrected. I now have a clue!

  6. $179.99 at, no tax, free shipping.

  7. the iPhones coming…better get everyone on contract now!

  8. haha @timmy and Epic fail to “Powered by the latest Google OS”

  9. Just means that a Galaxy Successor is on the horizon…Along with 4.3″ LG Sliders w/ 4G. Both of which will give me fits.

  10. why bother, just about as an obsolete OS as you can get, and don’t expect any updates anytime soon.

  11. Unless they surprise me and give us 2.3 i will never buy another Samsung again. Fool me once, shame on you(Moment). Fool me twice shame on me(Epic)

  12. No updates and let’s not forget that 4G tax.

  13. I think that a $50 is a fitting step-down for a phone that still doesn’t have 2.2, just like me Transform, once $150 and now its $100.

  14. Still the best smartphone on the market kills the iphone, Evo, and my touch 4 and goes toe to toe with the nexus s Epic 4g all day!

  15. Still unable to upgrade to Android 2.2 – so still no flash. The phone was a great idea – too bad it was built by Samsung. The HTC Evo Shift is the replacement.

  16. No 2.2 on this phone or 4g in my state. Sprint can keep its phone and it’s 4g tax.

  17. when will the froyo come?

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