Wind-Up Your Android Robot And Watch It Walk Away


The good old days… before TV shows had re-runs and kids played with “video games” – what the heck did people do? Obviously Android enthusiasts like a little bit of nostalgia with this good old-fashioned Android Toy that winds up and walks around.

You can purchase the set of 3 shown above for only $4 at DealExtreme – not a bad deal at all. And now that I think about it, these seem more in line with the timing of Pez Dispensers, Slap Bracelets, and those little football helmets you got in the 25 cent vending machines at the super market. First one to find out when the first wind-up walking toy was made wins… bragging rights. Okay, we didn’t want to know anyways.

[Thanks TwoSpirits!]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Is this a wind up!
    See what I did there ;-)

  2. @Scott I see what you did there!

  3. Ages 3+ … perfect.

  4. The answer is the 15th century.

  5. Hey, these aren’t Androids, these are “Robots”!
    According to Wikipedia, wind up toys date back to the 15th century with some of the first being made by some guy named Karel Grod. That’s all the info I could find, not that I searched very hard…

  6. Isn’t “Android Robot” redundant?

  7. @alexander

    The robot itself has”google android”written on it.

  8. i want it! ;-P

  9. Order in :)

  10. @Alexander you’ve bought into the marketing hype. An Android is “an automaton that resembles a human being” , not a licenced toy line from that American Grafitti dude.

    Robots can be made that do not resemble humans, or are you dating a roomba ?

  11. It should come with a small mat in the shape of an Apple, that it “walks all over”…. :)

  12. @all: geez, I guess sarcasm really doesn’t travel along the intertubes.

  13. Seriously…I saw this article 3 seconds ago and my order is already in!!! I love Android everything, it all feels so good.

  14. @WhyNotRoot! Actually, you’re a bit off as well. An android is an automaton resembling a MALE human being. The one resembling a female is properly called a gynoid. The latter term got conflated into the former is all.


  15. WhyNotRoot! wrote on January 10, 2011

    Comment of the day.

    My, what a lovely Roomba! You make a perfect couple!

  16. I’d buy packs of these to give to my great niece and nephews, but they look kind of fragile. I know the one nephew would have them broken in ten minutes.

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