Jan 5th, 2011

8:39 AM: Jane Lynch wants us to use “OMG LG!” as a headline. I think not. But we’re done here! We’ll be working to get up the latest videos and pictures regarding everything Android related that LG announced.

LG Optimus Black Announcement Video @ CES 2011:

LG Optimus 2X Promo Video @ CES 2011:

8:38 AM: 19 Smart TV models to span 8 different series will be offered. Looks like we can cross LG off of that Google TV list.

8:36 AM: If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the official press shot of the LG Black:

8:34 AM: LG says 41% of consumers preferred Smart TV compared to 22% that preferred Google TV. Fight!

8:32 AM: There will be a smartphone app to help you control your Smart TV from your phone – we assume Android will be included in the crop of operating systems that this app will be released on.

8:30 AM: Tim Alessi – Director of New Product Development and Home Entertainment – takes the stage to go in-depth about Smart TV.

8:28 AM: Smarter Cooling: Imagine a refrigerator that can detect what food you’re running low on. It’ll send you a shopping list to let you know what you need to pick up.

8:27: Smarter Laundry: THINQ technology will let you know if something goes wrong during your washing and drying cycles.

8:26 AM: Smarter Cooking: your oven will be able to detect which day it is and serve up popular holiday recipes.

8:25 AM: Wayne just wrapped his presentation up. Patrick Steinkuhl takes the stage to talk more about LG’s THINQ products.

8:23 AM: As we heard before, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to monitor several types of appliances. See if your laundry is near done, if your refrigerator is open, or if your roast is just about juicy enough to eat.

8: 21 AM: Wayne’s talking about LG Smart Appliances – THINQ. We heard about this yesterday.

8:19 AM: The Black will be available worldwide. Too many countries for me to remember, actually.

8:17 AM: LG Optimus Black’s thin and bright display called the “NOVA Display”. Video promo is going right now.

8:16 AM: LG Optimus Black with Android 2.2 has just been announced. Optimus 2X, as well. More details here.

8:14 AM:Could Smart TV give Google TV a run for its money? Maybe. Lots of apps and content providers, but no real advantages over Google. Pricing wars imminent!

8:12 AM: Don’t worry, an Android phone was flashed during their overview of what they’ll be talking about. We should be hearing about a few new phones soon enough!

8:11 AM: We’re about to take a look at Smart TV. Doesn’t look like Google TV, unfortunately.

8:05 AM: This is just the “ambiance” of the room:

8:03 AM: LG’s Wayne Park – President and CEO – takes the stage.

8:00 AM: Jane Lynch up on the big screen to kick things off. She’s talking about how LG’s helped her disease of “Text Rage”.

7:55 AM: We’re seated and ready to be dazzled by LG! They have a bunch of TVs propped up on stage. Calling them Smart TVs. Google TV, anyone?

We’re headed to the LG Press Conference at CES Press Day and will be blogging live… so keep this page open and refresh like crazy starting at 8am Pacific Time (11am Eastern), when the event kicks off!

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