LG to Introduce Thinq — Controls Your Appliances from Your Smartphone


Now that LG is finally making a name for itself in the smartphone game they want to do their part to speed up the convergent home with a single system controlled by your handset. LG is expected to use CES as an outlet to showcase their Thinq technology. With Thinq, users will be able to use their smartphones to monitor and control LG-made appliances running on the platform.

Some possible uses would be alerts signaling the end of a washing machine cycle or kitchen timer, while obvious deployments include adjusting the temperature of your fridge and freezer. The smartphone-side app will also allow you to monitor energy efficiency among your appliances and might even help you cut down on that electric bill.

Pretty exciting technology with almost limitless possibilities. News flash: the smartphone is no longer just a phone, pretty soon it will be the very means by which we eat, sleep, consume, breathe, and live.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Its a start. Limiting this to only control LG brand appliances will no doubt have to change. People dont like to be limited. But, it is a start…

  2. Firsties

  3. GOOGLE and LG = SKYNET!!!! joking of course. Sounds like cool tech, though I would hate to be the mom who burns the Tuesday night meatloaf because the kitchen timer didn’t connect to your phone and go off. Hopefully LG can pull this off.

  4. Fourthies

  5. So there’s that Chevy volt app to lock your car and stuff and now this……

    what next, what next :o)

  6. I can see the slogan now: “Thing – It does stuff.”

  7. I still suggest a survival kit when all this goes away in the blink of an eye.
    I still need to make mine.

  8. The most alarming item at Microsofts booth was its six-room mock-up of an American house with Microsoft products – cars phones, TVs, games, appliances – in every nook and cranny. It’s only a matter of time before
    you’ll see people rebooting their toasters.

  9. @alexander it THINQ! no g.

  10. @ Chris: it’s IT’S. Apostrophe-s. :) (no hard feelings, lol I didn’t see the q.)

  11. @alexander: dang, I thought it was thing too & was named after the adams family character “Thing” that was a hand in a box. It always helped with whatever the family needed.

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