Motorola Keeps Enticing Us with Soon To be Unveiled Honeycomb Tablet


In case you have been under a rock, not paying attention, or on a well deserved holiday vacation (like me), Motorola wants to remind all that they will be unveiling their generation skipping Android tablet at CES. The countdown is on to what all signs point to being named the DROID XOOM being cut loose at the biggest showing of consumer electronics of the year.

The tablet will be the first Android Honeycomb offering, but rumor has it we won’t find 4G on board. If you want to see Moto’s take on tablet evolution, check out the video we posted the other day.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Sounds cool but still waiting on something without a monthly bill attached. I have Wifi almost everywhere I go and with my Evo I can provide my own in those rare occasions without one.

  2. Better have a wifi only version or it’s doomed to fail.

  3. @jerbear – agreed, not many ppl are going to be buying tablets with montly service fee’s attached, we want wifi only.

  4. I do not mind no 4G as long as there is a wifi-only version, since that’s the only one I’m interested in. I know, broken record – but it’s true.

  5. Couldn’t you just get the 3G/4G version without a contract and optionally get a cheap data plan in addition?

  6. I dont care if it has 3g or 4g, or if they dont have a wifi only version…But you must make the unsubsidized off contract price reasonable…If this cost 499 off contract…I would buy it…

  7. it does not have a lte embedded radio. however there is an optional lte radio which u can buy separately. this would actually reduce the cost. hardwiring it in the tablet would make it expensive and also unwanted if u live in a place where lte is not established. however motorola should equip an lte radio in the olympus phone just like how htc did with the evo 4g by equiping it with an wimax radio.

  8. blur = no thanks

  9. Wifi Only is what I am looking for too.
    I hope wireless carriers are getting the message that overpriced plans for small amounts of data will not be profitable, if people don’t want them. Tablet makers don’t need to bundle or be held hostage to a carrier.

  10. I really wish people would stop saying ‘first’. It is really childish IMHO.

  11. Wow. Some moderators at this site are deleting comments. Shame on them.

  12. i dont want a contract i want a wifi only i used my rooted for wireless

  13. ok. What will this tablet be good for realistically speaking. I mean what can you do on it that you cant do on your droid smart phone?

  14. @J
    I agree with you too, it has to be reasonably priced. It can’t be a bad laptop with laptop prices.

  15. The tablet space is going to get crowded pretty fast. I guess these companies figure people truly want tablets.

    I’m interested to see how this tablet looks. Motorola would do well if it designed the tablet to simply be a larger, faster Droid X.

  16. More interested in that phone they’re working on.. but I suppose this will be nice to see.

  17. @omario “ok. What will this tablet be good for realistically speaking. I mean what can you do on it that you cant do on your droid smart phone?”

    comfortably surf the web/play games/watch video while watching tv or running on a treadmill. basically everything that the ipad is useful for, without the iOS :)

  18. Wifi only version around 500 bucks and I will think about it

  19. Announcement of an announcement. Great.

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