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Motorola is ready to make your skin tingle with this teaser video. It documents the evolution of tablets since the B.C. era. It takes some cheap shots at both the ultimate competition and the friendly competition; and in the end you want what’s under the hood.

Check out the video, it’s certain to build some….buzzzzzz:

Tyler Miller

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  1. BEE=honeycomb

  2. Awesome. :) I like it.

  3. Show the damned thing!

  4. AWESOME video!!!! Love it!!!

  5. I am not sure. They discussed the cons of the other tablets, but really did not show the benifits of the honeycomb tablet.

  6. I lol’d at the tablet with the ‘good graphics’ part. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  7. I just jizzed in my pants a little.

  8. I’ve already posted this on several other sites, but I’ll post it again. Moto and/or Verizon better announce a release date for this damn thing at CES. Seriously, I don’t want to hear “Winter 2011” or “1st Quarter 2011”; give me the damn date when I can hit the order/submit button, or I’ll be pissed!

    PS – That date better be March 11th or sooner.

  9. my only hesitation in buying one is that it’s not out yet. will pre-order as soon as i can. got a work-issued ipad recently, and it’s awesome, my only complaint is that it’s ios and not android. 10″ screen size is awesome when browsing and playing games.

  10. @ckeegan: march 12th is my birthday, so i hope they listen to your threat ;)

  11. Gotta admit a pretty good teaser video. So motorola gives verizon all the good stuff and now their logo is red…hmm black and red like verizon…damn verizon!

  12. march 13th is mine so im hoping your right also :)
    not that i have anyone to buy me it for my b-day but…yeah!

  13. sick ass video!!
    im going to get that

  14. Hope the graphics are better than the ones used in this video. Schlocky, but I like the concept.

  15. revolutionary honeycomb tablet….

    but manufactured by motorola…..

  16. Love the video, especialy the comments about the iPad (Although I would say Giant iPod Touch, rather than iPhone)

    And the Bee as a hit to those in the know.

    Although I still have no interest in a tablet. It just doesn’t fill a purpose that I don’t already have a gadget for.

  17. @curtis

    they showed alot of benefits actually, everything that the other tablets couldnt do the Moto tab could

  18. @Curtis This was only a teaser of course they aren’t going to explain anything about, it is all about the hype. If you want to see something of the tablet I’m pretty sure this will be the tablet that was in the video interview showing off Honeycomb’s features and the new version of Google Maps, and I know there have been some credible rumors about what this device will be packing.

    Also to the bee at the end, I get the Honeycomb reference but wasn’t there also a rumor about a device codenamed Bumblebee sometime back from Motorola, it could be a reference to that (seeing as that rumor was about a tablet it could still be a reference to Honeycomb as well).

  19. That was amazing.

  20. Correct me if im wrong but all they are selling is honeycomb on their device? That is what makes it the best choice? The galaxy tab will get honeycomb too.

  21. HAHAHA QUALITY! especially loved the bit about the iPad

  22. would it get updated to Ice Cream and then Jelly Bean though? I want a company to give me a money back guarantee on updates

  23. no t-mo = epic fail.

  24. lol @ simsta.
    Just like the galaxy phones got Froyo….

  25. Fun Vid. Now if they are smart and want to own the tablet world, this thing will NOT be 600.00 when they release it. Put it out at $499.00, and OWN the world!!

  26. If Motorola thinks Android is for phones then what do they have in store for there tablet?

  27. I got to admit, that video was really cool! Can’t wait for the Motorola Tablet to come out. I REALLY WANT ONE! Love my Droid X….just one more Motorola device to add to the collection! 2011 can’t come soon enough.

  28. The Bumblebee is bringing us Honeycomb!

  29. Motorola only makes crap so I’m sure this will be crap also. By the time it’s released, there will be other tablets also running Honeycomb with faster processors, less expensive, and all-around better. Yawn!

  30. Motorola absolutely sells the best quality devices. “Crap”??? You are full of CRAP!

  31. Wow advertising works on all of you solo well. Lol. You’d all buy a turd in paper bag if they just told you it was the best tablet ever. He he he. Roflmao. Gay

  32. @teckel if it’s crap, why would Andy Rubin be showing it off as opposed to other tablets out there then? he said himself, the Moto tablet is what they’re developing for, it’s on the engineers’ desks in the mornings. Google clearly has faith in it and so do I

  33. Dunno why ‘teckel’ wrote that…

    Motorola makes the most solid devices around, with the best build quality. Cameras absolutely suck, but everything else…topnotch.

    AND they’ve been around for decades.

  34. @aaron no I wouldn’t, I think it’ll be good because Google is showcasing it. they wouldn’t showcase a turd would they?

  35. Win…nice teaser. Lets just hope it lives up to the hype.

  36. well this might be the first good thing to come from motorola because all of their phones suck! i have a nexus one and i whoop all the droids asses when i compare them

  37. @ james. doubt it.

  38. I have to agree, Motorola builds rock solid devices! I’m on my 7th generation of Motorola device starting way back at the T191 and now currently on a Milestone. In that time I’ve never managed to kill a Moto, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson on the other hand…

    Also I hope that the UK networks take notice, with Motorola now building kick ass devices, a brave network could try and get a deal similar to the one with Verizon and really get ahead of the game.

  39. Yeah…these guys talking bad about Moto …don’t you know Moto is one of the oldest in the game? And they have made phones that have sold millions…that means they suck?

  40. Still just not sold on tablets. Typing from a $600 laptop that could kill any tab on the market. For me portability is kin to a phone (no pun intended). I’m all for a cool little tab to mess with at home, but if a netbook is $300 and can do nearly everything (except access the market) that an Android tab can do, but with a complete keyboard, I’m just not down.

  41. This is a cool video and I am very interested in the Tab market and what will be coming out. I have an iPad and will be getting a galaxy shortly. All paid for by the company so that is pretty cool. When the Moto model comes out I will really look at it, I feel that they make a quality product 90% of the time. There have been several flops but considering the number of products they have produced over the years that should be expected.

    As for justifying a Tab over a Net-book, easy to do. NBs have keyboards that are too small to use and screens that are to small to view. Making them useless for long documents or extended viewing for Multi Media etc. Web pages scrolling left and right really bug me. On the Tabs you can do most things with the soft keyboard hidden allowing for a larger viewing area, great for browsing, movies, games and such. I have a Net-book as well and used it just long enough to get it configured, then I gave it to my wife. Maybe if you have great eyes and tiny hands they are OK but not for me and my blind sasquach handed arse.

  42. Noticing the IPAD is nothing more then a large IPHONE and the Galaxy Tab is Android…I want to see what is going to distinguish this device from my NEXUS One or G2 or a Droid Incredible…hopefully they can put their money where their mouth is.

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