HTC EVO Shift 4G Rendered and Specced Thanks to Wal Mart


The HTC EVO Shift 4G is headed to Sprint on January 9th, just about a week from today, which means before we inevitably check out the device on the CES floor there is still some time for some last minute details. Wal Mart’s product page for the Shift gives us a run down of some of the specs as well as a smattering of renders of the device.

What you can expect is all pretty expected: a 3.7-inch touchscreen, Android 2.2, and of course 4G connectivity. The camera features a Dual LED flash, and the Shift ships with an 8GB microSD card. Oh, and if you didn’t see or hear, it has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. We expect this handset to perform on par with the T-Mobile G2 and HTC Desire Z. Check out the source link for more imagery.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. why can’t manufacturers put the dpad on the left!

  2. I have the initial EVO. The evo shift is ugly af!

  3. Yessssssss

  4. Wish it had a ffc

  5. I don’t expect it to perform on par with the G2. Sense = lag.

  6. Love the Sprint hTC EVO Shift 4G image with the “connecting T-Mobile users” marking. lol

  7. @msgnyc lol thats crazy didn’t realize that

  8. At .47 thickness I believe it’s thinner than the evo.

  9. If it doesnt have ffc then why does it sow qik app…bad photoshop?

  10. Just like the amazon leak, the specs are for the original Evo. The dimensions are a little large and thin for a 3.7in screen and sliding keyboard. And it didn’t have dual flash in the other images.

  11. Now we just need the Merge for VZW–where are you?!?!?!?!

  12. If that d pad was on the left, it would have been nice for gaming.

  13. D pad FAIL!

  14. @Mark,
    Yes, because removing sense and loading a custom ROM is impossible, right? They are speaking of hardware in terms of performance, not software. Load the same software onto both devices and THEN make a comparison.

  15. So excited for this phone.

  16. Jon – QIK works on phones without a FFC. Without a FFC the QIK will still let a IM or voice call without Video Chat.

  17. The touch screen keyboard works so well I would have been happy with a touch screen slide out. Kind of like a screen extension. The second screen could be used and programmes for an individuals use. Kind of like a seocnd screen on a desktop or laptop computer. Then we could just minituartize hydrogen fuel cells to keep from having to carry a portable generator to power our minitaure electronic devices.

  18. JON – The FFC appears to be on the left of the speaker at top instead of on the right like in the original EVO 4G

  19. it looks weird. i like my epic better. i agree with the other guy about the d-pad that is a fail

  20. Loving it, finally a good keyboard phone on Sprint.

  21. I think this phone can be a serious contender if it has a longer-lasting battery than the Evo. I remember hearing that this would have a bigger battery, does anyone know anything specific?

  22. Samsung Epic or Evo Shift???

  23. Aww, Bela…stop being soo offended and an HTC fangirl. HTC still rocks. Relax and go get your nails did, hun :)

  24. Look people, the phone has a front cam. It’s visible in every pic, to the left of the eargrill. It is identical to the Evo front cam, just on the opposite side of the phone. Don’t try to say it’s an LED, HTC puts those in the eargrill. Also, the Radio Shack ad shows 3.6 as the screen size. I wonder which one is correct.

  25. I’ve owned the evo since release date, but i think I’m going to cancel my sprint service and go to verizon to go with the HTC Thunderbolt/Incredible HD or whatever it is going to be called. Evo shift 4g come on now sprint! We need a a better specs Evo 2! Or I’m heading to verizon no matter what price i pay monthly!

  26. I call bs on specs…those are the same specs as HTC has for the droid incredible. Don’t know how they would manage to have a qwerty slideout keyboard and maintain the depth/weight the exact same thing…just my .02

  27. The dimensions listed are on par with every other phone with a 3.7″ screen. As far as Sense, ut does not lag, except on slow phones like the hero/eris.

  28. I love my g2 but it would be so much sweeter with htc sense.

  29. ^ are you serious? sense sucks. and there is just something about this phone that i dont like. i wonder what it is.

  30. This looks like a great phone.

  31. if you check out the wirefly review…

    It’s thicker than the EVO. Has a 5mp camera vs. 8mp. Slower processor and less memory (though it benched faster).

  32. No front facing camera???? ha ha, that sucks

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