Darren Criss Supports ‘Toys for Tots’; And Why We Find it Newsworthy


I don’t know if I’m behind the times, or subconsciously block something like this out. But, apparently there’s a show out there called ‘Glee’; it’s a bunch of kids breaking out into song when the wind changes direction, or something. Digressing, one of the actors, Darren Criss, just scored some serious pointage with me. 10 points for supporting Toys for Tots, and 9 points for posing for a picture while snuggling up with Andy.
Glee Droid Plush

The world would be a much better place with more Darren Criss’ doing the things they do to make sure no child feels left out this time of year. Class act. I’ll go ahead and give them a plug, and encourage everyone who’s in a giving mood to head over to Toysfortots.org. Where would we be without the children?

[Thank you, Anonymous Tipster! | @DarrenCriss]

Tyler Miller

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  1. how cute!!! i wonder where he got Andy from???

  2. He is too cute and I love GLEE :)

    that is a sweet thing for him to do

  3. It’s so hip to not know anything about wildly popular TV shows, isn’t it?

  4. Okay, as much as i dislike glee as a show, this is actually commendable! The andy is a very nice added touch to this story.

  5. Isn’t that one of the Jonas brothers? (I know it’s not, but the resemblance….)

  6. Who is he?

  7. I’m pleased, but too surprised. He’s already got all kinds of geek cred, especially in the new-media sphere. He’s one of the leading forces Starkid productions, the very web-savy theater group behind the geek phenom Harry Potter musical, which was a play that somehow they were actually able to make and show on Youtube. Which is great, because its pretty funny stuff.

    I’m not huge into glee, but my wife is. But we both thought it were pretty thrilled when we heard that this dude got a major role, because it always gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when someone who does a good job and makes a name for themselves on their own terms on the web can leverage that to break out in more mainstream areas.

  8. lol AhWL (what a tard)

  9. I was going to bash the show as annoying, but since he’s supporting a great cause while loving an Android toy, I’ll say kudos.

  10. Ha, take that Jobs and Gates. You can’t hug your mascots. In fact, you don’t even have mascots.
    So there!

  11. @Tyler-Hilarious!! “Bunch of kids breaking out into song when the wind changes direction.” Killing me! :)

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