LG Optimus 2X on T-Mobile US Come March?


The LG Optimus 2X was announced a few days back, and North America was nowhere to be seen on the “coming to” list. However, if the rumors that RCR Wireless is reporting can hold water, it will and it will do so soon. The dual core beauty could make its way to T-Mobile US by month 3 of the new calendar.

The LG Optimus 2X is the new standard for what a smart super phone should come loaded with. Dual core Tegra 2, HDMI mirroring, 4 inch WVGA display, 8GB internal memory complemented with a microSD slot, 8MP camera, front facing camera, DLNA out of the box. The only thing this phone is lacking is a huge battery, 1,500 mAh just wont do it for very long unless LG has broken the laws of thermodynamics.

Hopefully we will learn much more about this phone come CES. Until then, I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for March.

[via RCR Wireless | Seen at Engadget]

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  1. awesome really looking forward to newer graphics intensive games

  2. This is a good looking phone. And if it comes Stock android it will be even better. :)

  3. T-mobile is getting all the good stuff lately…

  4. Still wont buy a LG phone even if it was triple core I had a past with LG phones

  5. Why does tmobile get all the nice phones their service sucks maybe the should invest in their network more and then more people would jump ship

  6. I hope it comes to T-Mobile as it is, and not stripped version like Samsung Vibrant.

  7. I really think that LG HAS broken the laws of thermodynamics. You’ll soon relize what I’m talkin’ about…! ;)

  8. yea go tmobile.

  9. Daaang! I want one! As I sit here with my two week old mytouch 4g!already wanting a new one!

  10. Hmm, the screen looks nice. However I’m really liking the physical buttons on my Optimus T, and wishing it had more. So I am not so likely to jump on a touch-only device.

  11. These carriers need to start shoving 32gb onboard. Really compete with the iphones

  12. That will be awesome if it does come true!

  13. Before I picked up my G1 I used an LG Chocolate then Shine. I even picked up the LG Secret. I’m just glad to see LG getting back into it with the Optimus 2X. I’m currently using a Vibrant but I will more than likely be upgrading to this badboy if/when it becomes available on Tmo.

  14. t mobile always gets the best android phones because thatcarrier was the one google choosed to release the first andriod phone. I hope this trend continuse

  15. I bought this phone yesterday from US Celluar, was going to get the Samsung Mesmerize but they have been out of stock. So far I really like this phone. Still figuring things out on it.

  16. LUV it…T-Mobile needs to get quality phones with some mid to low grade phones…got to be well rounded…LOOKING GOOD Mr. KOTTER:)

  17. I didn’t notice it mention high res. It better be, it’s time for android to put up something to compete with iPhone. Afterall android is the one who said the iPhone is their big competition, so compete already!!! Enough with the pixelated screens!!

  18. @Norsehawk:

    Respectfully, please explain and cite your source, or please retract and admit to spreading baseless rumors. Thank you.

  19. hmmm..3months is NOT soon. Especially, since its available in other countries much sooner.

  20. Guess who told phandroid the good news, I saw it on the 19th at a couple of sights, I’m so happy its comming to tmobile.

  21. The cycle moves faster then they can deploy these phones, by the time this thing is hitting the american market we should have other tegra 2 phones as well. Hopefully those being released in north america first will have specs to put these to shame. Mind you… that is a tall order right now but sammy and motorola probably wont let a dualcore android phone go unchallenged. Especially stateside.

  22. android phones need to be like serious devices and support high capacity extra size batteries.

  23. i don’t undertand what the fuss is with T-Mobile. They’ve been great as far as I’m concerned.

  24. In my area T-Mobile service has been flawless. I’m looking forward to getting an HSPA+ (T-mobile’s 4G) phone. This one looks great. I’m hoping, though, that HTC comes out with the equivalent (but with more internal memory) phone by March. I think my Nexus One will last fine until March, especially with Gingerbread.

  25. @Davis – right on! My i4 looks so much better than my vibrant. The vibrant is supposed to have this sick screen, it does 90million triangles to iPhones 28million but I say the iphhone looks better in media. And the resolution is unbelieveable I can’t believe anybody would buy, much release an 800×480 screen, it looks so bad. But, like the scrolland and stability of software, the iPhones resolution isn’t missed if you haven’t used kit. If you’ve only used android then you just think android is the best, its not. As everyone says, android does have more features, but the iPhones resolution and smooth reliable non freezing non lagging software means you’re going to have to choose you poison. I say get both

  26. @rich, my Desire HD has all the features and non-freezing, non-lagging software so for me, it is the best. Having used both, I honestly believe the latest Sense ROMs are better than iOS. Resolution is higher on an iPhone 4 but if you’ve got a web page open at a readable size, there’ll be at least 50% more content on the DHD screen than the iPhone 4 screen. If I had an iPhone 4 sitting next to my DHD, then yes I’d notice that the screen was better on the iPhone 4. But I don’t and I don’t feel like my phone experience is suffering because the screen is still quite nice. Depends what you’re using your phone for, I guess.

  27. er… I4 doesn’t look better in media. Most of the apps in apple does look more polished tho i give u that. And the lag is a thing of the past with the myriad of roms available.

  28. I just got my free g2 with 4g (thanks to phandroid) and tmobile. Representative said 100% their 4g will be boosted to 42mbits per second in 2011.

  29. Well it looks like a very good phone, but I don’t know if it will still be so great in March compare to what the others will do till then.
    But for now what I really want is Wind Mobile and Videotron to expand there coverage so I will be able to use T-Mobile phones here in Canada since they are getting the best Android phones at first most of the time.

  30. Wow T-mobile getting all the good phones lately. If they build up there infranstructure I’d leave Verizon.

  31. Well check the article phandroid released last week about tmo and nokia siemens partnering to bring the best moblile broadband to the US

  32. This Phone is sick….when will it come to Australia????

  33. what tmobiles getting all the legit phones!! not liking verizon anymore till they make another stock vanilla droid!!

  34. @jerryb you should make a phone review of it for us to see

  35. PHANDROID can you get rid of that DAMN AWFUL AD at the bottom of your site? At least make it smaller or something dayum.

  36. seriously, i’ll give you a week to make it smaller or move it to the top or something. or i’m not coming here for my android news. It’s damn annoying. There are plenty of sites out there.

  37. Dual core is going to suck your battery like a desperate crack whore..

  38. haha thermodynamics… a class that i just barely passed last semester…

  39. @Rob

    you dumbass most phones are moving on to dual core and later quads, keep your single core.

  40. @Jc29 lol damns you are an angry man…lmao everything is going to be Aight:-)

  41. Its one of the best blog/site ever seen my life. You have been shared best knowledge which is really helpful for everyone & I must say about your management of blog/site is fabulous & fantastic. Hats off to webmaster.

  42. no one can actually violate the laws of thermodynamics. dual core will not suck the battery as u ve thought because it is made by nvidia.

  43. People have to stop judging lg by their past experences with non smart phones when looking at their smart phones.

  44. tmobile rules, hspa+ is great. phones fly on it.

  45. Whoever asked, you know for damned sure this wont be dropping with stock Android.

  46. I don’t understand how people say T-Mobile sucks. I get coverage wherever I go (except for my bathroom). Other than that I’m perfect. This phone needs stock Gingerbread. I was disappointed at the Nexus S but this phone should fix things.

    Remember, stock Gingerbread!!!

  47. sorry, I was having a very rough night lol. Im usually not a very angry person. ^_^ But you know, everyone breaks at one point or the other.

  48. ya know guys, as a Canadian I ponder that tech is all great and all, but its going to darn fast! (excuse me explicit language but we are adults here eh) I mean we just got dual core processors in netbooks and now we have it in itty bitty cell phones? And with 8mp cameras and crazy new multimedia interfaces, and huge 4 inch screens, eh? Im up for big screens but not on a mobile device, no siree. My point is, we should slow down these technologies before robots take over all our jobs and become powerful enough to overpower us! whos with me ?

  49. Ben, perhaps you should stay here with me in single-core, 3″ Optimus T land, and leave the 4″ dual-core Optimus 2X for the “real” Phandroids. When I saw my brother’s Galaxy S variant it just seemed too big to be a phone. Luckily LG and others seem to be able to support different segments of the market with different offerings.

  50. Looks good will proudly drop att and migrate if this happens (been waiting for a good reason) but the only concern is hspa+ compatible?

  51. For those worried that the newer dual-core processors will suck more power than the single-core procs, at least take into account nVidia’s whitepaper on the subject. Google for “nvidia dual core whitepaper”. Of course, they have a product to sell so take it with a grain of salt.

  52. @jc29 dumbass really.

    1. Android doesn’t even support dual core as of right now. You won’t see Android take advantage of dual core until the next update 2.x (or whatever it is).
    2. Dual cores will use more power then single cores. The tegra 2 and such will use at least 33 – 50 percent more power then current single cores. Hence less battery life.
    3. Until chemistry (better battery tech) can catch up with technology then your battery life will continue to shrink.

    Sure a quad core phone with the power to play Halo Reach on the go would be really cool. But for people who depend on these devices for business (people who make money) and such it becomes less practical.

    Then again I doubt someone as ignorant and uniformed as you could even afford these high end devices on your McDonalds salary. Maybe you should go back to your World of Warcarft forums at let us adults discuss the article in peace.

  53. ^^ lol, that is all…

  54. @Rob.
    Dual core may not use more power, the main drain of power is the screen. The CPU cores will be clocked at a lower speed, therefore taking a lot less power. yes this will cause software that is not multi-processor ready to slow down, but they will eventually create multi-threaded apps. as they have done on other platforms.

    Look at the latest dual core atoms, they draw less power than the previous gen single core parts.

  55. @Phil

    You make a good point. It was my understanding that the current dual core chips (Tegra 2) and such had the same architecture as there single core cousins (Sanpdragon, A4, hummingbird and such). This sounds very promising indeed.

  56. Ive had every new phone that has came out int he last 2 years. Vibrant sucked without a camera flash! G2 had no front facing camera. My Mytouch 4G doesnt have a dedicated GPU like my NEXUS S but the NEXUS S doest run 4G speeds so the web speed is like night & day. I cant wait for this new dual core phone that hopefully runs 4G. I sold my NEXUS S & stuck with my MYTOUCH 4g just due to the web speed difference. I hope the OPTIMUS 2x is my savior!

  57. This or the Nexus S?

  58. Considering that LG created REtina Display (or Hi Def LCD if you’re not a moron) I would be pretty disappointed if the resolution was below that of the iPhone 4. Seems to me there would be no excuse.

    Though even it it as I can’t help but feel higher def AMOLED is surely just round the corner?!

  59. Sexy design, great specs, if T-Mobile gets this I will be shocked.

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