Tablet Time: 7-inch Creative ZiiO Now on Sale for $249, Next3 Tablet Available from HSN



While its 10-inch partner is busy galavanting around the FCC, the Creative ZiiO in its 7-inch form is up for sale through Creative’s US webstore for $249.99. For that price you get Android 2.1, an 800×400 display, and 8GB of storage. Cough up $269 and you can bump that up to 16GB. But you probably won’t cough up any of that, because this thing has ‘obsolete’ written all over its future.

Similar to the ZiiO, the Next3 tablet also runs Android 2.1 and probably isn’t worth your money, but it gets an 800×600 8.4-inch screen, 2GB of storage, and the Borders ebookstore. It also costs less than the ZiiO at $200.

[via Engadget, The Digital Reader]

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  1. It’s just inconceivable that a tablet so much larger than my phone could have a lower resolution.

  2. unless they will ship it with girl !

  3. No market on these and resistive screen is fail

  4. the ziio tablet specs arent bad. most the popular video and audio formats are supported

  5. i like ziio tablet good accessories from creative too

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