EVO 4G Update Continues to Roll Out, New Version for Varying Hardware Models



If you are still awaiting the latest update for the HTC EVO 4G, don’t be alarmed or surprised if the version number varies from the one you expect. It appears that depending on which model number EVO you own, you are likely to receive a different version of the update. While this isn’t always typical, it isn’t too surprising given the number of hardware revisions floating around for the EVO. If you haven’t received yours yet it may be worth checking your software update information under the ‘About phone’ menu.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Hardware version 0003, still no update for me. And this probably explains why the manual update I tried kept giving me an error when trying to install. Maybe the version of the update was for another hardware build. This is gay, I deleted my Swype in preparation for the manual update…didn’t work, no swype now and don’t feel like installing it again, only to have that update pop up in my face.

  2. Pointless update anyway.

    Rather stick with Vaelpack 2.3.

  3. I’m running hardware version 0003 and I just pulled the updated, It’s updating as we speak.

  4. I have 0003 also and downloading it now. Check again

  5. I actually got my today update at 12:10 this morning. Its funny because I had checked a minute before and it wasn’t there. It’s also cool because that’s my anniversary.

  6. San Jose Calif here. I am updating as we speak. Keeping my fingers crossed so I wont get the error. What are they fixing or enhancing with this update?

  7. My swype is all effed up too. I had a beta n now I have none… I wrote HTC to work it out

  8. Thank you!

  9. Common sense should tell you that you should delete the beta version of Swype before installing a final version on top it. However, they should’ve considered that when they sent it out…for those that lack said common sense.

  10. Sweet, update has arrived…

  11. finally got the ota update for version 0003 i have been dying to get blockbuster

  12. Hardware version 0004 and updating now. I had to check to see if it was there. I wonder what this update includes?

  13. Anyone know how this may affect rooted phones?

  14. Just got my ota and i have the 003 version. Downloading it as soon as my battery charges a little bit more.

  15. I have a rooted evo. Just got the update, but every time I try to install it, it gives me the install screen, the bar fills to about 25%, then goes to a screen showing a white triangle with an orange exclamation point in it. PLEASE HELP!!!

  16. Just got the Evo 4G two days ago. I could not install swype for some glitch reason so this update has saved my life! I couldn’t be more thrilled!

  17. I’m in cincy with 003 build just got it around noon. There’s a new Adobe Reader I wasn’t expecting, but can’t find the new 4g scanner . Anyone know where it is.

  18. hardward version 003 just updated, no Skype, but other wasteful apps….

  19. Grrrr new update requires you to reconnect 4G each time it drops instead of picking up automatically. This kills me since I am on the edge of 4g reception. HTC please give me the option to choose.

  20. I have read that people who are rooted should not install this update. There should be a rooted version update for this in a few days if someone wants this update. Looking at the update, it looks like a ton of bloatware and Swype, which can be found somewhere for free anyways.

  21. Joeykrim’s got the rooted version of stock 3.70 over on XDA.

  22. Swype 2.15 apk

    Gingerbread Keyboard apk

  23. Just received the download. From what I can tell, it installed kindle, nova (some game demo) and blockbuster; all of which can not be un-installed. I believe I read that it also installs Swype; I previously was a part of the Swype beta so it was already installed. Now Swype force closes every couple of seconds, making the phone unusable. Also I cannot remove the Swype anymore.

  24. Still not available in Central Texas (Austin)

  25. Not available in Austin, TX yet

  26. just got the update. how do i switch over to swype?

  27. Why do all these ppl download the update…knowing that it’s going to give you the final Evo 4G Swype client….and they don’t uninstall their beta in preparation. C’mon people, it’s a no brainer.

  28. My swype beta is all effed up too after this update! Any ideas?

  29. Hi guys I just got the EVO about 2 days ago and was wondering how do you turn on swype with the new update?

  30. I had the swype problem too because i didnt know the beta needed to be uninstalled prior to updates as I was not aware a version of swype was included. Just uninstall the beta and the installer and then reset the phone. it took a little while for the input method dialog to pop back up but eventually it did and i was able to select swype.

  31. downloading mine right now =)

  32. I don’t see the Skype app icon, but I see Blockbuster & Kindle. Anyone know where I could find it?

  33. Has anyone with version 0002 received the update yet?

  34. Update just started for me it’s 1:30am on 12/18/2010 the market was the first to come through about 20 minutes ago.

  35. Swype is so great. The official version looks and feels better than the hacked version I had before. Thanks HTC.

  36. My update is waiting. I’ll do it later, as I need to remove Swype beta AND the installer first. Sprint and HTC messed up royally by not anticipating issues with EVO owners who wouldn’t know to remove prior Swype versions before update. ALWAYS check the forums and do a Google search to see what others are saying about the updates.

  37. Also every update to Swype has required users to remove the prior version and the installer. So I’m not sure why users wouldn’t anticipate this with the upgrade from Sprint. :-)

  38. The 4G scanner is only accessible thru the drop down bar, and thru the settings menu under 4G options. It is NOT a home screen widget. I was upset at first (like most of you i’m sure) because the update changes the functionality of the 4G radio slightly. Originally, If your Evo dropped your 4G signal, the phone would start to scan and pick it back up again once it detected the faintest of reception. However, now the device will simply alert you that you have you’re 4G antena on via the dropdown menu. If you tap the notification, then the device will scan…if not, it will scan but in much less frequent incriments. This drastically improves battery life in regards to the 4G radio. This tweek also seems to have solved the 4G lag issue on my device. Can anyone else attest to that?

  39. @Tammy
    Skype isn’t part of the update…swype is.

  40. Is there any Arabic support for Swype keyboard?

  41. I’m just not digging swype…. its a novelty compared to the standard keyboard…

    Blockbuster is a battery drain it constantly runs unless you turn it off..

    I wouldn’t have downloaded if I would have known… Thanks Sprint!!!!

    This is like socks for Xmas or a lump of coal…

  42. i’m glad i saw this post, i’m downloading it now

  43. OH. YEAH. BoUNCe! BoUNCe!

  44. Weired i got my EVO on day 1, the morning of the release, and i have hardware version 002, lol.

    Most of the update looked like Bloatware anyways, im eagerly waiting for Fresh Evo 3.5 to come out.

  45. Anybody know of any differences between 3.70 for the different hardware versions? I’m rooted so I had to install it through a rom flash and would like to know if there’s a right or wrong version…

  46. What’s swype?

  47. I have hardware version 0002 and no update yet for me…

  48. how do i download swype, from the market?

  49. Just got the update and its more bloatware add ons. I now have “blockbuster, kindle, and Nova” I wish sprint/HTC would allow an option when updating the phone to choose the hardcoded apps. Now I have three more apps that must be forced closed when rebooting the phone and even less internal memory available….good grief. One good note is the 4g antenna scanning….consumes considerable less battery juice.

  50. I just did the update to the evo.. i lost all my contacts and i when i press the phone button to call out i can not get the phone key pad.. any ideas ?

  51. im updating now. but im seeing a exclamation with the android logo. is that normal? and its been like that for an hour now.

  52. It’s normal to see the exclamation mark…but not for an hour.5-10 minutes maybe.

  53. I have hardware version 0002 and still haven’t received the update.

  54. Anyone know how to delete the Blockbuster App?

  55. Downloaded last night. Had to uninstall swype beta and the installer then restart the phone for swype to show up a an input method. Update also includes the new market, and now when you are on the phone and receive a text, a very subtle beep is heard instead of your text notification (I found it very annoying to be on the phone and get a text notification deafening in your ear). There is also a bug with the HTC news widget where it displays in 2×2, but actually takes up 4×4.

  56. I’m new here and don’t know anything about this stuff, but I got the update for my new Evo and got Blockbuster and some game called Nova forced on me and it deleted my Angry Birds game. Anyone else have this problem?

  57. I purchased my EVO 4G last night and the phone received 3 updates by morning ending with build 3.70.651.1 and it was about 60MB. My phone is hardware version 003 and it is still Android 2.2. I really don’t know what was changed, but it seems the battery use is somewhat better.

  58. Update screwed my news widget up. Now it’s all shrunken down. Love swype, hate blockbuster. Any way to remove or stop blockbuster?

  59. The update def extends battery life. To disable blockbuster app from updating go into the app and click menu and settings and disable auto update.

  60. I checked and I can get it, however I’m hesitant due to being rooted with unrEVOked. Will this update brick my device?

  61. I do not care what anyone says… blockbuster is a battery killer! My damn cell is taking a dump every 4-5 hours… and I make sure to keep the apps low running… DO NOT DO THE DL! NOT EVEN WORTH THE HEADACHE! This really should be a terms of service issue. Hopefully when BBuster finally goes completely under, they will get their MALWARE off my PHONE!

  62. Just got the update the Swype is an ok addition I guess. As far as the mandatory hardware apps not a fan at all and, from the looks of the earlier comments, will never be opened

  63. just got the update and i downloaded it. Unfortunately when I went to download this game called NOVA it got half way into the download and now my phone shut down and does not respond. I plugged it into the charger and all i get is a orange light flashing. It’s been this way for 20 minutes. Any suggestions?

  64. I, also, have no use for the Blockbuster and/or Kindle App. I tried to open the BBuster app and change its settings to keep it from running but it won’t let me do anything without creating an account. My news Widget is only 1/4 screen now, used to be full screen, and I’ve lost all of my words that were added to the dictionary of my Swype Beta.

    I don’t want to activate a Blockbuster account, I have one already…if I want to rent a movie I’ll go there. I have a reader, I use that for reading I don’t want Kindle on my phone. I’ll go to the library and take out a book if I’m that pressed to read it.

    I do not appreciate Sprint or HTC pushing their advertising clients into my phone like this!

  65. Got my update last week, love it. Yes crapapps, but swype and kindle. Had beta swype, uninstalled then updated. Huh, no swype? Had to get in and out off typing settings before I found the swype….. Not good Sprint. Overall, love it.

  66. I don’t have a rooted phone and am using Easytether. Just wonder if this latest update will effect Easytether. I don’t want to lose that. In fact what good is this update?

  67. 2 days ago I left a post. Today it’s gone. Why?

  68. I have an un-rooted EVO and use Easytether. I don’t know what the purpose of this latest update is. I just want to be sure it won’t disable Easytether before I install it, because it can’t be undone.

  69. I updated my Evo and the Blockbuster app is draining my battery, which sucks.
    I checked the web and no one seems to know how to uninstall this bloatware, so I decided to deactivate it.
    Hopefully this will be a work around until someone figures out how to uninstall.
    I’m really annoyed with HTC/Sprint/BB for not giving me a choice with this app.

  70. K so I’m wondering…this new Blockbuster app says it will not stream except on wifi, and now my Jam11 streaming quit working EXCEPT wifi, and I read in another forum that Sirius/XM has the same problem, so could there be a connection with that? Idk enough about programming to know, but the coincidence is glaring even to me….

  71. my evo updates fine, but it dies twice as fast now its pissing me off anyone know how i can fix that

  72. buy the extended battery.

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