Creative ZiiO 10 Tablet Makes the FCC Rounds



Nothing breaking will come out of this recent FCC filing, but it is good to see the 10-inch version of the Creative ZiiO tablet announced back in November is still moving forward. While announced only for the UK at this time with price points of £249 at 8GB and £269 at 16GB, the FCC report is a good indicator that this line of tablets will hit the US in the near future. Remember, the 7-inch version hit the FCC a few weeks back.

Creative is pushing their line as you would imagine, with a focus on media (as indicated by the playback soft controls seen in the FCC image). No mention of Android Market or third party applications can be found in the documentation accompanying the filing, but with the prices mentioned above it doesn’t look like this will be pushed as a full-fledged tablet solution.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Root that sucker. If it has the juice for hardcore media consumption, it’ll handle anything else I throw at it

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