Samsung Intercept Receives Android 2.2



The Samsung Intercept has begun to receive its update to Android 2.2 (Froyo), just as reported. After installation, the Intercept will reside at software version S:M910.05.S.DL05 with all the bells and whistles Froyo affords to users. More than just an entire OS upgrade, the update brings along fixes for Sprint Navigation, dropped call issues, and a contacts-related force close bug.

The update is being pushed over the air, so be patient if you don’t see yours just yet. You can try checking under ‘About phone’ for software updates, but it may or may not have any effect. Read the full details of the release at the link below.

[via Sprint]

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  1. Hopefully they can get the Froyo Update for the Galaxy S line (US) out before the end of the month. Then again I have lost all faith in Samsung.

  2. Intercept gets Froyo. In other news, The higher profile Galaxy S series still waits.

  3. I’m shocked Samsung actually updated something other than their Galaxy S line, even though they’re a little slow on that too

  4. Samsung released Froyo to carriers earlier this month, it’s not really their fault, it’s your carrier’s fault.

  5. How old is the intercept?

  6. Fuck official FroYo anyway. I got 2.2 on my Vibrant AND a FFC thanx to Team Whiskey. Far as I’m concerned official updates can eat a dick.

  7. will the update also be sent to samsung intercepts using virgin mobile?

  8. What’s the big deal about the Intercept getting Froyo before the Epic 4g. True, the latter is a 4G phone but the Intercept was out first. Plus, if you owned an Intercept then you would know why they are sending this update first. I will gladly let you use my phone for an hour, and you will be ready to throw the phone at the wall. The update is needed so bad that it isn’t funny. Just hold on because those who have Intercepts wish they had the Epic 4G for its features, but it wasn’t out when some of us signed our contracts. Bring on this update because I for damn sure needed. Stop hating that your Epic 4G hasn’t come yet. You didn’t have the update yesterday or the day before, so why can’t you wait some more like you been doing? Good things come to those that wait.

  9. Matt: It is Samsung’s fault. The Evo got Froyo the first week of August. The first carrier phone to get Froyo. It is rumored that the Evo is going to be the first carrier phone to get Gingerbread…possibly this month. The sooner the OEM’s get it to the carrier, the sooner it gets released. Those phones should have been released with Froyo. At the very least, they should’ve gotten it within a month.

  10. Froyo released in June, galaxy S in September. It’s December, for crying out loud! Glad I got an Evo : )

  11. Does anyone know if this update will get pushed to Virgin Mobile as well?

  12. So is this just for sprint or is it going to work for virgin mobile too?

  13. When will my Epic 4G get an OFFICIAL 2.2 update!? Hell, we’ll probably never get anything beyond that anyways, save for unofficial roms. WTF Samsung!?

  14. The only reason the American Galaxy S phones don’t have froyo yet is because they were working on a 2.2 build, which was found to have security problems that all phones with 2.2 have. So Google fixes it and makes the update 2.2.1 ,which means Samsung had to trash the 2.2 froyo they were working on and had to start from scratch on the 2.2.1 update we will be receiving. I hope this makes sense.

  15. Nick, 2.2 was not trashed. No software is trashed for fixes/updates, it’s built upon, not from scratch. I love the FEW that try to make excuses for Samsung.

  16. And virgin mobile and others?

  17. Im not sweating it! My Epic is rooted with Quantum Rom 2.1 froyo. Has many Gingerbread features too! I feel bad for those that cant root their Epic 4g and take full advantage of their Epics. Oh well!

  18. Has anyone with an Intercept actually gotten the update yet?

  19. The new update is awful. Iy is non intuitive. The entire way you interact with the phone has changed. I want the old version back. I am very unhappy

  20. I sure hope this goes to Virgin Mobile as well. If it doesn’t I’m going to be pretty angry. Sprint’s website has been updated so the stats on this phone say “Android 2.2 platform.” Virgin’s however, has not. I emailed VM customer service, but they’re about as helpful as monkeys on LSD. We’ll see what I get back.

  21. just recieved my froyo update on samsung intercept on sprint. this is my first forum post on 2.2! I love it but sprint has done the expected and removed wi fi hotspot in order to force a paid connectivity service. oh well. they got rid of the sprint skin so im happy and the app2sd works perfectly except on widget apps.

  22. I WISH I GOT AN EVO. FUCK lol. good thing i paid 500 flat out dollars for this phone. in MAY im buying a new fuckin phone if the root for this phone goes sour. im gonna root the shit out of it.

  23. Did this update kill anyone else’s phone? My Intercept won’t turn on…

  24. it didn’t kill mine but it did delete all my contacts.

  25. My phone wont turn on either this sucks

  26. Only thing that happened on my phone was it deleted my phone call history. Texts and contacts remained fine.

  27. how can you get a redo on the “over the air update” my phone died and i can’t update
    when i got to the android update section of my phone it keeps saying that my software is up to date
    any suggestions?

  28. Yeah I got the update and all of my contacts were deleted… can’t seem to even add any…

  29. my intercept just updated today., i’ve noticed its faster, i like the update a lot better than the other interface. its a lot easier to use and they added the hotspot feature which i didnt have. so im pretty happy with it.

  30. My Intercept crashed after update. After the update I got the android man with an exclamation point. If you then hit menu, it gives you the option to reboot. To which my phone only gets to the Samsung screen and no further. WI called sprint and was told to bring it in to a sprint store to fix it as this is happing to many of these phones across the company.

  31. omg does some1 know for sure if the samsung intercept for virgin mobile will get the update…. please replyyyy

  32. I like the interface, but contacts all gone: VERY BAD!

  33. OK, I looked around. I’m not sure if this is good or bad: all of my contacts still exist, backed up on my Google contact list [good]. They just refuse to transfer back to the phone [bad]. I synch, and nothing happens. . .

  34. on an added note, after the above fix is applied to the device, you are safe to download the update when prompted as all defective SW versions have now been corrected.

  35. I have 3 Intercepts on my family plan, and each received the update this morning, without a hitch. All working fine.

  36. 2 of our 3 family plan phones updated today. Contacts were fine, but it messed up my trusted tester stuff with Google, so I have to fix it all…labor intensive. Lol. Really bummed it won’t support Adobe Flash!

  37. Same here. Both of ours are running great.

  38. For the individual on comment #28, if you had synced your phone w/ a gmail account upon setup and saved all of the contacts to GOOGLE as opposed to PHONE, as soon as you log back into your GMAIL account, all of your contacts should repopulate into your device. That is one of the benefits of having an Android device. Also, when you are on your contacts page, press the MENU key and one of the options that comes up is IMPORT/EXPORT. Select that key and choose EXPORT TO SD and all of your contact info will be backed up to your device. By doing this, if you have to have your device reset, once you go back into your contacts, select MENU again and choose IMPORT FROM SD . Your contacts will be restored.

  39. My wife and I both have the Intercept….I got the update with no problems yesterday. I agree the new functionality of the interface was a bit confusing, but I am adjusting and like it better after only one day.

    My wife has the same phone, she got the update today, and she got the droid with the ! mid update. Since then, her phone also freezes on the restart “Samsung” screen, and stays frozen. I guess I need to take it in.

  40. In response to questions about Virgin Mobile, check out the comments at this link… I went to twitter to verify… hope it’s true… http://www.androidcentral.com/samsung-intercepts-froyo-update-may-come-starting-dec-17

  41. Im not a complete newbie to android, but i have an intercept, i couldnt get anything else lol im only 14… anyway i was waiting for the past two days since the update was announced, then i finally got the update, i tried to download it, the download started but it said there was an error, after that i went back to the system updates, android update, then it says in the background “your system is currently up to date” then i was like “WTF! OMFG P.O.S.” *rage quits* fml… :'( what now? Sit here with eclair or do i take it to Sprint?

  42. I got it on my intercept and it pwns

  43. Oh btw almost(i think) 20-60% of intercept users cant access their SD card from the phone, so you have to use a card reader. Which also means you can’t export nor import contacts. Nor save data to it from apparently like backfrounds, it sucks. Or maybe its just my device, the intercept got released with too many bugs, like how the galaxy s series had issues too. Samsung needs more beta testing before they release a device. I wouldnt mind rooting my phone, then flashing some ROM but i dont want to brick my phone nor void the warranty… lame, indeed. I wrote this on my intercept lol.

  44. I got a message this morning saying 2.2 was available for download, but my phone had to be fully charged so I charged it up and went to update firmware and it said it wasn’t available. Does anyone know why this happened or how I can get it?

  45. Im 99.9% sure Virgin Mobile is getting the update. It was just released, so there gonna give the Contract users, Sprint, first dibs. Dont worry we will have it most likely before the new year

  46. My opinion is there’s more bad thenn good. My biggest upset is there’s still no adobe flash support with that no live wallpapers. Also there’s no activities button in the contacts menu which was my favorite aspect of the intercept. Sprint is chargingan outrageous price for the mobile hotspot feature an I can actually go on with the cons but there ate pros like the phone did actually speed up probably due to the lack of features and downgraded GUI but I did uninstall advanced task killer because the froyo stock task killer is a lot better

  47. I got the message that the update was available, downloaded it and now my phone wont turn on or off. Have tried a hard boot and still nothing. Should I take it back to Sprint for a replacement?

  48. Got the update this morning and my phone is working great! It is so much faster than it used to be! The only thing it took out was my call log but other than that it works great! Contacts and messages are still here! *All smiles here* I love my phone now!

  49. Anyone who did get the update for the intercept who’s phone won’t turn on aftewards get it to work, I’m getting more peeved by the minute and it’s been almost 24 hours ha! and my service provider told me there was nothing they could do about it

  50. My intercept crashed, deleted all my contacts, and when i try to link contacts to facebook it force closes…this is my 5th god damned intercept and im seriously sick off all its shit. i just a new one last week…NOW I HAVE TO GET ANOTHER NEW ONE ON MONDAY! i just want the optimus or soemthing…when i sync my facebook contacts i want to be able to pick and choose what contacts i can sync. not all 500 of them…i dont text or call them ALL! no reason for them to be in my phonebook

  51. Got fragmentation?

  52. I receive the update Saturday morning, and my phone was fully charge. The update is working perfect my contacts and everything roll over. The phone is much faster, does not freeze, and I now have five screens instead of three.

    So far so good, I’m loving my Intercept for the first time.

  53. I upgraded my intercept yesterday and everything seemed to be fine (I did notice it deleted all my call history). I liked that they eliminated some of the steps to call someone on your favorites list.
    BUT, this morning, I noticed that all my memos are gone and the memo icon is gone too. I’m so upset – besides grocery and to-do lists, I stored numbers and other info there that I don’t have anywhere else.
    Is the memo feature just eliminated completely?

  54. I emailed vm and found out we get it soon and to keep checking the website for the news so hopefully next week or next month soon!!!!!

  55. Thats good news!! jay

  56. I just got my update yesterday… and I have to say that my phone is like a new phone…. I love it!!! Before the update I was starting to get really ticked off with my phone cause it kept freezing up and dropping my calls… but now it is faster, looks cooler, and just operates way better than before! Thanks you Sprint!

  57. If your phone won’t turn on remove the cover take out the battery then put it back.After that turn your phone back on and it should work.

  58. What happened to speed dial?

    And the “memo” app?

  59. I got the new upgrade around 11 am on Saturday dec 18 2010. Gotta say I like the new look my phone has. I like the fact that I don’t need the internet or phone icon on my screen anymore so it looks cleaner. My phone has not froz once since the update and I no longer hang up on ppl w/ my face or get dropped calls. I was planning on getting a new phone all together instead of replacing this one since I cracked the screen in october or sept. But now I will stick with the intercept. For the most part it works 5 times better than it used too…only one problem I noticed. I got a phone call about an hour ago and this persons number is no longer in my contacts list…went thru my contacts and noticed that there are SEVERAL numbers missing I was like wtf? But the second time I went thru it I noticed some contcts wouldn’t be there then I would scroll back over that section and one or to more would magically appear…wtf is up with that?

  60. To be honest that’s a sorry phone, I sold my other phones to swapngreen.com

  61. I have an Intercept that has constant problems.

    Don’t bother calling Samsung customer service. They not only do not know what they are doing beyond factory resets. But I have spent 6 hours on the phone after gettin my call dropped, the wrong information, my phone sent and delivery delayed. They did not apologize once and they really don’t care about the customer after you buy their product. I’ll never buy anything samsung ever again.

  62. Got my update yesterday and my phone crashed today. I will not power up. I turns un but sticks at the black screen with the pulsing Samsung name flashing. I called Spint and was told I have to take my phone to their store for a fix tomorrow. What a joke. This phone is a total POS as is Sprint coverage from what I’ve seen. My friends with 2 year old blackberries on Verizon can stream vidoes twice as fast as I can.

  63. Okay, am I the onlyone that has downloaded the update successfully but hates it? The screen looks terrible now, my e- mail app is all messe up now. It shows e-mails that I got 3 weeks ago in a diffferent date and title. And the new andriod 2.2 doesn’t let your phone go on silent! The lowest volume is vibrate and that’s a big problem if youre in the theaters or taking a test or trying to sleep! Is there any way to uninstalll it? It got rid of a lot of my wall papers and I hate the new block format



  66. Still no update for VM Intercept…

    …hurry up with this update! I want to download a few more apps but I can’t unless I have apps2sd!

  67. WHY THE HELL WON’T VIRGIN MOBILE GET THE UPDATE?!?!?! We paid a shit ton of money for the phone, as opposed to Sprint users who only paid $99 for it. We deserve the fucking update.

  68. omg i got my update ota 1/5/11 it well worth the wait :D

  69. The Intercept for Virgin Mobile WILL be getting the update to 2.2.1. I put in a ticket with them on the website, and it is confirmed. There is no time-frame, however. v.v Here’s the e-mail I got back..

    “Hello ——– ,

    Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care. We truly apologize for the inconvenience that this might have caused you.

    In regards to your e-mail, we do not have a timeframe but the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept will be receiving 2.2 software very soon and we would like to inform you that the software will be updated automatically by the system.


    Virgin Mobile At Your Service-

    I cut out a “Blah, blah Have fun with your phone!” paragraph so it wasn’t such a huge comment… >.>

  70. Go to Contacts > Menu > Display options
    Click your google mail
    it expands and then (if its like ours) none of the options were checked to display, check them all and save.

  71. Supposedly vm users get the update early spring my sprint intercept updated to a 2.2.1 what’s the difference between a 2.2 and a 2.2.1?

  72. I’m on my 2nd Intercept…This phone just sucks! Froyo has made it worse than ever. Constant freezing, SLOW, can’t even answer the phone at times! How can Samsung put out a piece of crap like this and live with themselves? Tried to contact Samsung tech support several times and have gotten busy singnals!!!! I will not buy ANY Samsung products ever agian…….

  73. Got my update and now I can not get into my exchange work email. Get a message Accoun “…..” needs security setting update. Okay so how do I get that?

  74. virgin mobile will get it this spring, well that’s what they told us via twitter, but i checked it out on youtube and i watched a video saying we will not get it because VM towers isnt capable.!

  75. There is new update on virginmobileus twitter account:

    @islandboy4lyfe Yes – the update will be coming this Spring – stay tuned for more specific details.
    10:33 AM Feb 8th via web in reply to islandboy4lyfe

    Check – http://twitter.com/virginmobileus – to see it with your own eyes. Looks like all Forums missed the latest twitter update.

  76. who the hell asked all the other retarded people about their phones…..it clearly says SAMSUNG INTERCEPT not epic 4g, galaxy s…etc. nobody asked yall n nobody really cares about your phone soo….n will the virgin mobile intercept recieve the android 2.2 update soon m friend would like to know…..

  77. Latest tweet from Virgin Mobile USA regarding Samsung Intercept Froyo upgrade:

    We know you have been asking for specifics on when VM will be getting the update to Android Froyo 2.2….it will be available about 3/25.
    24 minutes ago via web

    virginmobileus on twitter.com

  78. I bought the Intercept for VM last month because I wanted an android instead of my Rumor Touch. I liked the phone at first until I messed around with my bf Droid 2 global which runs 2.2. Other than freezing and stopped working messages it has been fine but I really want 2.2 so I can actually have more than 1 thing running on my phone and it not freak out :)

  79. Virgin Mobile USA is pushing back the Android 2.2 (FroYo) upgrade to first week of April 2011.

    Here is from their Twitter Account:

    @NG_Player I’m sorry, the update is being rescheduled due to some internal timing issues. It should be ready the first week of April. ^MR
    about 2 hours ago via Radian6 in reply to NG_Player

  80. there will be a update for the vm intercept on 4/11/11 you should of got a message about it

  81. Still no Froyo on Virgin Mobile (for me at least)

  82. I recieved a msg about the update (virgin mobile) but havent actually gotten the update yet…do anyone know why this is, am i the ONLY vm customer without the 2.2 update?

  83. yea ik what u mean. i got v.m. too and we don’t get any updates for the intercept

    1. i have an intercept for virgin mobile and just got the update

      1. how did you do that.???

  84. If you installed it yourself then of course you would have probably ran into some problems. I would have waited until the Samsung people installed thems

  85. i have virgin mobile and i did get the update..be patient.

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