Samsung Intercept Froyo Update Coming Tomorrow?



Samsung Intercept users might be in for a treat tomorrow: Android Central has learned that the upgrade to Android 2.2 may be pushed to you at that time. Bug fixes include fixing force closes on messages, fixes for dropped call issues, and a fix to help you actually use Google.com. (Apparently, it didn’t work before. Irony, folks.) Wireless tethering has also been added, and you’ll be getting Telenav, as well. Not too shabby, but we wouldn’t expect live wallpapers and Flash to be part of the experience. Let’s hope I’m wrong. If things pan out, look out for the update starting tomorrow.

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  1. Ill be so mad if the Intercept gets Froyo before my Epic 4G

  2. Ha, 0 stars

  3. Wow. That’s cool!

  4. Samsung needs to get their priorities straightened out. They are updating a hardly owned phone before their flagship phones. Does no one at Samsung see a problem with this?

  5. I hope that this trickles down to Virgin Mobile’s intercept too.

  6. WTF, why give your low end devices froyo and not your flagship series froyo? Yes I understand how happy Intercept owners must be but they probably don’t care for it. On the other hand there are users with the Galaxy S series for a reason, the powerful hardware!

  7. This hits below the belt :(

  8. I went to the Epic 4g simply because I hated how long it took for the Samsung Moment took to receive half baked OS updates, now they’re gonna hook up the intercept with 2.2? Wow, maybe I shouldve learned my lesson and stayed away from Samsung. I really thought that they would’ve done better with a phone that they advertised so much. Well Sammy, don’t worry, I will NEVER make this mistake again!

  9. You people are retarded…lol.

    The Intercept was out before the Epic. There is a LARGE group of Intercept owners. Including myself.

    And trust me, every one of them can’t wait for Froyo.

  10. lol that’s insane. i have a samsung moment and they discontinued support for it and it wont get any more updates. so the less superior intercept gets it before the moment and the epic. nice samsung.

  11. @THeMann
    You may be one of the few waiting on froyo but the Intercept was meant for the social crowd.The average Intercept owner could care less. There are TONS of more nerds waiting for froyo on Galaxy S series.

  12. @THeMann I could’ve sworn there are a LOT more Galaxy S owners out there than the Intercept. And like someone said above, the Galaxy S is SUPPOSED to be Samsung’s flagship phone. So that’s the one that should get the 2.2 update first. But I think I finally realize what people meant when they said Samsung is horrible with service updates. This really is just ridiculous. Can’t wait till my contract is over so that I can something besides a Samsung.

  13. Don’t talk bad about the samsung intercept, cuz that’s wat I got not everybody has the money for the high price phone. Plus I had already use my upgrade, its a nice phone!

  14. Just hook the epic up with gingerbread? Why bother with the out of date froyo?

  15. Fact is, froyo has long been out for the i9000. American owners, blame the deal with your carriers for the delay. The rest of the world doesn’t have such a problem.

  16. I’m sure the Epic will get it’s update. Me being an Intercept owner, can assure you that is the only reason that I even got the interecept…knowing it would get the Froyo update…which by the way was announced back in Aug or earlier so don’t sound so suprised. I’m sure your Epic will get it soon, but I can guarantee the Intercept needs it to fix the many bugs the dang thing has. BTW…if you were going to spend that much you should have just gotten the HTC Evo.

  17. My gf has an Intercept and I an Epic. While I’m kinda bummed I don’t have Froyo, you can’t be mad at Sprint or Samsung for having it ready to go for the Intercept before the Epic. It was out a month and a half before the Epic and is probably an easier update develop. There’s no GPU so no drivers or hardware acceleration to get working, no 4G radio (hell, it’s not even EVDO Rev. A, it’s Rev 0) the phone is just a much simpiler device. It’s a bit of a stripped down experience when I compare her phone to mine. But a pretty nice phone none the less.

  18. Intercept needs the update to function.
    It is truly a POS – They HAD to update or lose face.

    Epic is fine and Will get GB – Or if you REALLY need Froyo….Root and get it….

  19. @Dan idiot

  20. I have a Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept. Really hoping it comes out tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this update.

  21. Hope this gets ported to VM soon, there are a lot of us waiting :D

  22. how the hell is this going to get froyo but not my HERO….bullshit!

  23. I wonder if this will also be pushed to the many Virgin Mobile units in service.

    If not, I assume that a copy of the APK could be installed on these Virgin Mobile units?

  24. Pete….Nice Stable FroYo Roms Available for your hero….
    just root….

  25. Galaxy S in Europe already have Froyo. Stupid carriers in the US are slowing down with their bloatwares.

  26. All: Why are people concerned that Sammy would not push A2.2 to the Virgin Mobile Intercepts? Isn’t the only difference between a VM Sammy Intercept and another carrier’s Sammy Intercept the radio chip that let’s the phone interact with a particular carrier?

    Or is it that the “full price” carriers can “force” Sammy to not upgrade the phones on VM because they want those of us we are paying only $25/month to pay $70+/month for web, text & voice???

  27. Its not the carriers in the US that slowed down the Galaxy S Froyo release its those leaked Euro copies that messed things up. Besides the Epics will probably end up getting Gingerbread instead of Froyo or shortly after.

  28. I truly can’t wait for the Intercept to get Froyo finally. And yes, there are more people using the Intercept than the Galaxy S devices. First, the Intercept came out before the Epic 4G and the Galaxy S phones. And second, Sprint/Virgin Mobile (both the same company) said they would update the Intercept. Galaxt S owners, just have patience, your update will roll out soon enough.

  29. New Samsung Intercepts from Sprint have been shipping with 2.2 for over a week. It’s about time they push it out for the people who already owned it before then. The Intercept was out for a month and a half before the Epic, it lacks TouchWiz (and assumingly Flash 10.1) with 2.2, so it’s a smaller update than Epic’s will be.

  30. Intercept needs it. We have 3 and all three are complaining specially force close. Epic is at least more reliable then Intercept. I am sure Epic should follow right after. My be straight to 2.3 :))

  31. irritating that the galaxy TAB came out with Froyo from the start, so now my Galaxy Captivate phone is 1 version behind the Tab and 2 versions behind the new Google phone – sure wish I had the $ to get the Google phone – I doubt the Galaxy S phones will ever get past Froyo.

  32. Reasons for Intercept to get Froyo first –


    Intercept had so many issues and probably Samsung wanted to fix those with Froyo


    Intercept was simple device to build Froyo for and good candidate for testing


    Intercept is becoming popular with masses (casual users) and maybe Sprint/Samsung want to promote it for prepaid carriers such as Virgin Mobile

  33. Seriously, all the Epic owners need to chill and just take a breath. The Intercept was in production longer, and is much, much more simplified than the Epic. They are probably testing the 2.2 release on the Intercept as it is a much less complexed phone. If they have a problem with the the Android 2.2 OS – like say it has a ton of software conflicts with a bunch of Android apps or makes the phone freeze up durring upgrading, ect.. – there will be a bunch of ticked off Intercept owners, but it will be better for the company to have ticked off Intercept owners than ticked off Epic owners. Lets face it, people who bought the Epic are either in high power business positions (that they actually need the power of the phone) or a techno nerd with WAAAAY too much spare money they don’t know what to do with. People in high power business positions are the last people you want to have a faulty update going to if you want to stay in business. You always test new products on lesser, older models than your top of the line with a mass release- less liability. I’m sure that once they know if the upgrade went smoothly the Epic will recieve their update the asap.

  34. Just got the jpdate like 5 minutes ago. I’m pretty excited :D

  35. It’s not Samsung holding up Froyo. It’s US carriers. Blame Samsung all you like. Other countries already have Froyo on the their Galaxy S phones. And that my friends is a simple fact.

    My wife and kid are both running the Intercept. Neither of them cares about Froyo. If it fixes some of the lag on their phone they’ll appreciate it. I’m just jealous that they’ll get an OTA build from Sprint before I will. But life is rough. ;)

    I’ve been waiting for Froyo since release day when I bought my Epic. The DK28 build was thought to be OTA so I jumped the gun and loaded it. I regret it, not enough to go through the hassle of rolling back though. The WiFi doesn’t power down when the screen blanks. So my battery life is down 30%.

  36. im updating as i write this and i’ll let everybody know how it works

  37. I am an Intercept owner and am IN LOVE with my phone! Thanks Samsung for the upgrade…it definitely needed it!! Because I was about to go scream on Sprint and DEMAND a brand new Evo or Epic!! Now I can save the screaming. The phone is faster and much better!! Thanks again Samsung!! <3

  38. I just got Froyo on my intercept and it rocks!!!!!!!! Battery life is better. Phone is faster. I love the live wallpapers as well

  39. IS the update availible on the virgin mobile samsung intercept please replyyyyy

  40. I am SO confused, i got the update for froyo for my intercept, but it kept telling me that my battery was too low (even when plugged in). so i try to update it when the battery has charged some more, and the update is gone! It also keeps telling me that my operating system is up to date…GRRR.

  41. I have an intercept. Today 12/18 I was prompted to get the update and after I did it’s working but now I can’t see my contact list.
    Help anybody? Thanks

  42. @Dan

    Have you even been to the Samsung Intecept forum on Sprint.com? People are raging over how laggy and buggy the phone is and even made a “Recall Intercept” thread.. This update has fixed almost all the problems people were having with the intercept so I could see why they would give the intercept Froyo first.. Also I bet more people own a intercept than Epic 4g just for the fact that the Intercept is cheaper and lots of people always go for a cheaper solution.. Usually on rich or tech savvy people go for the flagship models..

  43. I’m another Intercept user that was waiting for Froyo. I was honestly ready to chunk the Intercept in the trash. Seriously, I was considering going back to my Palm Centro that I had two phones ago. Android 2.2 has made the Intercept usable at last. Much faster, no force close messages. Can’t believe it made this much difference. It still doesn’t rival the Evo or the Galaxy S, but I paid $50 for it.

  44. Look at all the epic owners crying due to ignorance.the intercept takes a basic version of 2.2 froyo while epic has a lot more they need to put into it.use some common sense.its no surprise to know the epic and galaxy s series are gonna take extra work to do 2.2 and I’m sure samsung gonna do something customized with it.

  45. I got the update earlier today… the changes to all of the Google apps work good.

    More importantly… Angry Bird works ; )

  46. How can I manually get a push on the update?

  47. Epic is probly getting the 2.3, just read that that is coming out soon.

  48. Hello,

    In regards to your e-mail, we do not have a timeframe but the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept will be receiving 2.2 software very soon and we would like to inform you that the software will be updated automatically by the system.


  49. hey supposedly “smart” people complaining about how there superawesomemegadroid phone isnt getting this. the intercept is more widely owned. the intercept is not the “flagship” that the “better” phones are, so it gives the developers a little more leeway if it doesn” operate perfectly smooth, giving them more practice for your touchy asses. and your phones are already better than an intercept with froyo, so stop being greedy.

  50. HURRY WITH THIS UPDATE NOW! (Virgin Mobile Intercept, cannot afford a contract is why)

  51. There is new update on virginmobileus twitter account:

    @islandboy4lyfe Yes – the update will be coming this Spring – stay tuned for more specific details.
    10:33 AM Feb 8th via web in reply to islandboy4lyfe

    Check – http://twitter.com/virginmobileus – to see it with your own eyes. Looks like all Forums missed the latest twitter update.

  52. Latest tweet from Virgin Mobile USA regarding Samsung Intercept Froyo upgrade:

    We know you have been asking for specifics on when VM will be getting the update to Android Froyo 2.2….it will be available about 3/25.

    virginmobileus on twitter.com

  53. For all the people with dirty mouth, the UPGRADE IS HERE. Received text today, 04/08 it will start to roll out 04/11. Not great as I will be on vacation, and if the upgrade is poor quality I’m screwed, plus can’t back up to computer………………….

  54. wroooong…just got my upgrade 5 minutes ago!

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