Motorola Following Up Defy with Two More Rugged Handsets



The Motorola Defy, flaws and all, was the first smartphone to take the whole rugged thing seriously while not looking like the chunky handsets we are used to seeing in that role. In other words, it was a good first attempt, but, though it looks pretty good and features a decent implementation of Android, more could still be done to make the handset desirable for reasons other than its ability to survive under water. So, it is good news that Motorola plans to continue along the path of the Defy with the introduction of at least two more life-proof phones.

Not much can be said of the handsets right now, but they will be full-touch devices and even less expensive. This doesn’t bode well for any hope that they will aspire to more than the Defy, nor does word that they will be weather but not water resistant. Look for more info to emerge in the coming weeks.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. from good first attempt to meager toss aways then. sad, because if the defy had any real specs it would be a great phone.

  2. I like the defy but the specs are too low. I would buy a rugged over a non rugged phone if the rugged phones had high end specs.

  3. I love the defy,but I want a high end phone on verizon. Looks like it might not happen.

  4. Oh please have stock android on them if not then HTC pull ya thumbs out give us some awesome rugged love.

  5. Would love something that I could take on the boat. But I’m not willing to sacrifice specs.

  6. For people talking about specs – you should check out some of the Defy benchmarks on XDA…

  7. Don’t be so quick to write off the Defy, folks. Rooted Defy units are being overclocked to 1200MHz, de-blurred with Launcher Pro, and racking up Quadrant stats in excess of 1450. This is on 2.1, which Moto have provided apps for 3G wi-fi hotspot tethering.

    Modders are busy cooking up ROMs as rumour has it the bootloader isn’t locked.

  8. Time for Panasonic to jump on the Androidwagon

  9. if they truly build on the defy and produce a powerhouse rugged android phone, i might actually buy my first motorola phone

  10. I think we are badly in need of “lifeproof” devices in all price segments. My first mobile ever was a Siemens M35 and I loved that phone’s ruggedness. I can’t see why manufacturers expect us to spend USD 500+ on a device that gets killed by a drop to the floor or a few drops of rain. Hopefully this is the start of a new trend. I wonder if they can make rugged phones with physical keyboards too?

  11. all phones should be rugged. i dont want to see “weather proof” without waterproof :/

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