Dec 17th, 2010


Just yesterday, we were tipped off to some pretty revealing shots of the LG B. It completely trumped the iPhone 4 as the world’s thinnest smartphone, and it’s just about the brightest display we’ve seen on a mobile handset to date. We didn’t get much more than that, but LG doesn’t seem to mind just confirming that the thing exists: they’ve tweeted that the “super slim & super bright” phone will be at CES. Everyone’s been invited to see it with their own eyes. You better believe we’ll be taking them up on that offer. The tweet has since been removed, but traces of LG acknowledging its existence still roam about the twitter account as they’ve retweeted several “B” related tweets. Take a look for yourself. [via Engadget]

PS: the URL in the tweet links back to Engadget’s post about the B. How ironic.

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