LG Confirms the “B” Will be at CES, Quickly Deletes Revealing Tweet



Just yesterday, we were tipped off to some pretty revealing shots of the LG B. It completely trumped the iPhone 4 as the world’s thinnest smartphone, and it’s just about the brightest display we’ve seen on a mobile handset to date. We didn’t get much more than that, but LG doesn’t seem to mind just confirming that the thing exists: they’ve tweeted that the “super slim & super bright” phone will be at CES. Everyone’s been invited to see it with their own eyes. You better believe we’ll be taking them up on that offer. The tweet has since been removed, but traces of LG acknowledging its existence still roam about the twitter account as they’ve retweeted several “B” related tweets. Take a look for yourself. [via Engadget]

PS: the URL in the tweet links back to Engadget’s post about the B. How ironic.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully sprint will jump on this…..theres always dreaming guys

  2. So sorry to read the last line of your post..just wonder how people on LG can do such ridiculous things like that..

  3. Haha sounds like they had a “leak”, is it just me or are these tech companies getting worse at veiling their attempts to hype up their devices. not that I’m complaining, I love the latest news on android, so for all I care they can keep “leaking”. putting posts on twitter and then removing it is a poor way to do it though…LG should have gone for a lost prototype in a bar;)

  4. I hope Hesse Rewards the Sprint users that want a High End 4″ Android phone without a Keyboard. Hopefully LG can come through in a clutch.

  5. I think they do it for the hype.

    Who cares if its leaked? It’s going to get released when it gets released. This won’t speed up any process.

    The only thing that changes is that we know about it 3 weeks in advance before the world’s biggest electronics show… big deal.

  6. @3 phones: Sprint already has that covered. It’s called the Evo. Even though its screen is 4.3″, the phone is the same size as the phones with a 4″ screen. As a matter of fact, every Galaxy S phone is longer than the Evo. (4.9″ vs 4.8″) The width is virtually the same. (2.55 for Galaxy vs 2.6 for Evo)

  7. @tim242 the evo might be .1 inch shorter, but that thing is so wide and disgusting looking, i can understand the want for a smaller one.

  8. LoL 2.55 (rounds to 2.6) for galaxy vs, 2.6 for the evo. They are the same width, idiot.

  9. I wonder if apple will still advertise the iphone 4 as the thinest POS around.

  10. Rubbish! LG might have the slimmest phone but it will be the slimmest garbage. I’ll never buy any LG product, whatever the object is. I bought a movie theater and a laptop and both of them stop working when the warranty was over and they didn’t care about it. So this is THE SLIMMEST GARBAGE PHONE.

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