Dolphin Browser HD Bringing a Christmas Gift; What is It?



Dolphin Browser HD was recently updated. We didn’t report on it because the changes weren’t that exciting, but the market listing has since been updated to bring to light a change that’ll be prepping the app for a “coming Christmas gift”. Consider me intrigued. What could they possibly be “gifting” to the hundreds of thousands of people who use Dolphin? Will it involve dolphins? Do we get to unwrap the gifts on Christmas eve? Whatever it is, it’s safe to say we should have figured this thing out by December 25th. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Something similar to Skyfire maybe, it’s own version of flash support?

  2. Definitely will be support for Android 2.3

  3. Probably just a bigger update.

  4. The gift is Gingerbread. It says “Upgrade for the coming Christmas gift”. It doesn’t that they are planning on giving us a Christmas gift.

    I say that’s when Gingerbread source code drops….

  5. Sounds to me like Gingerbread is coming out for Christmas!

  6. I noticed that yesterday and was curious.

  7. Oh just checking did the update all button disappear for the market

  8. I’ve noticed that the page titles scroll in the tabs now. Don’t remember them doing so before.

  9. Ok so Gingerbread source code dropped today but I still think Dolphin is referring to Gingerbread and not a new feature.

  10. Gingerbread for Nexus One is what meant…

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