Dec 16th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:59 pm

If you thought LG would be relying solely on their newly announced LG Optimus 2X going into 2011 you would be absolutely wrong. One of our trusted tipsters was able to get their mittens on a secret project the manufacturer is working on, supposedly codenamed the LG B. In addition to a handful of details, our tipster snagged a few pictures of the device (we’ve blurred/chopped some portions to protect their identity).

I’m not sure what the “B” stands for… but maybe it’s “Bright”: take a look at the LG B sitting next to what appears to be the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. The LG B sits in the middle and clearly outshines both devices; and the Galaxy S is known for being one of the most bright and beautiful screens on the market.


Screen brightness and clarity doesn’t always reflect properly in photographs, but we’re excited about the prospects of the LG B screen. We’ve put a word in with our source to see if they can’t scoop up some details on the specs of that screen.

While the screen looks promising, how THIN the device looks – at least in these pictures – has me incredibly excited. Right now, Apple is promoting the iPhone 4G as the thinnest smartphone on the planet. If that is indeed valid… it may not be for long.


Here you see the iPhone 4 on the left and the LG B on the right. Which one looks slimmer to you? Excited yet? Take a look at another comparison, this one looking even MORE dramatic:


And lastly, sit the Galaxy S (I think?) flat on the table next to the LG B and what do you see? Android awesomeness at it’s finest.


I’m wishing whoever took these pictures got a better angle of the front and back of the device so we could actually get a better idea of its overall styling. The only potential specs I have come from a rather awkward specs sheet. I presume the “B” column is the LG B, the “S” column could be the Samsung Galaxy S, and I can’t confirm what the “R” stands for but based on logic – since the above pics all include the iPhone 4 which also has a 3.5-inch screen – that’s my guess.


Take a look at the “Brightness” row. The LG B is looking to be quite the nice piece of hardware.

You’ll notice that the phone image on the specs sheet is a silhouette, and when I asked our tipster, they suggested LG probably hasn’t finalized the device as they continue to work on improving the screen and making the phone even more compact. We didn’t get much in the way of time frame either. On the one hand, the device looks pretty polished in the pictures we were provided. On the other hand, if they’re still working on finalizing the hardware, how soon could it really be out?

Kevin, Quentyn, and myself will all be at CES and I’m really hoping this is somehow rushed into production by then because the screen brightness and slimness alone have me pretty intrigued. While the LG Optimus 2X is clearly the BEAST Android Phone that we’ve all been wanting from LG, I’m thinking this will be one of those top-tier high-end phones with mass appeal that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s hope.

I’ve already got a bunch of questions into our tipster and hopefully we’ll have more goodies to share with you soon. We’ve just started up the LG B Forum if you’re interested in chatting it up if/when more details leak! Stay tuned!

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