Dec 16th, 2010

I’ve got the CR-48 Chrome Notebook and I couldn’t be more excited. Its hardware flaws are already well documented and the infancy of the OS have been noted, but parallels to Android’s launch with the G1 are being made and, well… we all know where Android is now. After about an hour of playing with the CR-48 I’m excited for the future of Chrome OS.

Google first announced Chrome OS saying they’d launch a “Chrome Netbook”. Now they’re calling the CR-48 a “Notebook”. Will they make Chrome Laptops? Simplified Desktops?

Whatever Chrome OS is running on… they’re all computers. But calling it a Chrome Computer sounds redundant so I’m tossing my own little coining in the ring, suggesting that perhaps all devices running Chrome OS be endearingly referred to as “Chromeputers” to simplify things for bloggers and consumers alike.

I won’t make it a habit of posting Chrome OS news on Phandroid. But, I know MANY of you are excited about Chrome OS, and for you we’ve got a website dedicated to everything Chrome-related: introducing!

cr48I actually started ChromeSpot in September 2008 when Chrome Web Browser was first announced. It quickly became popular, but I passed it onto a new owner. Phandroid is and was my passion, and there was way too much Android-related goodness to split my devotion. With a team of folks dedicated to covering everything Android on,, and, I feel like it’s time to recognize Chrome OS as a potentially industry changing initiative and offer some dedicated coverage for those interested (and there should be many). So, the site is back under my control.

The real shift won’t begin until about a year from now, when Chrome OS products are being offered to consumers for purchase. Even then, it will be slow start because Chrome OS asks us to fundamentally change the way we think about casual computing and even computing in general. Much in the way that Google TV asks us to rethink our television, video and web browsing experiences.

I’m excited to follow the development of Chrome OS and would like to invite everyone with an interest over to ChromeSpot including our Chrome Forum that covers everything from the Chrome Browser Forum to the CR-48 Forum. So come on over and Introduce Yourself!

For those wondering- no, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll actually be more active on Phandroid then in recent months. Expect a Nexus S Review in the coming week and I’m working right now on a juicy, exclusive LG leak I’ve just received from a trusted tipster. We just updated the Phandroid App and we’re working on an awesome new app currently in private beta. We recently launched our Best Phones section and Compare Phones section and trust me… we are NOT slowing down. Perhaps you’ll just have to make room for one. more. hobby.