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Chromeputers: Unboxing of the Cr-48


I’ve got the CR-48 Chrome Notebook and I couldn’t be more excited. Its hardware flaws are already well documented and the infancy of the OS have been noted, but parallels to Android’s launch with the G1 are being made and, well… we all know where Android is now. After about an hour of playing with the CR-48 I’m excited for the future of Chrome OS.

Google first announced Chrome OS saying they’d launch a “Chrome Netbook”. Now they’re calling the CR-48 a “Notebook”. Will they make Chrome Laptops? Simplified Desktops?

Whatever Chrome OS is running on… they’re all computers. But calling it a Chrome Computer sounds redundant so I’m tossing my own little coining in the ring, suggesting that perhaps all devices running Chrome OS be endearingly referred to as “Chromeputers” to simplify things for bloggers and consumers alike.

I won’t make it a habit of posting Chrome OS news on Phandroid. But, I know MANY of you are excited about Chrome OS, and for you we’ve got a website dedicated to everything Chrome-related: introducing ChromeSpot.com!

cr48I actually started ChromeSpot in September 2008 when Chrome Web Browser was first announced. It quickly became popular, but I passed it onto a new owner. Phandroid is and was my passion, and there was way too much Android-related goodness to split my devotion. With a team of folks dedicated to covering everything Android on Phandroid.com, AndroidForums.com, and AndroidApplications.com, I feel like it’s time to recognize Chrome OS as a potentially industry changing initiative and offer some dedicated coverage for those interested (and there should be many). So, the site is back under my control.

The real shift won’t begin until about a year from now, when Chrome OS products are being offered to consumers for purchase. Even then, it will be slow start because Chrome OS asks us to fundamentally change the way we think about casual computing and even computing in general. Much in the way that Google TV asks us to rethink our television, video and web browsing experiences.

I’m excited to follow the development of Chrome OS and would like to invite everyone with an interest over to ChromeSpot including our Chrome Forum that covers everything from the Chrome Browser Forum to the CR-48 Forum. So come on over and Introduce Yourself!

For those wondering- no, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll actually be more active on Phandroid then in recent months. Expect a Nexus S Review in the coming week and I’m working right now on a juicy, exclusive LG leak I’ve just received from a trusted tipster. We just updated the Phandroid App and we’re working on an awesome new app currently in private beta. We recently launched our Best Phones section and Compare Phones section and trust me… we are NOT slowing down. Perhaps you’ll just have to make room for one. more. hobby.

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Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Chromeputer?


    It’s a computer that runs Chrome OS, it’s a ChromecComputer.

  2. Ewwww, typos suck…

    Chrome computer***********

  3. First!

    Well, if laptops are identified by their size and portability over a desktop.

    Netbooks were named because of their large usage of surfing the ‘net and identified by their small size, low specs, cheap prices.

    Maybe Chrome Computers should be a new breed of ‘Cloudbooks’ designed for the Cloud and identified by their very minimal components and lack of large storage and features.

  4. I’d go with ChromePuter

  5. chromebook!

  6. I got on on my doorstep yesterday too. I like it and it’s free so I have nothing to complain about. Have you tried putting an sd card in the slot? Nothing happends and it’s not like I can go to my computer to open it.

  7. The port on the left is a VGA port Rob!

  8. @Mike I like “Cloudbook”!

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a Cr-48! I’ll be following the new site. I love mine. Love how quickly it boots, how long the battery lasts. I am one that does everything online, so it’s a good fit. I’ve seen many comparisons to the Macbook Air…the Macbook Air is a $1000-1600 machine!? I’ve seen some say they are going to try and get Chrome OS to $99. I am doubtful of that, but if they could, I’d get one for everyone in my family.

  9. To be honest guys, Google does a lot of very cool stuff. Given that, I’d suggest you develop a new site that has The current stuff(Phandroid) as the main area and some tabs for other Google stuff. It only takes the thought of expanding into Chrome OS stuff to lead to another cool Google thing, so it’ll save you some hassle to just transition now. This kind of article definitely leads to a slipper slope, though not necessarily a bad one.

  10. If you do do what I suggested, please at least have a separate RSS feed for *only* Android stuff.

  11. When did you guys submit your request? I submitted mine the day of the Chrome OS launch and havent heard anything :(

  12. chromebook

  13. ChromeBook.

  14. @Ryan…yeah, that looked like a VGA port, not a serial port


  16. what’s the deal w/ people filming the opening of a box?

  17. i got mine yesterday! well sorta. i got my two brothers to sign up to (in order to up my chances to get one), and then the bastards shipped one to my younger brother. i’m definitely going to annex that thing.
    haven’t really had much time to play with it since i’m still busy with finals. last final is today! biochem is rough.

  18. They should be called DOA.

  19. So did it just show up on your door step after putting in a request or did Google send you a notice that you would be getting one?

  20. Erm 0_o

    Sorry to spoil the party but – a better forum by far here:

  21. For those of you that got the Cr-48, what did you do to get it? I signed up for the pilot but never got one. I’m so bummed! I know it’s probably more a matter of chance than anything, but did you do anything else other than sign up on their site? Is there still a chance that I may get one or have they all been sent?

  22. How ’bout “dumb terminal”? That’s what we used to call them back in the day.

  23. Chromebook = MacBook
    there’s something wrong about this equation

    Chromeputer > chromebook
    Something different like a new breed.

  24. I like Chromium…as in

    “just connected to my android hot spot with my chromium”

  25. I signed up the day of the announcement and received mine yesterday. I didn’t receive any notice that I was getting one, it just showed up.

    Really like it so far. Would like a backlit keyboard. I see them all as being as less of a replacement for laptops and desktops and more of a bridge of a continuum…. smartphones to tablets / Chromputers to netbooks to laptops/desktops.

    One major improvement I would like to see in the OS itself is for Google to vastly improve it’s Google Docs so that Office or even Open Office documents are easier to manage in the cloud.

    But really been impressed with such an early Beta release. Start-up is quick. Battery life is tremendous. I actually just plugged it in after a couple of hours with still about half a battery just because I couldn’t walk the edge any longer without sweating. The apps appear solid and will increase in number given time.

    Thumbs Up! And not just because I got a free one.

  26. Heya Rob, are you having any trouble with getting the Verizon 3g connection to work?

    My CR-48 just sits there and spins and spins and then times out with a network connectivity error. All this when I have 3 bars of connectivity showing.

  27. Only thing that bothers me about chrome is the bandwidth requirements. many operatiors seem to cap the bandwidth which can really curb your consumption of HD streaming videos or heavy cloud computing. its a great idea to have it all up in the cloud but if you have to pay for every kilobyte you go through we may have a slightly different problem. Chrome it self seems solid and looks like a great idea.

  28. WhoTF did the unboxing? Uhm, have sum1 else hold the camera. Anyway…

  29. First, no one gets to determine what to call a product or brand like this.

    Second, people tend to name things with one syllable or the least amount of syllables. For example, Apple, Windows, Chevy (vs. Chevrolet), TV (television), etc.

    All that said, I would think that people will go with Chrome and not ANY of these dumb names. People don’t call Apple computers appluters!!! They call them macs or apples.


  31. Why not “ChromeTop” lol just sayin

  32. I like Chromebook. I just got mine yesterday. The touchpad took me a little getting used, now it feels very natural. It’s a great little web browser. I can’t wait to try more web apps.

  33. anyone sign up for this two to three days after it was offered and received one?
    i signed up for it on day three after the announcement…REALLY want one.
    also, do u have to send them back?

  34. I just call mine MARIO. It’s because that is the model number and it is printed in large letters on the battery.

  35. I got a Cr-48 on my doorstep Wed night; I had only signed up for one Monday, so it was quite a surprise to say the least.

    I am a student and told them that, I have a feeling that that is the main reason why I received one.

    To answer a few questions, no they do not have to be returned, yours to keep for giving feedback (which they expect). I did not active 3G until this morning and it’s working fine for me. 100mb burns up quick, but it’s free. You have to activate the 3g every month you want to use it.

    I have had mixed use of the SD card..Attempting to upload a video to Youtube brings up a different upload box then uploading to Picnik. Youtube upload is limited to things you have “downloaded” so you cannot browse the SD card. Picnik brings up a fully featured unloader that allows browsing of the entire device, including externals such as an SD or a USB stick.

    When I emailed Google about this, they replied “The Chrome OS Notebook does not support external media, such as USB drives and SDCards. This should be remedied in future updates to the OS.”

    I guess they included the card reader and usb port for giggles..

  36. i signed up for the testing thing from google, if i get selected does anyone know when i should recieve my CR-48?

  37. Looks like ‘cloudbook’ is already taken by Everex. :(

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