Mugen’s 3200mAh Battery for Epic 4G Review; Win Free Batteries for EVO 4G, T-Mobile G2, DROID Incredible [GIVEAWAY]


I’ve been using Mugen’s extended battery for the Samsung Epic 4G for the better part of four days now. I didnt want to write a review until I was done calibrating it and until I’ve started using it on normal charge cycles. The unit I received is a 3200 mAh extended battery, and yes: it adds bulk. It’s a small price to pay, though, because I’d rather have the ability to use my phone than to have it not look like a brick.

IMG_1299 IMG_1306

The back cover is similar in material to the Epic 4G’s OEM cover, except you don’t get any of the logos. The camera sensor and its accompanying LED flash are so far recessed that you don’t have to worry about the elements of earth doing too much damage to them, which is a plus. I’d feared that the LED light’s performance would be diminished due to all of the extra material surrounding it, but light still emerged just as well as it did with the OEM cover.

The cover’s easy to snap on and detach and it fits onto the device nicely, for the most part, but one side of it seems to have been mis-measured. Other areas of the device are sealed air-tight, but the bottom left leaves about half a centimeter exposed. Not the biggest gripe in the world by any means. The most important thing is that the phone’s hardware buttons are still as easy to access as they’ve always been. No issues there.

IMG_1302 IMG_1301

On to the battery’s performance itself: it’s quite amazing. I haven’t done any scientific tests – such as those run by individuals to see if actual capacity matches its rated capacity – but I can tell you it lasts a hell of a lot longer than my stock battery does. On a moderate usage day with the OEM-provided battery, I could drain half of the battery in just about 3 hours. I’m usually not away from a charger for longer than that, but the 6-8 hours one can squeeze out of this just won’t be enough on long days.

Enter the Mugen, where – before I even went through my first day of calibration – I was able to strike up an impressive 30 hours. (And that was on the charge out of the box.) I didn’t get as much from the following cycles as I’d been using the phone a lot more, but I was still able to pull out just over 20 hours on a busy day. The most important thing is that I never felt I absolutely needed to get to an outlet. As I write this on my first day after my usual calibration techniques, I’m nearing 5 hours and have yet to dip below 90%.

IMG_1315 IMG_1321

You might get different results from different phones, but having used both Mugen and their competitor Seidio, I’d have to say that neither clearly outshines the other. Seidio’s always been touted as the kings of after-market batteries and accessories, but if someone presents you with a battery by Mugen do not hesitate to give it a shot.

Get one yourself!

We have three batteries by the fine folks at Mugen to give away: those of you with a Droid Incredible can get their extended 3200 mAh unit, those with an HTC Evo 4G can get one of identical capacity, and those with a T-Mobile G2 can get an 1800 mAh battery. (Which isn’t much larger than the OEM version, but it doesn’t hurt to carry a spare.) If you’re not one of the lucky few or if you don’t have these phones, you can always browse Mugen’s selection at their website and buy one for yourself.


All you have to do is comment with which phone you have and tell us why you’d need an extended battery to help you get through a long day. Entries will be taken until Friday, December 17th at 11:59pm Eastern time. Three winners – one for each phone – will be contacted at the email address used in the comments form, so use a real one! Only those who live in the United States are eligible. (Sorry, international friends.) Let’s hear it below!

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  1. Awesome battery life…but that is hideous! LOL

  2. I have a Droid Incredible. I’d like an extended battery because it’s very annoying to run out of battery power halfway through the day!

  3. I have a Droid Incredible, and have wondered about if a newer battery would improve my phone’s active lifetime. Right now I feel tethered, whether it be via USB at a PC, or to a charging cord in my car.

  4. I have a Droid Inredible and am constantly flashing new roms and experimenting with different apps and settings. An extended battery would be amazing!

  5. I have an Evo and so does my wife. We have to carry 4 batteries between us to make sure we can get through the day. It would be awesome to drop some of those extra batteries!

  6. I have a Droid Incredible and I could use the battery because it seems my phone is down to sub-30% battery with just my normal use at the end of my work day. I’m not sure if I just use my phone too much or my battery is going bad. I try to train it once a month (drain it till the phone shuts off and then charge it without turning on the phone), but all that seems to do is make my battery meter more accurate (which it is suppose to, but it can also help the life of the battery as well).

  7. I need a G2 battery, for those long Angry Birds sessions! 1300 mAh isn’t enough to get 3 stars on every level!

  8. I have the droid incredible and the only thing not incredible about the phone is the battery. With Angry Birds, a Sega Genesis Emulator, Word Feud, and actually calling/texting people means my battery needs recharging almost 3 times a day!
    And I can’t always charge when Im in a meeting at work, on the road, or attending a football game.
    This battery for the incredible has my name on it (Kyle in small print)!

  9. Dinc – Giving away an extended life battery to me will allow me to increase the number of hours I expend playing Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, increase the number of hours I can tether with my Dell Inspiron Laptop using pdaNet, listening to Pandora in my cubicle while I buzz with the other drones, scanning for new apps, meeting new friends using PingChat! and sharing photos and videos with family and friends on Facebook without having to commit extra mental resources to ensuring my charger is with me everywhere I go

    and it would really really annoy my wife if I was able to spend EVEN MORE TIME glued to my phone before she throws it out the effing window

  10. I have a evo 4g and could really really use an extended battery.

  11. Hello, That sounds good. I only get through about 4 hours and really don’t use the device that much. I have to charge it twice during my awake time minimum. When travelling around town on public transportation in Chicago you don’t have the luxury of chargers handy. I could really use one of these high capacity batteries to try out on my HTC Evo 4g. Thanks for the consideration!

  12. Well, I have a G2 and the reason I need an extra battery is because, well…its a G2!!!

    I cant put it down, so the battery is toast WAY before the end of the day.

  13. Mum has a G2 here, would be an awesome stocking filler, please enter me :)

  14. HTC incredible here, would be nice to know that when i’m in the middle of nowhere in west Texas i will have the battery to make a phone call should the need arise.

  15. Help! I love my Incredible, but I’m not loving the battery life. If I’m shopkicking in the morning, I can kill the battery by noon. I don’t always have time to recharge! Yet my wife runs around using her Fascinate all day and charges it once every two days! This extended life battery would really come in handy… what’s a man who can’t keep up with his wife?!

  16. I have a Super Sonic EVO and I could use this battery to longer my day using Exchange at work, watch movies in the subway and play Ninja Kaka pro & Angry Bird more often without worries of running out of battery :)

  17. I’ve had an HTC EVO 4G since the end of November and can’t live without it. The battery life is pretty decent when in a good coverage area, but most of my waking hours are spent in a cube with less than acceptable coverage (read: concrete bunker) and draw tons of life out of my battery. So by the time I wrap up work(8AM to 4:30PM) then head to school, I can’t quite make it to the end of class(usually 9pm) without a charge some point in my day. It would be nice not to be tethered to an AC outlet.

    An extended battery would increase my ability to keep my calendar/schedule continuously updated and accessible, plus, I could make a phone call(who still does that?).

  18. We have a Droid Incredible. It would be nice if the phone battery lasted all the way through the day.

  19. I love my Droid Incredible and would never give it up. But, I have to keep a charger on my desk, one in my car and one at home to maintain service throughout the day. I start to panic if I have to be isolated from a charger for more than a few hours. I’m ready to try the extended battery. Looks don’t factor in when compared to hours of service!

  20. I need an extended battery for my Evo because I travel quite a bit for my job and I need to be able to keep up with the news from the various sites but mostly from!!!

  21. Sweet!!! I really need an extended battery for my G2 very much!
    I keep playing with the phone all it sucks way too much life out of the poor
    Thanks guys! you guys are awesome!

  22. My wife and I have EVOs, and I need one for my wife as she frequently forgets to charge hers and it worries me when I can’t reach her.

  23. I have an HTC Evo 4G. I use my phone in my car to listen to music and pandora when i’m driving to work. I have an hour long commute so after my drive in the morning and using my phone to check for emails during the day and what not, it’s surely dead by the time i leave for work. Being that i live in the mountains in colorado, radio reception is poor at best. So my hour long drive home is done with no music and it’s starting to make me insane. I could really use the extended battery to keep my sanity.

  24. I have the HTC incredible and the stock battery only lasts for 3-4 hours I use the gps a lot and go in the internet and I need a battery that can keep up I travel a lot and need the gps .

  25. Brick.

  26. I have a EVO 4G and I am a heavy user. The battery dies most of the time in half-a-day. Its an awesome phone except for the battery life. I have been trying all differnt ways like using App killers etc. but that doesn’t help much. I love live wallpapers but can’t use it because it consumes lot of battery. Sometimes, I am left with low battery where I need to think of even making calls. I think such extra batteries would resolve the problem for the phone.

  27. G2! woooooo!

  28. My Droid Incredible is an amazingly useful phone…while it has battery power. I work in the mental heath industry, and staying connected is an absolute must. I use my phone for everything from GPS to drive clients around to calling for help when one of my clients has a seizure. I need my phone to stay alive through the day, and it simply doesn’t. I need a bigger battery very badly.

  29. I have an evo that has a stock battery in it. Yea, the one I got on release day. It used to last a while but after all the bump charging I put it through it doesn’t last very long anymore haha.

  30. I’ve got the HTC EVO 4G as my personal phone but I end up using it for business purposes throughout the day. I tend to spend a good portion of my time away from the desk and the battery struggles to make it to 5 PM. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a 45 minute commute through rural areas with multiple dead zones. Since its constantly searching for signal during that time, it drains the battery even more! That battery would prevent me from having to put my phone on the charger as soon as I get home from work.

  31. G2, I need this extended battery because I often have to travel in my job to different offices and always have to carry chargers around but if i had an extra battery or a bigger one i could go longer without a charger. I use my phone a lot to constantly check out this website!

  32. yea I could use that for my evo

  33. I’d take one for my G2 so that whenever I get a CM release that drains a bit more battery, it’s not a problem, since unlike an iPhone, I can swap it out! Ha!

  34. htc incredible. Do I really need to tell why I need an extended battery? My phone rarely makes it past my lunch break at work.

  35. Incredible… with a draining battery.

    Well, I work a full eight to ten hour day on base and after that I take phone calls from my newly created company (using google voice no less) and while I’m on the road researching properties with my partner I use my phone for my schools ebooks while I’m finishing homework. So basically my phone is dead by late afternoon and I’m on the charger until I go to bed.

  36. I would like an Epic Battery. I supervise roadtest sites. I watch my samhub movies and play alot agames while i wait for them to finish or call me with a problem. I would like to not have to keep my car running and waste gas enjoying my Epic. Thank you .

  37. I spend most of the day using my Evo and needless to sayб the battery dies half way through, so I need to have a gazillion chargers for every place I go.

  38. Why, with that extended Epic 4g battery I could make far more calls to lonely, borderline suicidal friends and family this holiday season!

  39. I could use it for my EVO, I have to use the GPS and web all the time for work and it makes it hard to make it through the day. This thing sounds perfect.

  40. I have DInc and I need extended battery for my Facebook, GReader, TV Show Favs, surfing, YMail. Incredible has inadequate battery.

  41. Hook me up!!!! I have the Incredible, and I swear the battery life is getting shorter. It barely makes it through the 8.5 hours I am at work. Would love to have an extended and then my old can be a spare.

    Thanks for all you do guys!


  42. I love my phone but hate my battery. I have a Droid Incredible. I live in a low service area and my battery costly drains. Please pick me to win a battery.

  43. I have an HTC evo 4g, I constantly use my evo every day! I’m always on Google maps and using the navigation to get me around the city, its also hard for me to charge my phone because my car electrical jack dose not work! Hopefully a bigger battery will help me get through my day, especial when san Jose gets 4g in a couple of days :). Usually I wake up at 6 to start my day and my evo is read by 10 so it gets tough. So this would just make my life easier. I love your website! And win or loose thank-you for the opportunity.

  44. Evo 4G. No joke. As you were describing your first day without having to make sure you knew where all power outlets were located, what percentage of battery life was left, etc. I could feel my shoulders start to drop and my heart rate slowing to what it once was. Back in the pre-smartphone days… Thank you!

  45. I have an EVO and use it to manage a 24/7 help desk that utilizes phone, email, and web-based customer interaction. While the EVO is an ideal device for this, the battery life leaves a lot to desire and an extended-life battery would go a long way in aiding my day-to-day tasks as well as improving our end-user experience.

  46. Epic 4G. I burn through battery like its my job, practically never use the GPS or 4G because of the battery drain. A new battery might let me frequently use the features I spent hard earned money on…

  47. I have an HTC EVO that runs out of juice routinely. I travel 200 miles a day 6 days a week and the EVO’s my lifeline. Please gimme gimme.

  48. I’m currently using the stock and a 1750mah battery and I constantly have to switch them out mid-day. This would prevent my g/f from having to get me one for Christmas!
    – HTC Incredible

  49. Hope I win this battery, because my evo 4G can’t handle my business activity, hope phandroid santa can realize my hope. Amen.thanks phandroid santa

  50. I have the Incredible (mine) and the EVO (work). I have to keep one of them plugged in then switch to the other to get through the day. I’ve been researching batteries, OEM sized, and I’m interested to see if these would really last longer than OEM. Great write up! Thanks!

  51. evo 4g I thought the evo was big before. my friends call it the brick. if i get one of these it will have to be called the concrete block.

  52. Buying a G2 and need the extra battery for long days coaching volleyball!

  53. I have an EVO and I need an extended battery because I am often showing off all the cool features on my phone to make Android converts of others. I personally can no longer count on both hands the friends that I have converted, and I’m sure I’ll be able to show off even more with a longer-life battery. It would especially let me keep 4G and my wireless tether on more, as well as play Pandora and/or Rhapsody all day long, plus I could keep my WebKey connection open so that I could run my phone from my computer.

  54. I have gotten so addicted to Game Dev Story on my G2 that I could easily get distracted and burn right through my stock battery. This replacement would help me make the sequel to my best selling robot RPG, Rusty Nuts 4!

  55. My Evo 4G barely lasts a school day, and with this battery, maybe I could leave my charger at home.

  56. G2 Battery, My friends on their Evos don’t have 4g in the area quite yet but my HSPA+ works quite nicely and I’d like to share/rub it in.

  57. Im using the stock battery that came with the Droid Incredible no syncing what so ever i get like 4 hrs or so out of it maybe 5 to 6 on a good day so please pic me !!!!!

  58. Travel with the Military often. Live on long flights. This would be a life saver. EVO 4G FTW!

  59. I have an Epic 4G and I sit in the middle of a solid brick building. My phone tears through its battery while searching for service. I would like the battery so I can browse and play Angry Birds during my lunch break :)

  60. Droid Incredible.
    Please pick me- I am a student and so besides “normal” usage, my “social networking” usage combined with work (internship) usage I barely have any battery power left for play! I use an entire charge a day just through email, calling, and texting. I have to charge overnight, and at least once in the day.

  61. Just gave my gf my G2 and all those angry birds kill the battery!

  62. I’m a poor college student who can’t afford nice things. :-(

  63. My Droid Incredible runs out of juice halfway through the day when I am at work. I have a very marginal signal in my concrete building with no windows, so the phone is constantly switching between 1x and EVDO.

  64. DInc user and although the phone lives up to its name being incredible and all I feel like the battery really holds this phones capabilities back, an extra battery would do wonders for all the email-ing social networking video watching etc people like me want to use the phone for I mean wats the point of having the fastest beast around if you can’t take it off the leash?

  65. *Except for my incredible, that is, which is what I’d want the battery for. :P

  66. DROID Incredible! Love the phone but the battery only lasts about 5 hours… plus it’d be nice to play angry birds and not worry about battery drainage :)

  67. I have a T-Mobile G2 and it’s a great phone. My previous phone was the BB Curve 8900 which I couldn’t wait to get rid of. I couldn’t be happier now that I’m an Androidian. With all the email, games and internet surfing, I have to make sure I always carry around my charger from home to work and to school. Please help me cut the cord. Thanks!

  68. i love my droid incredible but i cant seem to get it to last the day. i have to aggressively change settings just to have it say 10% when i get home.

  69. I need one, because even with the leaked Froyo for my Epic 4G, my batter life still isn’t what I want it to be. I use my phone constantly for web browsing, on Wifi and 3G. If I try 4G the life is even worse! What good is a phone without juice, and what fun is a phone with features you have to refrain from using, just so you can receive calls?

  70. Im a sprint dealer and i am constantly needing to show my phone to customers, which can take a toll on the battery. This battery would be the exact thing that i need to make sure that my phone can perform at top ability all day long. Epic 4g

  71. i have an HTC EVO and it just can’t handle all my porn viewing!

    get it? “handle”? hahaha . . . :-)

  72. I need a battery extender for my g2 cause I am a twitter/facebook/android sites junkie and without constantly charging, my battery goes dead by noon

  73. Ditto to the Angry birds but I’m grad student in lab all night.

  74. G2 here – I need the extra juice, cuz I pretty much use the thing all day long, and can’t always charge it. It ran out twice this week!

  75. I have an Evo 4g. This phone is like my life line. For the past 6 months of owning this phone, I had to carry my car and house charger everywhere. I’m usually down to 30% within 3 hours of moderate use. Along with my day job I am trying to do an onlune business online. The only access to the internet I have while I’m out is my phone. As you can understand, a dead battery is very bad for business. So this extended battery would be much appreciated.

  76. I have an EVO 4G and the battery that I have now anymore only lasts me 10 hours before it needs to be charged. It’s time for a new battery, hopefully you can help :)

  77. I would like the Droid Incredible’s battery! This is a major flaw in the otherwise solid HTC lineup.

  78. Angry birds destroys the battery on my Evo. I would love one of these!

  79. my droid incredible needs more power.

  80. I have an Evo 4g and absolutely love it! I work outside in a garage and its soooo boring out there. I’d love to be able to game and auto my whole shift. An extended life battery would be awesome!

  81. I have an EVO 4G and definitely need a big battery to help me get through long hospital work shifts. :) Thank you!

  82. Droid incredible. I am starting my own business and I spend a lot of time traveling and could really use the extra battery life.

  83. Hi I have a g2 and drain my battery keeping up with your articles and video post. Also i use it at work since I’m hardly at my desk. Keep bringing the great news.

  84. I run a music site and do 75% of work on my Droid Incredible. I make updates, take pictures, video and keep in touch with people. Absolutely love it, just need a bigger battery!!!

  85. Wife has a G2 and is constantly losing contact with us because she forgets to charge at night. A longer battery would give her more chance to remember. ;)

  86. I love my Droid Incredible(DInc). This was my first smart phone and it never leaves my side. But, the only problem is now I have to carry a charger with me everywhere I go. So when I leave the house I check to see if I have everything.. My DInc, my charger, and ect.. I’m ready to leave DInc charger at home and go with the extended battery.

  87. I love phandroid I’m the only geek in geographic area and online communities are the only way i can express my inner geek!

  88. Working two jobs constantly away from a charging spot and traveling everyday upwards of 12-15hrs my Droid Incredible likes to eat the battery right up so I can’t get a round of Angry Birds in before bed unless I chain myself to the outlet!

  89. I have an HTC EVO and love the thing to death! the reason i need the extended battery though is truly because of how much i have incorporated it into my life as a student in college. my phones dies on my way too many times during the day and i cannot charge my phone while on campus or in class so it is just dead… i HATE this about my phone :/ i use it for everything, playing music, angry birds for the 15 minutes between class, as well as email to my prof’s about internships and research oppurtunities (i hate not being able to reply cause my phone is dead). I have played around with many ROMs and kernals to see if i could get better battery but have YET to find any combo to last me through the days when i have to be on campus.

    PLEASE help end my suffering with that amazing battery!
    (i’ll even put a little “Phandroid” logo on the cover and tote the bad boy around ;) )

    thanks for considering my request!
    AF “Senior” Member

  90. EVO 4G, I work in a basement and the low signal suck all the power out if I ever forget to use Airplane Mode.

  91. I need a bigger battery for my Dinc so I can watch movies non stop while flying to the east coast.

  92. Love my HTC EVO and it’s my lifeline. I carry an extra battery & battery charger (bulky) so I am sure to have enough power to last me through the day. Thanks for the review!

  93. I have a droid incredible. It would be great to have a bigger phone battery so I can show off all the cute videos of my kids, and IM with my wife without having the battery die before lunch.

  94. EVO, My signal sucks at my desk so bad that I have to keep it on a wall charger all day because charging from a usb port can hardly keep up with the drain of having such a low signal. If I don’t charge all day, It will be dead shortly after lunch.

  95. Two of my friends have these on their EVOs and I was actually thinking about getting one. This would certainly save me the trouble!

  96. Droid Inc here. My girlfriend chewed me out the other day for ignoring her calls, but in reality, it was my phone’s fault: the battery was dead again!! Please help!!

  97. Incredible is the best phone out there, but the battery life is awful. I would love to change that!

  98. I have a Droid Incredible.
    The Battery is life hysterical.
    It is really horrendous.
    Winning a battery would be stupendous!

  99. I have a Droid Incredible and constantly refreshing all day to keep up with the latest Android news drains my battery with my poor signal quality at work all day. Maybe an extended battery will help me to be able to make it all day and stay updated!

  100. I LOVE my Evo 4G. I use it everyday on my 2 hour bus ride to and from work. By the time I get to work, I’m down to 50% after a full night’s charge. I charge it at work, and I’m normally fine by the time I get home, but god forbid I do anything right after work. If so, I have to manage my usage or I’ll be in the red before dinner’s even over.

  101. I have an Evo 4G and I would love to have an extended battery! From wireless tethering to video watching on full brightness and 4G, I run down the battery quickly!

  102. G2, the wee little battery means I spend all my day plugged in. Something new and large would be lovely!

  103. I gave my grandmother who is 102 an HTC Incredible for her birthday because it’s easier for her to touch the screen than having to push the buttons on other phones. Because of this arthritis, she also has a hard time plugging in the charger so I end up doing it when I visit her at night. If she had a higher capacity battery she wouldn’t run out in the afternoon and be without a phone until I can get there.

  104. I’d like an EVO battery since I test applications and games all day long to do reviews on them, so my battery dips low very frequently. This would help me power through all of that without having to be tied to the outlet or laptop via the charging cable.

  105. Droid Incredible… I need the extended battery b/c I’m away from my charger for 14+ hours a day… and the stock one doesn’t make it. How am I supposed to stalk people on facebook when my battery is dead?

  106. I got a HTC Incredible. I wake up in the morning for school and work afterward. Everyday around 6pm, my phone is already near death condition haha.

  107. I have an Incredible and I use it all day long, loads of web surfing and YouTube watching as well as sportin’ a heathly (unhealthy?) Angry Birds addiction and subsequently have to charge 2 or 3 times to get through the day. This battery would rule!

  108. Droid Incredible. I often work 12 hour days and having a larger battery would sure help me make it through my shifts.

  109. I have a Droid Incredible, besides keeping a charger at my house, my girlfriends house, and @ the office. I have a car charger in my car, girlfriends truck, and my mothers car. I bought a new car recently and while working out the deal @ the dealers I had to borrow the salesman’s usb charger. An extended battery for Christmas doesn’t sound too bad @ all.

  110. I have and EVO 4G. I would love the extended battery so the people I work with that have Iphones will shut up. They laugh at my battery life. I’m sick of it!!!! I do tell that that atleast my phone is the way I want it and not the way Steve Jobs wants it.

  111. I have an Incredible and I would like to stop taking my charger cord with me everywhere.

  112. I have the htc evo 4g. I need this because I put my phone through it’s paces. Multitasking all day long with work, social sites and apps. Yes i have an addiction!

  113. i need an extended battery for my G2 because when i’m drunk texting, it kills my battery faster than veyron!

  114. I have a droid incredible. I would love the honor of receiving the extended battery from phandroid because I do a ton of hiking but really do not feel safe using the gps applications due to the poor performance of the oem battery. It would really allow me to utilize additional aspects of my phone and keep me safe!

  115. I’ve got the Epic 4G, and I’m an on-site tech…as such, I’m rarely around a traditional power socket. I use it for calls to vendor tech support, for tethering when we’re cutting over a WAN, and for remote access to other computers via LogMeIn(Man that’s been a life-saver there!). Problem is I can kill the battery in no time flat…don’t care if it’s a big black brick, as long as it’s a big black functioning brick ;)

  116. I have an EVO and could really benefit from an extended battery! I am a field employee (work outside of the office for most of my day) and find that I tend to eschew my work provided Blackberry in favor of my personal HTC. I take a lot of pictures on projects so the camera gets a lot of use. I also have to forward work related emails to the EVO just to be able to properly see/read any kind of attachment that is sent my way. The Blackberry screen is just too small for what I receive. Combine these activities with other work related applications and my battery drains very quickly.

  117. That’s not ‘mugen power’..

    THIS _IS_ Mugen Power


  118. i have a droid incredible. i have brought 5 of my friends into the android fold. we all have incredibles. and we always compete to see who can do what the best. like, best looking, smoothest/fastest. linpack/quad scores and the big on is battery time. which i’d love to win. seeing how my phone already has the seidio rugged on it, i would really like to try to mugen.

  119. like every other inc owner, need bigger battery

  120. EVO. I need more power because the signal is so weak at my house that unless its on the charger, when I walk out the door I’m at %50 battery remaining!

  121. I have an HTC Incredible, and everyone’s talking about the 2150’s and 3200 batteries. Haveing worked hard for several days just to save up the money to buy the phone was hard enough.

    I’ve been getting the stock battery to drag out the full day by barely using the phone at all. This would be okay if it was a feature phone. However I bought the Incredible for Android and all the amazing things you can do with it. So now I’m at a dilemma, I go from school to do odd jobs to pay for my phone data and dont get around to a charger until later that night. All that time without an outlet so I’m stuck letting my phone sit dormant only to awaken to send the occasional text or phone call. I only play angry birds when on the charger at the end of the day.

    With the 3200maH I could enjoy my phone without the battery being a factor and enjoy the every other day charge cycle I had with my ancient feature phone. However I could enjoy all the features of the phone such as Navigation when I want and games whenever I could use a boredom killer.

    Most imporantly I’ll have the juice to make an important call in case of emergency when out and about.

  122. G2! Because while sitting through football games at a packed stadium with overloaded cell towers its a battle to upload pictures and facebook/twitter messages about how crappy my team is doing.

  123. Droid Incredible, I cant get enough juice!!

  124. T-Mobile G2
    This is the best phone to date. An extended battery would be nice so I can stop investing in solar chargers, multiple car chargers and wall chargers to keep it going. I am a heavy user and it would be nice to look at things other than the wall for outlets all the time. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  125. I have an Evo 4g. I need an extended battery because I spend long days in the field wih the army and can’t play angry birds much without my battery going dead. Then I miss phone calls from my superiors. Not good for me. :( Thanks guys.

  126. The ugliest thing I have seen in my entire life.

  127. On top of using my HTC Evo 4G for the obvious phone and text conversations, I use it for listening to audio/video podcasts and reading Kindle books and consuming news using Google Reader. I also frequently install different custom ROMs to provide feedback to the creators. Oh yeah, and wifi tethering to my iPad. :)

  128. I have an incredible and use it as a gps for my.motorcycle so I font always have access to a charger. I ride 11 months out of the year to save on gas and would love a battery that lasts as long as I do.

  129. When my EVO dies…I die. When my EVO is alive…I’m alive. Therefore, a bigger battery for my EVO would mean more life for me! ;-)

  130. My girlfriend really needs the incredible battery hers is always dying on her, and I think she would love this

  131. I have the Incredible. This biggest drain on my battery is my 5 year old that plays Angry Birds every morning right when he wakes up (he likes to get the new christmas level each morning). By the time I get to work,the battery is already half gone!

    Thank you!

  132. I hate that I have to avoid using my Incredible sometimes out of fear that my battery won’t last.

  133. I have a DROID Incredible and the stock battery simply sucks, which is why I need an extended battery to get me through my 8-hour day!

  134. Epic 4G- I work 6 days a week 5/6 days I work up to 18 hours a day and always have to have an extra charger and extra battery. Smart phones…dumb batteries.

  135. I have an EVO, and a bigger battery would mean that I could really gloat in front of the iPhone users.

  136. i deffiantly need the battery for my EVO 4G i use my phone for work as a feild tech and for fun and now with 4G in my area the battery just does not stand up. besides more battery life mean more movies!!!!!! so pick me!!!!!

  137. Damn are Evos and Incredible’s battery THAT bad?? Lol

  138. I’m a student and I have an HTC EVO. If I just even use it for 10 I have to turn it on airplane mode if I want it to last all day. This is really bad because I use it ALOT (well at least would like to) for schoolwork but its hard to without sacrificing battery life. Save me phandroid!

  139. Yeah I had no idea that batteries were that bad in those devices!

  140. I have a G2 and I have to charge it 2-3 times a day. And that’s just with moderate usage. Wifi and GPS usage? Forget about it.

  141. I have an HTC EVO 4G (in fact, I’m typing this comment with it right now), and although i wouldnt trade it for any other phone, its hunger for battery power is the one thing that keeps it from being the superphone it’s truly destined to be. It breaks my heart; nobody likes to see their baby go hungry, and what kind of caring father wouldn’t want to give his little one all of the nourishment it needs?

  142. I do pest control for a living and the biggest pest I come across every day is my Droid incredibles short battery life!I will put that battery to good use!
    Ps.phandriod rocks

  143. Hi i have an htc desire z aka g2, i need an extended battery because i am always on angry birds lol

  144. I desperately want/desperately need another battery for my HTC Evo because why? Because I desperately want/desperately need to follow Phandroid every chance I get at work of course. A lil bit of City Jump never hurt either.

  145. I have the htc evo and at best my battery lasts 12 hours… That’s if I don’t use it…..

  146. Hi I cant/won’t kiss your ass just to win the battery and then never come back to this page, unlike these Dbags ^. Haha but I would love to have a free extended battery for my G2!

  147. I accedentally activated the flashlight with the gesture control on cm6 when plugging my phone in before going to bed. I woke up a bit later to get some water and when i grabbed my g2 it was so hot i had to play hot potatoe for a while, it didn’t turn on after a did a battery pull to cool down, so i went back to bed hoping it was all a bad dream. The next morning i tried it again, luckily it worked but the battery hasnt been the same since. Car chargers for the win amirite?

  148. G2 here. I would like a extended battery because my G2 has completely replaced my laptop as a mobile computer for me. The laptop used to be the road warrior machine for me but the G2 has proven itself to be more than capable of doing all the things my laptop does and more. Being a college student and supporting more than just myself money is tight. Having that little extra power to get me through the day without dropping off my phone at a computer to charge would be a great help. Also i do try to make the most out of my battery by optimizing android for battery life and battery care, so your battery will be in good hands. Thank you again for your consideration and happy holidays.

  149. I have a Droid Incredible and could use it as my job is boring and the battery drains quick when you are streaming pandora all day.

  150. I have a G2 and unless I plugin all day at work, I just can’t seem to get thru my day without the battery dying. If I could squeeze an extra 2-3hrs out of this beast, I’d be ecstatic. Then again, I’m running CM6.1 overclocked to 1.4Ghz and wireless tether for an hour a day, use Wifi, GPS and bluetooth religiously, and love me some Angry Birds. So, I know that I put this thing thru the ringer!


  151. I have owned my HTC EVO4G since 1day after launch. I love the phone and have been working with developers to enhance battery life of the current OEM. As an IT professional, it’s critical that my phone is always on, always synced and maintaining my connectivity to my clients and my work. I’m a devoted IT professional and hobbyist, and it’s my lifeblood. Having an extended battery would allow me to work with developers in creating better battery and power management tools and apps to help end users get the most out of their batteries both OEM and aftermarket. Please enter me for this contest. Awesome review by the way…Great examples of comparison also.

  152. I have the EVO 4G and spend at least 5 hours each day away from any power source. I would so appreciate having the chance to win this battery.

    During those hours, I need to be connected to the internet, make calls, and email/text. I’m drained by the time I hit the AC, many times needing to turn my phone off to conserve.

    I’d love the larger battery and it would be put to great use. Thanks!

  153. I have a Droid Incredible. I think that statement alone is probably enough to explain why I need an extended battery.

  154. I have an Epic 4g, and I’m tired if my phone doing impressions of Scotty from star trek.

  155. I travel for my job, and I have to keep with with Emails, Calls, Texts, and sometimes at my suggestion while looking at a Wind turbine broke down I use the Video call. Alot of my Co-Workers are ditching the Iphone4 and going to Verizon and Sprint thanks to this. It helps to troubleshoot a turbine alot easier when someone sees what’s going on.. Instead of waiting for Pic attached to emails. So, if the future depends on less fossil future, go ahead and do your part and hook me up. I’ll be sure to keep those wind turbines going! Think about the polar bears.

  156. I have an EVO 4G, and for some reason my OEM battery must have been a real dud. After only a couple month of use, the phone only lasts about 3 hours per charge with use, and no more than 7 on standby the whole time. I love my EVO, but being able to actually see the battery drainage whenever I am using it is disheartening.

  157. I have an HTC Droid Incredible, and I need an extended battery because I overclock it, making it eat the battery extremely quickly when using it.

  158. I have an HTC EVO 4G and as awesome as this phone is, its battery life is the Achilles heel. I’m by my computer for 8 hours a day on most days, but there are lots of days that I am all over the place with no way to catch a charge. So having an extra battery to pop in there would be awesome.

  159. My Epic4g could really benefit from the extended battery especially for those long weekends in low signal areas that really kill my current battery life.

    Thanks for the review. Might wanna put a little more light on the subject for the photos next time… even a desk lamp or something should help! This might help…

  160. Need an extended battery so I can use HTC EVO 4G the was it was intended to be used…to its FULL potential.

  161. Need an extended battery so I can use HTC EVO 4G the was it was intended to be used…to its FULL potential.

  162. Love one for my Evo. Or my wife’s Evo.

  163. I have and use the cr*# out of my HTC EVO 4G. I need the extra extended battery since I reside between to towers and cut my internet and use 4G strictly at my house and work for all my internet needs and boy can that drain a battery fast.

  164. I just recently upgraded to the G2 from the G1. I am an independent computer repair technician & consultant in Springfield, OR. I often use my G2 to have a conference call with my clients while logged into their computer system from the same phone. This convenience has led to a great draw on battery life. An extra bump of 500 mAh would come in so handy for those tech support sessions. As it is right now; I have to keep the call/remote sessions short due to limited battery life. One of my prime selling points is my 24/7 availability for my clients. If I can’t offer that service, then my clients will turn to others who can. When I’m not at my office & I’m on the go; a larger battery capacity would be my only option. Thank you for considering me. :)

  165. An extended battery for m incredible would be the best Christmas gift ever, with the stock battery I can’t even get through my normal 8-5 workday without having to plug the blessed thing in. Help a brother out this holiday!

  166. To whom it may concern:

    It’s really pretty simple. I use my Samsung Epic 4G at work for calls, texting and Internet and the current battery has forced me to have an extra cord to be plugged in during the day to avoid battery drainage. This of course causes a great inconvenience because at times I walk out of my office without my phone since it’s on the charger. Other times I forget to put it back on the charger and I have a dead phone. Very inconvenient. One of these new batteries would be a life-saver.


    Steven Schnedler

  167. You guys have no idea what kind of hell I went through yesterday when I forgot my charger at home. I came to work with 70% battery life when I realized the mistake I had made! I had to turn my screen brightness all the way down, and that was a shame because showing off my AMOLED screen brilliance to all the blackberry users here at my work is a point of pride for me. Anyway, l used Party Mixer to listen to my music, and I did nothing else. I got through half the day before my battery completely drained. No music, no Angry Birds, no Facebook or Twitter, and no Phandroid! (Well, actually I used my work PC to check the website, so I was good there.)

    A new battery would be the best thing for my DInc, and that’s where you guys come in. If I got a new 3200Ah battery, I wouldn’t have to be constantly tied to my charger, and it would keep the crappy days like I went through yesterday to a minimum. If you could find it in your hearts to select me for the Droid Incredible battery, I would make my vow to be faithful to your website (and your website only!) for the latest and greatest Android news.

    Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

  168. HTC Incredible – I need an extended battery so I can continue to kill those damn piggies in Angry Birds without being stuck to a charger.

  169. i have a g2, & have been playing pocket legends nonstop.
    my battery has died 3 times in the past week because of this! x:

  170. I use an Incredible. Between the multiple email accounts I have, including an Exchange account for work and one account for my personal business, I wear out my battery pretty quickly. I handle most of the support calls, so my battery it constantly getting taxed.

  171. I would like an Epic 4 battery. I travel 172 miles daily and use my Epic for EVERYTHING (email to office, texts to drivers, phone to staff, entertainment during the commute, etc).

    I burned out a HTC Diamond in the first year and was hoping this phone (and battery) could withstand my life!

    Thank you,

  172. I have the HTC evo, and as a part of my day at work I have to stay connected both by radio and cell phone incase of emergency purposes or unable to contact over the radio, it isn’t always a good time to go and charge the phone or when I do its for a few minutes. I feel having a larger battery would relieve some of the issues had , associated with my field, I don’t always have to wonder if I’m not going to be able to make the call or where and when can I get a charge in.

    Thank you, Andrew

  173. I have an EVO 4G and I need the extended battery because I’m constantly using my phone and at most I get 5 hours per charge. Carrying an extra battery would be easier than carrying a charger around all day.

  174. Currently, me and my wife are working ourself back together when near the edge of divorce. We had our 5th yr anniversary not so long ago, 7yrs together and we have two daughters, a 4 yr old turning 5 in Jan. & a 1 yr old. We are currently working on creating confidence again and since we both work, we are constantly texting each other. I work a 8hr shift at a call center so you know I can’t be on the phone, so text is my best option but my Evo’s hits the Low Battery at mid day. Can’t stand being without phone, this will just create doubts, so at lunch break what I do is to go charge at the car, but that’s not helping cause Im draining gas, big time. I really need this.

  175. I need a bigger battery for my G2 because I use my phone WAYY too much, especially with angry birds now installed.

  176. I have a TMobile G2 I would like the extended battery in order to get thru the work day without the phone dying on me and I have leopard in touch with my family after work without looking for a charger. Thank you

  177. Me and my wife are working to get back together when near the edge of divorce. We have now 7 yrs together, 5yrs married and we have to daughters, a 4yr old turning 5 in Jan and a 1 yr old. We both work, and are currently working on getting that confidence back so texting is out best option during those work hours. We text so & so much that our EVO’s don’t even make it past mid-day without hitting the LOW BATTERY message. She can charge hers at work, I can’t and I have had to rely on car charging during my 1hr lunch break and it eating up my GAS, can’t stand being with a dead phone and creating doubts. SO I REALLY REALLY NEED THIS.

  178. I’m from Puerto Rico but come on guys, we are US Territory. Please Please…

  179. Droid Incredible here.

    When I’m not slaying my brother in a game of WordFeud I’m checking my email compulsively and failing at finding a 1 BR apartment in San Francisco that’s under $1600 with PadMapper. All this constant activity makes for a battery that’s constantly under duress, and I’d love to beef it up and make it last through lunchtime!

  180. I would love an extended battery for my HTC Evo. I am a teacher and basketball coach and use my phone alot for emails. By 3:00 pm my phone is already on red.

  181. HTC DINC.
    If getting a divorce is not a big enough ordeal. Dealing with all of the calls from my ex, Attourney and everybody else while trying having to be near somewhere to charge my phone which certainly doesn’t make life any easier. Fyi. To anyone thinking of getting married it’s not cheap but getting a divorce is so much more expensive.

  182. I have a Droid Incredible. I’m in high school and when my phone is 100% charged it still dies before I finish the school day with moderate use. I need the extended battery so I can use the web to cheat on the tests during my later classes. PLEASE HELP!

  183. Droid Incredible user here, absolutely love the phone but the battery life is just horrible! Big surprise right? So what would I do with all that extra juice? Well, my 3 yr old would love the time to watch Tow Mater movies on YouTube, my wife would love it because I wouldnt always be looking for a charger, and I would love it so that I could get some work done on the phone rather thanhaving to do everything on the pc. Thanks for the chance, love the site.

  184. Every one knows that I could write a novel on how much I love my incredible. And now with more and better apps available I use it more and more every day. The only problem now is that the battery dies before the sun does.I have chargers everywhere so I can keep it topped off, I really need a longer battery.

  185. I use my G2 all day for heavy web browsing, iming, txting, and calls. A new battery would be great!

  186. I could really use the extended battery for the Incredible. That way, I could finally shut my friend up with his iphone 4g. Plus, I could turn the brightness up on my phone and enjoy the amoled screen. Thanks!

  187. I have a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and I’m lucky to get half a day out of my battery. I currently switch between 3 stock batteries and use a wall charger but I’d love to use an extended battery and not have to constantly switch batteries out.

  188. I have the Droid Incredible, and I wish that the GPS, and the NFL highlights didn’t use up so much of the battery. I don’t get a chance to charge it throughout the day, so by the end of the day, the battery is nearly dead. If I had the better battery I would also be able to record more videos from concerts.

  189. Could really use an extra battery for my EVO to help me get through the day!

  190. Dear Phandroid, I would love an Epic 4G extended batt for the following reasons. Im in the middle of a divorce…. she left me for a woman. While feeling sorry for myself I lost my job. God as my witness. I am flat broke. Have no cable or sat tv or internet. My one and only remaining thread of connection to the world, news, entertainment and support of loved ones is via my phone. Please throw me a bone and help me.

  191. I’d love to pick up an extra G2 battery for my dad, who’s really enjoying his first ever smartphone, but struggling with the transition from feature phone battery life to smartphone battery life! He’s still fumbling around with the G2, opening apps and GPS settings he shouldn’t, and thereby killing the battery life, haha. This would help him out, Merry Christmas, Dad!

  192. I need this battery for the T-mobile G2.

    I really need it because I work long nights, and I have insomnia, so I hardly sleep.

    I’m not always at home, and the battery on this phone is already “decent” but it would be awesome if it would last as long as I do…


  193. I work for a server hosting company in the datacenter, and I work 12-hour shifts, 7pm to 7am. I always have to have my bluetooth headset on me because it’s impossible to hear my phone ringing while I’m in the datacenter (server fans + the giant AC units blowing constantly) and I don’t always feel the phone vibrating (if my pants are loose I definitely don’t feel it). I also do a lot of hands-on stuff which requires me to have both hands free while needing to talk to people at the same time (mostly our networking team when I am moving around uplinks).

    Having Bluetooth on is a necessity but drains my battery much faster. I also never use 4G because my phone would be dead in 6> hours. Emailing myself photos would be much quicker if I could keep 4G on. I take a lot of photos of various errors I see when troubleshooting servers.

    On top of all that I listen to music whenever I can but always run out of battery life if I constantly have music on. Even if I do my best to conserve battery life I’m usually in the red when I get home. I would LOVE to not have to worry about my battery dying during these long shifts. I would purchase the battery myself but I recently leased an apartment and need to save every possible dollar I can.

    I always want to use my phone more often but the 12-hour shifts really make it to where I’m limited in what I can do and I’m always thinking about my battery life. It would be great to not have to worry about it.

  194. Reposting this as I forgot to mention that I have an Evo 4G.

    I work for a server hosting company in the datacenter, and I work 12-hour shifts, 7pm to 7am. I always have to have my bluetooth headset on me because it’s impossible to hear my phone ringing while I’m in the datacenter (server fans + the giant AC units blowing constantly) and I don’t always feel the phone vibrating (if my pants are loose I definitely don’t feel it). I also do a lot of hands-on stuff which requires me to have both hands free while needing to talk to people at the same time (mostly our networking team when I am moving around uplinks).

    Having Bluetooth on is a necessity but drains my battery much faster. I also never use 4G because my phone would be dead in 6> hours. Emailing myself photos would be much quicker if I could keep 4G on. I take a lot of photos of various errors I see when troubleshooting servers.

    On top of all that I listen to music whenever I can but always run out of battery life if I constantly have music on. Even if I do my best to conserve battery life I’m usually in the red when I get home. I would LOVE to not have to worry about my battery dying during these long shifts. I would purchase the battery myself but I recently leased an apartment and need to save every possible dollar I can.

    I always want to use my phone more often but the 12-hour shifts really make it to where I’m limited in what I can do and I’m always thinking about my battery life. It would be great to not have to worry about it.

  195. My Evo could use a battery to help it through a day in a weak signal building.

  196. I need this battery for the T-mobile G2.I really need it because I work long nights, and I have insomnia, so I hardly sleep. I’m not always at home, and the battery on this phone is already “decent” but it would be awesome if it would last as long as I do…PLZ GIVE ME TEH BATTERYZ!

  197. I have a G2 and I sale cell phones for a living and I fell like I can’t be away from power source for to long or my phone will died. I really need a new battery for my G2 so I can show off the cool features with out it dying on me.

  198. I’m rockin’ the HTC Incredible and I could use one super-duper battery so that I can stop always carrying an extra one around and having to swap them toward the end of the work day so I can still use my phone at dinner or the bar. So one battery would be cool beans. Thanks.

  199. Extra battery for my EVO 4G would be cool.

  200. Oh the things we will do for a bone. I need the Mugen’s battery for my droid incredible to read, of course.

  201. I have a 1750 battery in mine right now which is better than stock but I’m ready to go extreme with this 3200 battery. I can now play Angry Birds for as long as I like. I’m just trying to get 3 stars on all levels….grrrrr. Longer bathroom breaks at work, here I come! LOL

    Droid Incredible

  202. I need an extended battery for my Droid Incredible because nothing sucks more than being in the middle of an intricate plot to take over the world when your phone’s battery dies. Narf!

  203. hi. i got samsung epic and love it but battery not great. i could use this with great pleasure. As i have my own business surfing net, streaming music in car and gym, using gps through out the day , checking email, using social apps, and playing games/emulators when small time to kills. I dont even get to do have this with this phone since got it a week ago as a graduation from college present for myself.

  204. I have an Incredible. It has tons of memory and could make a great MP3 player but with that stock battery, HAHAHAHA.

  205. Samsung Epic… lets see.. unrooted it lasts 5 hours. my girlfriend’s house lives barely 1 bar of signal so my phone dies extra quick through the day, or night just tryign to find signal. and being at school from 8AM to work til 11PM… lets just say i often forget to close the microUSB port :(

  206. Need a longer lasting battery for my G2. I kill it pretty quickly since I can’t seem to put it down for too long before picking it up again. Gotta keep chucking angry birds to get 3 stars! heh

  207. Samsung Epic 4G — using the stock battery now and it seems to die pretty damn quickly. currently unemployed so giveaways are good! as i spend a decent amount of time indoors without good signal, my phone just drains searching for one, when i do leave to go somewhere, my phone is nearly dead and i have no where to charge it! bummer!

  208. I just got an Evo today. Just playing with it for about 2 hours drained the battery. It would be nice to have a battery that lasts longer…..

  209. G2 user…Because anything with extra juice is always good. Plus I talk a lot at work and out would be really nice to be able to go throughout the day without worrying about the power running out.

  210. Power to the G2!

  211. what good is the EVO4g if its dead…like every1 else i’m trying to get something for nothing…im giving my kids (who live with their mother) my old laptop for Christmas (so we can stay in touch better..mama makes it painful..)and will running solely off of my on the road a lot and getting to a charger can be painful…i bought a simple solar battery charger but it is weak…. with Xmas coming up i cant seem too afford the big boy battery…please internet gods….shine upon me….zerbatec…<3 this site btw…critical

  212. I have the HTC Incredible. I travel for my job and finding an outlet in airports is not easy. The Dinc is my sanity check during those long coast to coast flights where they don’t even play a movie for you. Music, movies, sudoku, and crossword puzzles all need power.

    When you’re trying to share the ending scene of a great movie with the huge guy in the middle, having the low battery show up is a buzzkill.

    So is getting thrown out of the airport for creating an impromptu fight club for the last working plug at your gate…

  213. I have a Droid Incredible and find that I cannot make it through the day without having to charge the stock battery. I rarely use Wi-Fi, don’t make more than 2-3 calls on average, and still have to charge at least once to get through a full day. Would love an extended battery to be able to use my phone as intended.

  214. I have a Droid Incredible, must have something that will improve my phone’s up time. It seams like I am spending 25% of my day plugged in for charging.

  215. I have a G2 that I use both for personal stuff and work – I spend a lot of time in meetings, conference rooms, or on the road to a client site – using my phone heavily. By the time i get home, 30 minutes of charge while I change to go out for dinner/drinks just isn’t enough charge to make it through the rest of the day. I’m using CM 6 with an undervolt kernel and I still need more juice! help me out :)

  216. My EVO4G definitely needs a recharge when I’m traveling.
    during my normal day-to-day I’ve made sure I have a charger available where ever I go. but when I’m away from home I usually end up with only a half-day of battery life.

  217. Hey guys! I have an epic 4g. I’m using it right now to read this post and submit my comment. I have been wanting an extended battery for my phone since a couple of weeks after I got it. I’m a photographer and I’m constantly using my phone to connect with clients wether that be through facebook, email, texting, or just a phonecall. I also use my phone to organize my business by updating events in my calendar, storing great photo shoot locations in my gps app, and keeping a photo inspiration gallery that I can show my clients the look I’m going for while I am shooting them, so they can nail their pose or facial expression. In my downtime I also play angry birds, but who doesn’t ;-)

  218. I have a G2. I need a extended life battery!!! I could use more exclamation points but Ill spare you the drama. ;) Im a android junkie. Im always reading blogs. Trying new apps. Admiring my phone on its own little personal android pillow till I fall asleep. etc. Basically Im trying to digitize my life. Needless to say the OEM battery is not going to let me make that happen. So . . . Im the man. If you pick me Ill let santa know what a genorous man you are and Im sure hell return the favor very soon. Merry Christmas! ;)

  219. I have an Evo 4g and need an extended battery to be able to get my Phandroid feeds on my phone. Otherwise I can’t keep up while at work. :(

  220. I have a Droid Incredible. I use it to keep in touch with my wife, who can’t hear, so the ability to email and IM from anywhere is important. Since my commute is an hour and 15 minutes each way, my battery has to last nearly 12 hours from when I leave home to when I get back. I need an extended battery so I can surf Phandroid and not worry about having enough juice should I need to contact my wife (or anyone else) on the way home.

  221. EVO 4G Need a battery that wont run out on me in the middle of the day while im at work

  222. I have an HTC Incredible….and I need a larger battery because I cant stream or watch videos on the network at work….so it all has to come from my phone… free me from tethered hell…

  223. Incredible – because I’m of mainly Dutch heritage, and I NEED one. :(

  224. G2 Please. The reason being I’m severely disappointed about my relatively short battery life compared to even the first Droid. That and maybe Mr. Washington and his twin brother might be able to “persuade” you if you catch my drift…

  225. Doid Incredible and I have to keep going to my cube-neighbors desk and use his charger for his moto droid to keep my battery lasting all day. It’s ANNOYING.

  226. Sick of my EVO not making it the whole day!

  227. I’m often on the road with work and it’s difficult to always get to a charger. While I’m on the road I’m constantly trying to stay in touch with my kids from a distance and it eats my batteries. Extended absences are the worst, and being a single-parent means you do whatever you can. It’d be about the best blessing ever to take that stress away of constantly having to worry about battery power while doing my job & talking to my family from my phone. Happy Holidays to ya’ll – love your site.

  228. I have the EVO by the way.

  229. Just for those who wants to order these batteries here is where You can do it: Use HAPPYNEWYEAR coupon code for 10% discount! Only till Dec 31!


  231. Just got one there.
    Thx for the link. The discount is working :)
    Thx Quentyn. Nice review!

  232. I’m charging my evo at 4 times a day! Need better battery life!

  233. I carry the charger for my EVO with me everywhere as it does suck the battery down pretty aggressively. I could seriously appreciate a hi cap battery like this!

  234. An extended battery would be nice for my Epic 4G!!!
    Shout out to everybody

  235. Looks like I missed the cut off but if you are still considering entires for the DINC (I’m already learning the slang and have only had my Incredible 6 days ;-)

    What I have learned is as great as this phone is the stock battery is just not up to the task. Having an extended battery would certainly make using more features of the phone more likely. W/out having a longer life battery I feel I have to restrain myself from using the phone, bummer. I was going to drive about 450 miles and wanted to use the Google Maps functions but then realized would probably run out of juice before I reached my destination – kinda disappointed. Thanks for the chance for a new battery.

  236. I have the Evo 4g but battery life is 85 years of age, had a stroke and this enables me not to have to use the pc as this has all I need for news, few solitaire games, Bible, and Google Search…lover the phone but wish I had more battery life…thank you

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