Dec 13th, 2010


One tidbit of information you may have missed throughout the Nexus S storm that came our way last week was that its NFC chip – supplied by NXP – was half-baked: you can only read data. Outward transferring is a necessity if we ever want our phones to become wallets and if we ever want any other cool use cases to come to form here in America.

Thankfully, NXP says the limitation is only temporary and assures us that the NFC chip inside of the Nexus S will soon support the full range of features seen in devices in regions where the technology is already popular, such as Japan. They didn’t say when we’d be seeing the changes exactly, but NXP mentioned that the functionality would be worked in with future updates to Android 2.3. (Meaning we can assume things will be all good by the time Honeycomb arrives.) Until then, your Nexus S (that mostly everyone who wants one will have in three days) is a glorified QR code reader. Awesome! [via NFC World]

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