CLIQ 2 Name Hits Trademark Offices – Finally on its Way?



It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about the Motorola CLIQ 2 – the follow-up to one of T-Mobile’s “trendy” Android-based phones. We’d expected to see it sometime in late September or early November, but those times have come and gone. After rumors that it may have been cancelled – or, at the least, shoved to the back of the shelf – it sounds like T-Mobile’s about ready to fill their late holiday gap with it as it’s just hit the US Patent and Trademark Office.

A quick refresher on the rumored specs: Android 2.2, an improved QWERTY keyboard, MOTOBLUR, Wi-Fi calling, and 3G mobile hotspot features. [via PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. the cliq was the worst phone ever – got no support, no updates, a lot of lies from motorola.

    do not buy the cliq 2.

  2. only thing good about the first cliq was the dpad for gaming. worst phone ever made.

  3. Cliq owners should be glad.

    It looks like they might eventually get their software update ;)

  4. The cliq did come out with an update….after what seems like forever(way too long)
    but I have a cliq and I’m on 2.1 now….u have to go to motorola and manually download the update….

  5. Cliq just went live with 2.1 a few weeks back. This is a super-fail! I would buy this phone just to burn in and post the video. Hate Motorola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cliq XT owners will prob. not buy another Moto product…

  7. I purchased the Cliq last March. I fully regret purchasing it and I will never again buy a phone from Motorola.

    Motorola makes it much harder for the hackers to root their phones and to upgrade the firmware.

    They finally upgraded this piece of shit to 2.1 last month but now it has a trillion bugs.

    Luckly, I got T-mobile to switch me to the Mytouch Slide for free in July, which has Cyanogen support and its faster!!!

    I don’t recommend the Defy nor the Cliq 2 to ANYONE!!!

  8. BTW…I am selling BOTH my Cliq phones! LMAO! Who wants um???????????

  9. Have a cliq and am running 2.1. This is still the WORST android phone I have ever used! I absolutely despise Motorola for this and wouldn’t advise anyone EVER to buy anything Motorola Especially if it doesn’t say Droid in the name.

  10. I have the cliq,cliq xt and the defy! When I updated the cliq with 2.1 eclair,I wish I didnt!! the phone freezes up alot and drags! I have no problems though With the cliq xt and The defy! I think motorola doing there home work and will produce a better cliq! The Defy is a lil kick ass phone. The Defy will have its update to 2.2 next year early spring! cant wait!!

  11. The Reason why 2.1 dont run well on the Motorola cliq slide is due to the size of the processor! But motorola really needs to fix this cause I know alot of people with the cliq Slide!

  12. the cliq ran 1.5 good but the motoblur was a fail. after updating to 2.1 the phone has lag and still cant do simple stuff like live wallpapers without rooting it. the only thing i really liked and still like better than alot of other devices is the keyboard and the way it was layed out. theres no phone that has a better layout than the cliq for gaming, but other than that the phone doesnt preform well and motorola clearly showed how they update their devices right on time.

  13. for anyone who has a motorola cliq and android 2.1 download launcherpro you will see great improvement over stock

  14. I own the motorola cliq and I really like it, maybe its because thats the first android and the only android phone I owned. I also have android 2.1 installed and no bugs or anything like that it runs smooth and it looks cool. I will consider buying cliq 2. sorry about the comment but I had to defend my cool little cliq.

  15. I got the Cliq when it first came out and absolutly loved it. To this day I still love it. It has never done me wrong or failed on me. I’m runnin 1.5 and I have no lag or force close probs on anything. I hella want the mytouch 4g but can’t bring myself to get rid of my little Cliq. Ill hella be buying the Cliq 2 when it comes out.

  16. This is great! Sure that Moto didn’t support the device very well, but all the developers that got involved and made it the device that it is right now. Personally I have 2.2 on my phone as my Daily ROM, it works perfectly and they’ve been working hard on it and personally even though Moto didn’t support it, it was still a great phone. I especially can’t wait for 2.3 to be on the original cliq, yes it is possible they have some unstable ROMs but it’ll get there soon. So with that being said I hope that they can get this phone out as soon as possible, I would attempt to get it, hopefully it’ll come out with a really good processor (hopefully like a 1 Ghz Snapdragon) basically anything thats a 1 Ghz :D

    And incase anybody wants the 2.2 update its here
    Remember though, read everything first, camera isnt working but thats basically the biggest thing. You guys should still read first ;)

    As you can see I really LOVE my Cliq and I’ll defend it also so you can imagine how much i’m glad to hear this news.

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