Dec 10th, 2010


Leading up to the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on every major carrier, we wondered if any of the current 4G providers would ask Samsung to put radios in them to take advantage of the network. While T-Mobile’s negligence didn’t really surprise us, Sprint has been known to strive for originality. Their Samsung Galaxy S – the Epic 4G – was the only version of the phone with a keyboard, a notification light, and 4G radios, and it was the only version (outside the i9000) which had a front-facing camera. We expected them to go the same route at least for 4G with the Galaxy Tab, but that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, Sprint’s Paget Alves told Forbes that they plan to bring 4G-equipped tablets next year. Before you get too happy, they said they plan to release tablets with different operating systems, which means Android isn’t a total shoe-in. But I can’t imagine they’ll want to miss the Honeycomb boat that’s about to sail through in just another couple of months. [via Engadget]

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