Sprint Bringing 4G-Equipped Tablets in 2011



Leading up to the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on every major carrier, we wondered if any of the current 4G providers would ask Samsung to put radios in them to take advantage of the network. While T-Mobile’s negligence didn’t really surprise us, Sprint has been known to strive for originality. Their Samsung Galaxy S – the Epic 4G – was the only version of the phone with a keyboard, a notification light, and 4G radios, and it was the only version (outside the i9000) which had a front-facing camera. We expected them to go the same route at least for 4G with the Galaxy Tab, but that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, Sprint’s Paget Alves told Forbes that they plan to bring 4G-equipped tablets next year. Before you get too happy, they said they plan to release tablets with different operating systems, which means Android isn’t a total shoe-in. But I can’t imagine they’ll want to miss the Honeycomb boat that’s about to sail through in just another couple of months. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They need to bring the 4g nexus S, otherwise, they’ll start losing customer. Me first.

  2. They need to improve 4g so it works. Otherwise, paying the $10 a month user fee sucks.

  3. @son @C I agree. I was going to go to Sprint when I heard they were going to get the Nexus One but we know how that turned out.

  4. I for one think that the Nexus S is going to be a Nexus fail! Also good luck getting a Nexus S with 4G! If you want to leave Sprint do so but good luck paying extra for nothing I do have to agree with “C” Sprint needs to get more 4G coverage out to more areas asap or cut our 10/mnth fee I do not even get to use my 4G and do not care to 3G is fast enough for me!

  5. I just still can’t believe they charge $10 extra. I’m on T-Mobile and I get between 4.5 – 7 mbps! And T-Mobile covers twice as many people with “4G”…

  6. ” I can’t believe they charge 10 for 4g” stfu..$85 truly unlimited everything n 4g . And you paying what for a few gigs only then ill have to pay a fee afterwards….

  7. @craig Thats good if Sprints work for you but I get great coverage and speed with T-mobile. I only pay $60/month for free mobile to mobile, 450 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited internet, free tethering and a steady 5mbps. The reason I personally don’t use Sprint is because their 4G is slower than T-mobile in Houston and the same plan would cost me $109/month before taxes. Even if Sprint got the Nexus S I would still be paying more than $20/month on Sprint. I would love to know when a phone on Sprint is getting Gingerbread because in a few weeks I will have two different phones running on the official 2.3 update.

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