Advent Amico Listings Arrive for £129.99, Doesn’t make me forget the Vega



While some of you are still trying to secure an Advent Vega tablet, the Advent Amico is just about ready to strut its stuff all over the web. It’s a 7-inch tablet with Android 2.1 and has been spotted on PC World – the first retailer to list the device since it was announced with the Vega back in October. Here’s the product listing from those folks:

The Advent Amico Tablet is a nifty entry-level touch screen tablet.With its 7-inch screen, the Advent Amico has remarkably reduced dimensions and is easy to handle. Totally suitable for watching videos, this luminous touchscreen display will be your control interface.The Amico has a built-in webcam too. You can videochat and remain mobile. Or just pass the device around to your friends or family!The OS in the Amico is Android 2.1, which means you can pick and choose from a wide variety of free applications that can do all sorts of things for you.Doesn’t having the Amico Tablet sitting by the sofa sound attractive?Coming in classic black and with a nice low price tag, the Advent Amico Tablet will be a great partner if you want to find out more about tablet computing.

They then proceed to tease you with a nice “Buy Now” button for £129.99, but clicking it will just make you sad as it’s not yet available. But we don’t even know much about this model yet, so I suppose there’s no reason to buy it. Even though this was announced around the same time as the Advent Vega, we have yet to see any information outside of the fact that it’s 15mm thin and will ship with Android 2.1. [via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Advent is the name Dixons group (Dixons/PC World/Currys) give to their devices. It’ll only be for sale at those places.

  2. cant currently get the android market!! techguys are saying a january software update to allow this, although when sold over the phone i was ensured i could access the store.

    lets see if the update comes in January!!!!!!

  3. I am dissapointed i cant access the Android market. When i went into Currys and read the lable for the Amico it clearly stated that the Android market would be on the system. This is the main reason for buying a tablet, otherwise i could have bought a netbook.

    I hope what the Techguys say is right, because im starting to regret buying it!

  4. don`t bother with the Tech Guys, they know nothing about this product…i bought one, and when i realized it came with no manual whatsoever, i emailed them, asking if they could give me any indication of how to work it and they emailed back, telling me to go to the store to get the info because they should have it. Now, i thought The Tech Guys WERE the guys to go to since they have a shop SET UP IN THE STORE AND the one piece of paper that came with the Tablet said to go to THEM for tech support(pfft)! Oh, and we couldn`t get the Android Market to load either so my brother, who is fairly good with things like this, gave me an alternate one to use and it works great :)

  5. Jean, what is the substitue that your brother gave you? Having real problems getting the amico to work bought it for my parents and am very disappointed. Thanks

  6. Jean, Helen,
    what apps store are you using? I’ve given one to a daughter and the same story, no support, no store, no upgrades and now if you go to the advent site and query the device, no sign of it.

    Sounds like a class action suit.


  7. I got one in Feb from Dixons and was also told you can get your apps from Google but when i could not i went to the tech guys in PCWorld and they had never even seen one of the pads and had no clue I feel that I have been conned out of my money very disappointed

  8. Hi, mine is worse. i bought the amico while i was on a short visit in uk. when i went back to my home country i realised that this tablet dosent even sync with the google calendar. phoning techguys, thes also said to me go to the store, but now i am back in my home country.

    if any of you managed to set at least the calendar, i will appreciate if you could help me or at least how to do a hard reset for this machine

  9. Android pit works ok…

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