Advent Vega & Amico Tablets Hit UK For Holidays


The Parent Company of PC World is launching a pair of Android Tablets called the Advent Vega and Advent Amico exclusively in the UK. The company – Dixon Retail – sees tablets as a hot holiday gift and obviously they want in on the affordable end, offering the Vega for £249.99 and the Amico for £129.99.


Let’s have a look-see at what you get, directly from the presser:

The Advent Amico, at only £129.99, using Android 2.1 with a 7” touch screen and WiFi, offers customers a great introduction to the fun and convenience of tablet computing. It is only 15mm thick and is great for downloading quality videos, games and music to enjoy anywhere. With the addition of a camera it offers customers fantastic value for money as an entry level tablet.

The fully featured Advent Vega at £249.99 is a quality and affordable tablet computer, brimming with features. It has a capacitive multi-touch 10.1” screen and an nVidia Tegra 2 dual core 1GHz processor making it one of the fastest tablets on the market, perfect for high quality video and sound playback and indeed more powerful than many netbooks.
Popular sites such as BBC iPlayer, gaming sites, MySpace, Yahoo! Mail and YouTube can all be accessed with ease on the new Advent Vega.

The Android 2.2 operating system coupled with the fastest processor for tablets on the market enables users to easily navigate their way around the functions and programmes on the Advent Vega. With a 4Gb SD memory card as standard, up to 10 hours continued use, only 14mm thick, a 1.3 megapixel camera and WiFi capability, the Advent Vega is a very capable tablet, ideal for portable computing, at an affordable price.

I’m liking the prospects of the Vega, especially running Android 2.2, but I have to wonder how these devices can compare against stiff competition like the Galaxy Tab and iPad. Folks in the market for a tablet will love something affordable, but I think reliability takes precedence over everything else. If it doesn’t work smoothly and effortlessly, you can count it out – and that’s what has hobbled so many of these fledgling Android tablets, netbooks, PMPs, MIDs, and other hopeful devices.

If you pick up one of these UK-bound tablets, let us know how you like them. And if you’re planning to pick up an Android Tablet this holiday season, let us know which one below!

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  1. that tegra 2 sounds enticing. come state side vega!

  2. For comparison the Samsung Galaxy Tab is £599.99… £249.99 looks very appealing

  3. Oh snap, I get it… if it can’t make phone calls it won’t have the android marketplace like the Samsung.

    I knew there had to be a catch somewhere.

  4. So the device does not have the Market function. Can one just not use your phones market access to download apps and then use a backup tool to transfer them. Or is the missing market preventing the installation of .apk files?

  5. my mouth is watering for the notion ink adam. hopefully it will meet our expectations

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