Dec 9th, 2010


Pre-order details for the Notion Ink Adam have been published. There are several different configurations to be had at different price points. The cheapest configuration comes in at $375 (cheaper than their initial expectations), while beefier packages will take you past $500. Here is the pricing information straight from Notion Ink’s blog:

The Pricing

If you remember I explained that it’s possible that we would be able to cut the price of one of the variants further. So here is the confirmation! You know we have 6 variants : LCD (wi-fi only), LCD + 3G -900 series, LCD + 3G -850 series, Transflective (Wi-Fi only), Transflective + 3G -900 series, Transflective + 3G -850 series.

Earlier we told you that the first version will start at $399. But now the LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33 (for limited period?). Transflective version ( Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99 (2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website).

The tablet will ship with Gingerbread and will be updated to Honeycomb. It has Tegra 2. It’s really the best tablet experience outside of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But will you buy it? Do you want to wait and see what’s in store from the big names at CES? Or do you just want to wait for Honeycomb before pulling the trigger on it? Take a look at their lengthy blog post where they fill you in on everything you need to know about the tablet. (Including new screens of some of the apps that come preinstalled.)

Update: Seems I’ve misread their blog post. There is no confirmation that this will get Honeycomb. Notion Ink was just discussing what makes their customizations – being dubbed Eden – like Honeycomb. (And Gingerbread.) It’s still shipping with Android 2.2 – and as far as we can tell (now that we’ve taken a closer look at their announcement) – there’s no word on if it’ll go past Froyo.

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