Samsung on Galaxy S Gingerbread Possibility: Maybe, but Maybe Not



The first question that came to everyone’s mind when Gingerbread was finally announced a couple of days ago was “will Samsung be delivering it to users of their flagship smartphone?” And the skepticism and need to even ask this question is understandable: a lot of us haven’t even gotten Froyo yet. And there’s no clear indication on if a few of you will EVER get it. (I’ve taken a drink for you Fascinate owners out there.)

So Pocket-Lint did what they do best: they asked when the hell the phones would be getting Gingerbread, if ever. Samsung’s response? To summarize, they don’t know if they want to supply Gingerbread yet, and they won’t promise it unless they’re really committed to bringing it. Here’s the full quote for your amusement:

“Such a review will be based on various factors including, without limitation, the overall effect of such Update to Samsung products, the system requirements, the structural limitations, and the level of cooperation from the component suppliers and the software licensors”.

“If Samsung decides to make the Update available to the users after such consideration, Samsung will use its efforts to develop such Update, which may be released to the users upon successful completion of such development”.

Doesn’t sound very convincing, but you have to consider what they’re dealing with right now: how can they think about Gingerbread when they have yet to finish that big bowl of Froyo? Sigh.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. For what it’s worth, that wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind. I really couldn’t care less.

  2. And this is exactly why many of us were saying we wouldn’t touch the Galaxy phones when they came out. I’m sure there are many of us that are not surprised. This is also why I will not touch the Nexus S.

  3. Samsung is full of crap! The Nexus S is damn near the same phone with pluses and minuses from a Galaxy. It would be easy to port.

    Oh, but wait… I’m sure they’ll shove TouchWiz down our throats….

  4. Another reason to stay away from Sammy’s craps

  5. I have a vibrant and yea I want 2.2 but I can wait. the issue we have to look at here is how will the constant delay of froyo to most of the galaxy s phones look when they want to realease the Nexus S. people may be a little hesitant after the whole “Behold 2” update issue now this? I think they should get the update working and out just for the business side of it.

  6. Oh, Samsung. Always making me glad to own an HTC device.

  7. That sucks! I love htc though I would love even quicker updates, htc does a reasonable job updating their phones. Guess my wife has to play with eclair until she gets a new phone…

  8. @Chimphappyhour

    The Nexus S is the perfect phone. You get all the greatest of Samseungs hardware engineering and none of the crappy software. I think this is the best of both worlds to be honest. Google will send out the updates for this from now on.

  9. @Chimp if you mean from a principals standpoint, I hear you. But they won’t be controlling the software updates for the Nexus S. That’ll be all Google.

  10. Well, since the Nexus S is built by Samsung but the OS is maintained by Google, it’s won’t experience this rubbish support of Samsung. The Nexus S will get updates quickly just like the Nexus One. If I do buy a Nexus S, it will only be for that reason.

  11. This is an honest disappointment in Samsung if true, honestly if I don’t get Gingerbread on my Vibrant then I’m never going to buy another Samsung product again. Hardware is great and all but you’ve gotta have support to back it up and clearly Samsung does not have that. The Galaxy S line is more than capable of having Gingerbread on it, so excuses of anything less than the don’t want to take the time to support their so called flagship device to its buyers is crazy. I plan on having this phone with me for 2 years and not updating wasn’t what I planned on for, at first I thought Behold users were just screwed due to it being a low end phone and not selling that well but clearly it’s just Samsung. I guess in this case the Nexus S would be a great choice if it had come out instead of the Galaxy S so I could have great hardware and always be sure I’d get the latest and greatest software because Google would be taking care of it. This’ll be the last time I lay my money down for you Samsung.

  12. I think they’re giving a general statement for all of their phones. Basically if it’s not popular enough they won’t update it. But the Galaxy S is so popular I can’t see how they wouldn’t update it.

  13. Hatersss..! I still love my epic. :-) as long as I get froyo to move my apps and flash I’m good.

  14. With such abysmal support for their existing products, I am reluctant to give them any part of my money. I had briefly considered the Nexus S, but this has put a sour taste in my mouth for Samsung now. Good luck with future business with tactics like this Samsung.

  15. it shouldn’t have to happen like this, but once the nexus s is released and the source code gets out, you’ll be able to upgrade your galaxy s variant right along with the new nexus once the modders get to it.

  16. Er, can’t say I’m really all that impressed by Samsung’s hardware anymore than anyone else’s. Sorry, but the Nexus S just really isn’t the it phone that the Nexus One was.

  17. @Dan. Actually Samsung took the galaxy s and madebit worse hardware-wise, they removed HD recording, its unforgiveable. It hasn’t come out and its hardware is obsolete. I just wish I knew who to blame. Trust me, you don’t want to get stuck with 480 recording. The vibrants 720 is just too awesome and crisp to pass up. Huge mistake on someones part

  18. @Dan I agree with you. The Galaxy S is a huge success. If Samsung fails to keep it current, it’ll also be their last huge success.

  19. If you all remember they said they were gonna upgrade the behold 2 to android 2.0 at the time and people waited around only to get 1.6 Samsung has a very bad rep when it comes to updating software on their android devices.Even thee first galaxy phone which was stock android never got past android 1.6 When it comes to android I am gonna stick with HTC .

  20. I’m hoping samsung is going to skip froyo and move to gingerbread. Surprise us! Prove us wrong! Make everyone shut up! Lol.

  21. that said, if there’s any truth to this, i’m never getting another samsung phone again.

  22. I just think samsung does not see the importance. I just regret telling my wife to get the fascinate and not waiting for the my touch 4g. Love my incredible! (not rubbing it in promise)maybe I should just root that thing though she would kill me…..lol

  23. I should just buy some lube after buying a fascinate and bend over some more. This is ridiculous I love this phone but, they should at least release actually working drivers and source code, so the mod teams can do this themselves, but no lets just ream the customer.

  24. This is bad business practice. Samsung is a big corporation, it should know how important commitment means to its customers. Giving a vague statement does NO good. Not to mention how many times it failed to deliver its promises.
    Again, Bad Business.

  25. I would be disappointed if Sammy didn’t do the Gingerbread update, but I think that only applies to the geeks among the general populace. All my co-workers who have Android phones don’t even know what version they’re running and they don’t care either. That’s the general consensus. When Google released Eclair they basically got all the functionality that the majority of smartphone users wanted. When we say if there’s demand for it, that demand will have to come from this majority of users and definitely not the enthusiast crowd. Even myself, the only thing I really want from Froyo is wireless tethering, which all the carriers want disabled because they want to charge for it. Don’t get me started on that rant.

  26. I honestly think they will eventually release it but they may be saying things this way so there is no disappointment like the Behold 2. If only they released full source codes for their phones. Sammy needs to just make all their phones stock android and let Google have the few good things they implemented on Android.

  27. Maybe it has something to do with the hardware issues google found. If they release gingerbread on galaxy S, the hardware issue will become apparent and they will be liable…recall etc

  28. @Dan When I first heard them say they will upgrade their flagship phone to the newest version of Android when the first Galaxy S came out, I already had 2.2 on my Nexus back in May. Set your expectations low because I bet you that Samsung will keep them there. I have told this to people literally hundreds of times that if you are looking to get your phone updated in a timely manner then get the Nexus One or Nexus S (if you can). Google is trying to lead by example with their Nexus brand.

  29. Wow if this is true! Typical Samsung! Bring out the Android phones.. but never support them. Maybe an Update if you’re lucky! *COUGH* Behold 2 *COUGH*

    Samsung just wants you to buy their newer phones.

  30. hmmmm justroot your galaxy-s’s and your get 2.2 and 2.3 once the devs port it to the galaxy-s, its a popular phone at xda :-)

  31. @Chimphappyhour

    the Nexus S is completely different from the GalaxyS variants. the Nexus S will be just like the Nexus One in that Google will fully support it instead of the handset manufacturer. so no worries there, dude.

    however, i wouldn’t jump on board any new devices right now. dual core is coming, and very soon.

  32. Anyone, myself included, with a Galaxy S phone might as well give up the idea of ever seeing Gingerbread on their devices. They can’t even get Froyo out to us, not to mention that they’re months late on when it was originally promised.

    I love my Vibrant, but I regret buying into Samsungs crappy RFS file system, and god awful update support. In fact I would have never bought this phone in the first place if it wasn’t for the fact that it was promised a Froyo update within the first month of release. I’m just glad that T-Mobile offers the ability to upgrade every year. Come next August it’s goodbye Samsung forever.

    Samsung is now on my list of phones to never again buy; right next to Sony Ericsson. Good riddance.

  33. Well put it this way, if Samsung don’t show the level of commitment to their customers that they really shouldn’t have to think twice about, then I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again and I don’t I’ll be the only one. Whats the point of delivering the best phone hardware-wise, then not supporting it after they have sold millions of them? Seems like really sloppy business practice to me

  34. It’s funny how short our memories are when we have a shinny new device to drool over. As remember, the first week after Galaxy S phones were released, ( in this case the Vibrant) one of Sammy’s heads stated that Froyo will come to the Galaxy S line could not guarantee that future updates beyond Froyo. THAT STATEMENT KEPT ME FROM BUYING A VIBRANT. Sammy warned us then, so why be surprised or upset now? Andy Rubin was right, we make our choices with our wallets, and most keep choosing the bragging rights of the hardware. After all the talk people still disregard branded UI skins, reputation of the carrier and manufacturer when it comes to updates. I know not all carriers don’t offer stock devices but even if they did, people will still choose a skinned device if the phone has slightly better specs. Why? Because the devices have become more important to the consumer rather than Android itself, which is really sad…

    G2 user.

  35. I held off buying an Epic 4g because Android 2.1 didn’t offer the experience I was looking for. $150 + (24x$80) = $2070, and that is enough $ to make me picky about the hardware. As far as I know, the Epic 4g still doesn’t have an official 2.2 release available in the US.

    I know why Samsung isn’t putting the $ into upgrades, but I think it is the totally wrong thing to do in this market.

  36. I’m sure Samsung is thinking…

    Why bother with Gingerbread when Honeycomb is going to be out in a month or two. The timeline is so short that it doesn’t seem worth it.

  37. Forgive the bad grammar and typos in my statement above, in a hurry at work…

  38. The specs on Google’s page says it ships with Gingerbread.


  39. Every Android user should have the option of using a customized version of the os or vanilla Android. It should be part of the initial setup of the phone. I find their stance to be passive aggressive. They say you need their customizations and think your expectations of getting the new version of the os immediately are un-reasonable. And it is true that bringing software up to date is not always quick and easy. The problem is that they aren’t giving their users the option of going without those customizations. They are trying to differentiate based on the software, but they are getting themselves into a hole that they can’t get out of when a new version of the os is released. Glad I didn’t get a Galaxy S. Looks like they will be out of date in less than a year.

  40. To all of those who keep trying to convince me that the Nexus S is going to be completely different, forget it! Samsung is involved, not going to touch it. I don’t care if Google swears to fly me to Seattle and update me right off their servers while serving me Gingerbread cookies and spiked eggnog. Samsung was involved in building this and they have a long track record of not coming through on their phones. Yes, I know this phone will be different but I’m not giving my money to a corporation that makes promises then just sweeps it all under the rug. So knock it off! It’s Samsung, they suck, you CANNOT change my mind on that.

  41. Well, it has been rumored Honeycomb will basically be Gingerbread + tablet features and may not even be put on phones. The quick release would seem to support that thinking.

  42. I really wish that Samsung had people who watch these blog comments and actually care enough to respond to our complaints…

  43. HTC all the way!

  44. @Chimpy

    you are a dumbass Samsung hater. The only thing Samsung is involved with after the release is supplying the Nexus S. Samsung won’t have a damn thing to do with the updates and most of your updates from google will most likely be done manually rather than OTA.

    Its stupid to even wait for OTA’s when it can be done manually. Froyo has been done for the vibrant they just need to go OTA.

  45. If the Galaxy S hasn’t gotten Froyo yet.. no way in hell you guys are seeing Gingerbread, Officially that is.

    Now the Nexus S.. Yes Samsung built the phone, but Samsung has ZERO control over it. It’s all on Google man. But I have a Nexus One, the new Google phone isn’t much of an upgrade. I’m gonna wait for the next gen Google phone.

  46. If samsung doesn’t give us a ginger bread update I will never but another samsung product for as long as live. I waited forever to get 2.1 on my moment, and now I’m waiting on 2.2 for the epic 4g when 2.3 is already available. What a joke.

  47. This is why you just avoid manufacturers who don’t support their user base. That or make sure its a google supported phone :)

  48. Excellent business sesne Samsung… NOT. Glad to see you limit your products for crap shell software like Touch Wiz. This is veeery bad PR.

  49. Honestly at this point I’d be shocked if Sammy managed to fix the GPS issues and/or the random power-offs (albeit with my Captivate yanking the battery once a week seems to fix it, but I shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not my phone will actually be on when I pick it up), let alone actually getting Froyo through AT&T hell.

    Gingerbread? Sadly I have no hope at all for that.

    Google really needs to strongarm manufacturers and carriers where upgrade issues are concerned or Jobs is going to actually have a good point.

    I confess more than once it has occurred to me that if I’d gotten an iPhone4 instead I could be reasonably sure of getting updates for a while, rather than being two revisions behind and still putting up with broken GPS.

  50. I almost got a Fascinate. So glad i switched to T-Mo and got the MyTouch 4g instead. I’ll stick with high end HTC and Moto phones.

  51. People really need to look BEYOND a simple cell phone to really get an idea of how Samsung operates. Samsung is treating there cellular phone line the same way they treat there Television. Samsung is not concerned about maintaining your product for you. You will get updates in terms of fixing problems (eventually). You are not entitled to get the newest, latest and greatest version of an OS simply because you’re a fanatic. Guess what, the fanatics that complain about not getting Android OS version X on there phones probably make up 1% of there customer base…so get over yourself!

    Prime example (and Im sure there were MANY more upset users):

    Samsung released a line a DLp-LED TVs that were 3D Capable (checkerboard 3D). At the time the technology wasnt available until recently. Samsung owners were under the “impression” Samsung would support the TV when 3D became a reality. Problem is, they were wrong. Samsung left every single TV owner out in left field wondering “why not ME?”. So…what does the community that is obsessed (that same 1%) do? They find a way around it. They now use a Mitsubishi adapter with a Gefen Detective to simulate the 3D format required. Buy some glasses and you now have a 3D capable TV you expected.

    Its ALWAYS the same….those who want it will get it on there own. Stop relying on manufacturers to fulfill your wants and needs. You want the latest and greatest….go buy it!

  52. If everyone stopped posting all their anger in forums and starting writing to Samsung Customers Service you may have better results…
    Can’t hurt!!!

  53. Now why in the hell can all these modders keep up with all these phones for their custom ROMs and these giant ass corporations can’t. I think this mess is about money. I think they are trying to figure out if updating these phones hurt future sales.

  54. @steven: bs! Those Galaxy S phones should have been released with Froyo…and they still don’t have it. The phones are very capable of supporting Gingerbread, and beyond. It’s called product support. A person that bought a new phone that just came out, can’t and shouldn’t have to buy a new phone every few months. You are on contract for 2 years to pay for the phone. You should get supportfor at least that long. You sir, are an idiot.

  55. Im not suprise. The galaxy s line will not get gingerbread. i dont care anymore about froyo on my vibrant, im selling it and getting a nexus s. I told myself I would never buy a samsung product again but the nexus s will be google’s phone like the nexus one therefore will get upadates first. Samsung is still bullsh*t tho.

  56. I cant believe people still think that samsung is going to release gingerbread instead of froyo for the US galaxy s variants. Do people think nowadays? Do people.really think that samsung was going to give the international galaxy s froyo then turn around and give us gingerbread? They dont even have the gingerbread sdk yet. Come back to earth people.

  57. 2FR35H

    Eh, I already addressed your points as have quite a few others here. You know the saying, best to keep your mouth shut? I’m from Missouri, show me Samsung’s track record on supporting their product. Oh, and as for being a Samsung hater? Yeah, I’ve actually owned some of their phones, soooo…..

  58. What a bunch of trolls here. While a hundred of u are complaining here they probably have more than 10 million galaxy owners happy!

  59. This is BS. The Nexus S is a Galaxy S essentially. Samsung sucks at getting updates to their phones and I am regretting buying an Epic 4g over and over, I should have listened to everyone and went with the proven HTC offering. At this point i could care less if i get Froyo, I now want Gingerbread. Its a joke we dont have froyo yet, when the galaxy is is quite possiblly the fastest hardware phone offering available, but no software to take advantage of it. FUCK YOU SAMSUNG. I am teling everybody I know how awesome android is, but to be sure not to get a Samsung, get HTC or Motorola.

  60. @Dan
    The Nexus S doesn’t even have a memory slot! How can it be the perfect phone? I’d rather have a G2 or Vibrant any day.

  61. I understand the frustration towards Samsung and most of it is broken promises. I hope we all can get away from the promised new version update dates and focus on getting rid of motoblur, sense, touchwiz, stage, or at least have n option to turn it off over the stock version of UI. If a company wants to be a leader customer support and timely updates win my loyalty. (Samsung listen)

  62. @Craigmier……..hmmm so you hate your phone however the hardware is awesome? So if u only had Froyo would your phone be awesome again……..oh wait now gingerbread will be coming out does your phone “suck” again. I can understand people’s frustration but I think the time spent worrying about a update is pointless……….don’t buy Samsung than……………

  63. I can assure you that Samsung will not skip froyo over gingerbread! Ain’t gonna happen!

    I know this from the Behold 2 days. They promised 2.0 in the commercials and when it came to it, Samsung basically told us to kiss it. They weren’t gonna update it at all.. till we bitched up a storm. So they decided just to update it to 1.6 lol.

    Way to go Samsung!

    I would avoid all Samsung phones unless Google is in complete control over it! ;)

  64. samsuck dose this so suckers will buy their next so call flag ship phone. Im am ex behold 2 owner. It took only one time for samsuck to screw me out of my money,
    never again….. Never again samsuck

  65. The phone can definitely handle it. This is an insult. I picked up a Vibrant because I trusted Samsung and figured they would support their flagship phone. Well, fuck you.

    The only reason I might pick up a Nexus S is because it’s stock Android and the updates will be handled by Google.

  66. Why are people upset over not getting OTA froyo updates when there are plenty of ROMs and tweaks out there?
    I’m sure that there’ll be gingerbread flashable rom before end of the year for SGS users from one of the dev. Why would you expect anything from Samsung anyways? I thought tech geeks are smarter about how each manufactures operate.
    As of Korean company…. look at Hyundai’s marketing and how it was misleading consumers by using pictures from Japan. Samsung after all is run by same ethnic group. Nothing against Koreans or Japanese, but false advertisement and misleading marketing are what Korean major manufactures do the best.

  67. if I buy a top of the line phone, I expect…demand top of the line support. I truly like Samsung products…my son has the Vibrant, and I am strongly considering the Galaxy S2, but if Samsung is not willing to provide Top Of The Line Support, then I need to spend My Top Of The Line Money somewhere else:_)

  68. that’s funny galaxy s phones don’t have anything major different than nexus s which has the stock 2.3 and as far as I know many galaxy s users dont like the crappy touch Wiz so how about just porting the nexus S 2.3 to galaxy S phones? the only thing is going to change are on carriers !!! but thats samsung guys what do you expect from then?!

  69. Well no more Samsung phones for me. I love my Vibrant but I get no software support for it. The Nexus S is basically the same phone so if we don’t get Gingerbread thats just samsung saying to its consumers ” F-U, just buy our newer phones”.
    We did also get a very credible source saying Samsung had been working on Gingerbread and might be on galaxy s phones before HTC and MOTO. I guess this statement shuts down that rumor.

  70. I’m running Obsidian FroYo on my vibrant right now and soon ill have a FFC hacked into it. Truthfully I don’t even see the need for 2.3 or 3.0 with all the good shit already being on this ROM. Honeycomb is for tablets. Samsung if your not gonna keep updating the Galaxy S then I suggest you bring out the next gen handsets before MOTO and HTC do and leave you behind.

  71. Behold! The power of Fail.

  72. Pretty unbelievable…

    I bought an HTC Hero when it first went to Sprint and felt I waited too long for the update to 2.1. I wasn’t happy when they announced that neither the Hero nor Moment would be receiving Froyo because the phones lacked the proper hardware (funny, because my Hero is running it right now).

    But to deny the latest OS (or even hint at it) for a series of phones that could be considered flagship devices on multiple carriers (Sprint and AT&T for sure) is just bad business. At least my Hero was well behind the EVO in terms of specs and capabilities when it was given the no. I wonder how T-Mobile would react to this statement with their “no phone left behind mantra”?

    Makes me glad I didn’t burn my upgrade on an Epic this fall.

  73. They sold 7 million Galaxy S phones & now they don`t even sure to update them?!!!!!!

  74. F**k samsung. Let google release the code of Nexus S, after that just wait for a couple of days and some genius developers will port the code for Galaxy S devices. We’ll enjoy Gingerbread on our Galaxy S devices, it doesn’t matter that samsung will provide it or not.

  75. Apologies in advance for my despicable language, but google deserves every word. Google or Samsung REMOVED HD recording. The nexus S only has 480 just like the nexus 1. I only see one post mentioning that. How could anyone want to sell their vibrant for that? HD recording is a pretty damn big deal when compared to 480 which is virtually useless. How the hell could Google have done this? What’s the logic behind crippling the galaxy s before dubbing it the next Google phone? Compared to the current Galaxy S phones the Samsung Nexus S is literally a fucking DOWNGRADE!!!! How did this happen? How can you release a phone at this point with 480 recording? This is goddamm insanity, the terrorists have won!!!!!!! I hope Google/samsung sells no more than 50 of these units, they have to learn somehow that specs matter as well as software, look at the goddamn motherfuckng iPhone for fuck’s sake!! Google and Samsung are releasing a phone shittier than the galaxy s and they are releasing it 6 months AFTER the galaxy s while everyone is waiting to hear about when dual core will show up. Its fucking high treason. If iPhone had Google maps capable of Google maps on android I’d finally be able to remove my self from this loathesome company’s shady dealings. Fuck you Google, and your whore mother too.

  76. I’m an Epic owner, and while I’m not thrilled about the lack of 2.2 and possible lack of 2.3 at the end of the day the phone makes calls and it sends and receives texts. I’m happy. Should I decide I need 2.2 or 2.3 I have root, I can get a custom recovery and find a custom ROM.

  77. Bought the Epic, and have to say.

    This is the first sammy phone i’ve ever bought….also the LAST sammy phone i’m ever going to buy.

    Can’t wait for my upgrade in 2 years (FML)

  78. @Michael, Agreed, not to mention the other downgrades, the fact that Google thinks its OK to release this phone with only 480 shows a classless, pompous disregard for their customers. There shouldn’t be any less than 720 on any mid level and higher phone as of at least 6 months ago. Here everyone is waiting for dual core with 1080p and Google choose to go the direct opposite direction and stick with the video recording capabilities they disappointed us with a year ago. Gingerbread is appreciated by relatively few people, people like us who also know what specs mean and this is a slap in the face. Google went out of their way to downgrade the video resolution to the same value people who bought the nexus 1 were disappointed with a damn year ago. Thats the only thing I don’t like about my nexus, I’d keep it another year if it had HD recording, that’s my one, single complaint (no xda version is not adequate, the effort is greatly appreciated though) Google didn’t put any effort into this burnng pile of pubic hair masquerading as the Nexus S. Seriously, they took a popular phone and gave it the same video recording capabilities as their old nexus. What’s Google’s obsession with 480 recording? I’m dead serious, what the shit does Google have to benefit from basically disabling video recording capabilities? Its a travesty, maybe not high treason but definitely highly offensive. I like Google much less than the day I got my nexus one. Even that day I was disappointed to learn the nexus one didn’t have 720, hell that was a fucking year ago. I hope there is an explanation by Google, I’m on the edge of my seat.

  79. so one page says it has hd: http://www.google.com/nexus/#!/features, the specs say it doesnt: http://www.google.com/nexus/#!/tech-specs. Google, you’re so f*****g stupid. so. f*****g. stupid.


  81. I’m a bit puzzled. Hasn’t Samsung already released Froyo for Galaxy S in Europe? If so, isn’t it the carriers in USA, rather than Samsung, that are holding things up with respect to 2.2?

  82. Samsung needed to resolve firmware issues and must rollout updates before Froyo 2.2 can be released on the Galaxy S class. Hang in there.

  83. From the G1 to the Cliq and to the Galaxy S… I have finally learned my lesson and the next phone I will buy will be in the Nexus line

  84. I have a galaxy s international version. Running stock froyo. And I have to say i am very disappointed with the lag issue. Forget gingerbread, let me have a smooth experience with froyo atleast. Samsung has sold millions. Im not going to use custom roms because I dont have the time to read up on how to use odin, plus I dont want to void my warranty.
    I bought the phone because of its fantastic screen but to potential buyers I have to say, the lag is there in stock rom and the gps is not as good as other phones.
    Why should customers have to risk bricking their phones in order to get their phone running smoothly?

  85. P.S, big thanks to people like Ryanza who have made lagfixes that are easy to install and remove. Tried OCLF and it made the phone much better but have since removed it and now waiting for his new lagfix z4mod. Hope its as use friendly as OCLF and will be easy to remove incase the Samsung Mobile big wigs can stop counting their money and start taking care of current customers, which I bet will be hard as they will be paying attention on the nexus s which by the looks of things is what the galaxy s should have been from the start. A snappy phone with a usable gps. Good night.

  86. Ithink its about time for a class action lawsuit against Verizon and Samsung for falsely advertising and selling the Fascinate which is supposed to have unlimited web and for selling Fascinate accessories that require a update that three months down the road we still haven’t got. That’s theft.

  87. This is crazy…the Galaxy S line is well more than capable of handling it.
    Ppl crying about the Droid 1 might not be getting it…I would be screaming MURDER if the Galaxy S line doesnt get it…

  88. In this case….an unlocked bootloader should be definite pro for the Galaxy S line…
    Unlocked bootloaders might have to go on my list of things to look for now…

  89. I hate to say it, but folks who mentioned Samsung and late to no updates in a bad light are looking right…

  90. The improvements of software updates make hardware more enjoyable to use. I own the number 2 gadget of 2010 behind only the iPad. Yet I can’t experience the latest OS because of bureaucratic-red-tape-BS. My device is more than capable of running Froyo let alone Gingerbread. But now I am stuck with Eclair. Stuck because I’m aware that there is better software out there that might save me a little time or give me a little more enjoyment. To deny me those qualities is one of the worst moves any company can make. They have cookies in the cookie jar, but won’t let me get my hands on them. Now my loyalty is at stake, they should try harder to keep my attention. Anything short of that is a nail in their coffin.

  91. More here than meets the eye folk. My Vibrant with the 2.2 OTA update will escape the T-less Bloat-klepto WiFi calling app and make WiFi calls for free, according to all I can tell. I can do this with my full price SGTab, which I run without a SIM card before or after root. Great Skype, Fring, Tango WiFi telephone and video phone calls! My T-Less MT4G breaks up as the Skype call goes on with Skype over the same router? Neither show T-Less minutes. My Ver-low-sen HTS-Incredible also works well. If I call from my Vibrant with or without my SIM, it will not route over the WiFi. The MT4G has the WiFi app and will make phone calls, but I’m paying the T-Less toll of ~$.10/minute. With Fring its ~$.004/min and clear as a bell over Skype and the SGTab at their free -S2S- or low rates. Go figure, it’s the ISP that puts in the shit that slows down the update process. Also, theSam is not a softwear company, for sure. They were overwhelmed with the update server process, starting in Scandinavia and Russia? Their ass-brass ain’t so smart as the young gals and guys on the assembly line. I been there, they’re golden.

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