Dec 8th, 2010


The first question that came to everyone’s mind when Gingerbread was finally announced a couple of days ago was “will Samsung be delivering it to users of their flagship smartphone?” And the skepticism and need to even ask this question is understandable: a lot of us haven’t even gotten Froyo yet. And there’s no clear indication on if a few of you will EVER get it. (I’ve taken a drink for you Fascinate owners out there.)

So Pocket-Lint did what they do best: they asked when the hell the phones would be getting Gingerbread, if ever. Samsung’s response? To summarize, they don’t know if they want to supply Gingerbread yet, and they won’t promise it unless they’re really committed to bringing it. Here’s the full quote for your amusement:

“Such a review will be based on various factors including, without limitation, the overall effect of such Update to Samsung products, the system requirements, the structural limitations, and the level of cooperation from the component suppliers and the software licensors”.

“If Samsung decides to make the Update available to the users after such consideration, Samsung will use its efforts to develop such Update, which may be released to the users upon successful completion of such development”.

Doesn’t sound very convincing, but you have to consider what they’re dealing with right now: how can they think about Gingerbread when they have yet to finish that big bowl of Froyo? Sigh.