NOOKcolor Demand High for Holiday Season; 18,000 Manufactured Each Day


Barnes & Noble’s apparently doing quite well for themselves with the NOOKcolor as chairman Len Riggio disclosed the amount of units they were manufacturing each day: 18,000 to get ready for the holiday season. If you would’ve told me a few weeks ago that they’d be able to justify manufacturing this many units at a time, I’d have slapped you. No, seriously, I would have.


I’m not saying that the NOOKcolor is a bad or uninteresting device, but the competition (coughAMAZONcough) is so fierce in the eReader space that you’d expect B&N to have gotten off to a slow start. Such isn’t the case, thankfully. Even with production heightened, he fears they won’t be able to keep up with demand. I’d love to get some hard numbers to see just how well this thing is selling because it sounds like they’re not having trouble moving them at all. [via CNET]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. B&N is very established with many customers, i’m really not OVERLY suprised at their success brick and mortar stores are still winners in my book (see what i did there)

  2. And I would be one of the many happy NOOKcolor owners, if the thing had bluetooth. With all the root work going on for this thing, bluetooth is the only thing preventing me from grabbing one and making it a “poor-man’s Galaxy Tab”. Guess I won’t be getting an Android tablet until well into the new year.

  3. Picked one up as a gift last week. Not sure how long I will be able to hold out on snagging it and rooting once I’ve given it to her ;) I predict that once a one-click root comes out I won’t be able to hold out any more.

  4. Wife gave me one as an early Christmas gift. Exchanged it due to 2 dead pixels. Second one had 1 dead pixel. Third one was perfect. Thank goodness Best Buy let me open the boxes and turn the device on to check. Planning on voiding my warranty (like I did with my older Book) this weekend if you know what I mean.

  5. I would have agreed with you a few days regarding Amazon being a fierce competitor with NOOK, but then Google eBooks came out. No Kindle support, that may or may not make NOOK the better device, but it does make Amazon less of a competitor (still pretty big, but less).

  6. One of my friends just bought one with the intention of rooting the thing (which he already did) and is now running launcher pro, live wallpaper, etc.

  7. WANT!

  8. It’s a cheap Adnroid tablet for those with the chops to root it. I’ll bet that is driving half of their sales volume or more.

  9. I bought one today for development. Worse case scenario, I root it to test on, if B&N doesn’t offer a route to develop on actual hardware any time soon.

  10. Bought one. Love it. Haven’t been able to root it yet. Can’t connect to the damn shell. But otherwise perfect device for the price. And yes, if it had bluetooth would even be better.

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