Unrevoked 3.22 Released, Roots Droid Incredible Again



When the HTC Droid Incredible received a recent firmware update, Unrevoked support for pain-free root was lost. We knew the Unrevoked team was hard at work bringing the app back up to speed to meet the latest software version for the Incredible, and the fruit of their labor is here. Unrevoked 3.22 brings root back to the DI, at least until the next update breaks it again, that is.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I hope this will resolve the “Missing backup CID” error I’ve been getting when trying to root my EVO. Here’s hoping!

  2. will i be able to root my 2.2 evo with this

  3. to Rob and Scotty, no this won’t work on the latest evos

    they’re working on an updated evo rooting method next.

  4. There is a way to root newer EVOs. Look up the tutorial on phandroid. I fyou can read English and follow directions, it isn’t that hard. It is more work than a one click root, no doubt, but I don’t feel I can call typing a few lines into a command prompt hard at all…

  5. There is a way to root new evos heres the link its on xda

  6. there is a method, but it means wiping your phone.

  7. Does anyone know what happens if I run a manual update after I have deleted a ton of bloatware?

  8. How do I root my Droid Incredible using this unrevoked program. What are the steps. I am new to this rooting stuff.

  9. Will Unrevoked 3.22 work on the incredible with the november update and an slcd screen? Anyone with an slcd try this?

  10. Phandroid, I have been checking you non-stop for this story. I ended up finding it through twitter instead, due to you being a tad bit late to the party. I am not mad, I am just disappointed. You and I both know that you can do better. :D Love your work anyway

  11. I did unrevoked forever for my incredible. Why do I get a message about installing new update on my phone? The update doesn’t work but i keep getting the message every few days

  12. ditto to what Kevin G said above.

    I used unrevoked on my HTC Incredible. I get the notice on my phone every couple of days that the update is available. But when I press the button to update the device, it goes into ‘Rebooting now…’ and just sits there. No reboot, no update.

    Luckily the device is not locked. I can simply press the Home button and go back to using my device. But I would like to know how to update the device (or… if there is a reason why I should avoid it with my rooted Incredible)

  13. I’m having the same problem as George, I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact that I rooted my phone previously. It keeps nagging me about the newest verizon update and every time I hit “Install”, it acts like it’s working, it get to where it is going to reboot and then just sits there. Anybody know how to fix this problem? :-)

  14. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I downloaded from website and followed instructions for Mac users and computer will not recognize that the phone is plugged in. What gives?

  15. Yup. Just tried my Incredible. Followed all the steps (retraced them 5x) and still stall out with Unrevoked3 not being able to find the device. (Windows Vista)

  16. My latitude no longer works ever since i rooted with this method. It doesn’t update my location automatically. Any suggestions??

  17. can anyone tell me how long it will take them to do the evo root? how long did it take them to do 3.22? i have an evo that i want to get wifi tether.

  18. Can I root my wildfire wit 2.2 froyo in it?

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