Cellular South Says Ditch AT&T, Bring in Your iPhone and Receive $100 off an Android Device



Cellular South understands your pain, AT&T subscribers, and they think they have the remedy. The carrier is willing to pay you to ditch that other network and hand over your iPhone to Cellular South for a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new device. They seem quite confident that their Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire might do the trick to change your Apple-weary mind.

While the offer seems well intentioned, $100 really won’t do much to pay the exorbitant early termination fee at AT&T, let alone have any left over to really save you money on an Android device, but it is a valiant effort nonetheless. We know most of our readers are already on Android, but does this offer do anything to sway those stray iPhone users who have access to Cellular South and have been looking to make the switch?

[via Cellular South, thanks Eli!]

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  1. I think they’re saying that they will pay the early termination if you switch, and then if you have an iphone they will pay you $100 for it. At least that’s what it seems like it’s saying on the ad.

  2. Thats CRAZY!

  3. Sorry, but who really cares if your first or not…

    As for the post, yea the price of the early termination fee isn’t worth 100 dollars off a phone. Now if they actually paid the full fee than maybe it would be worth it.

  4. Yeah I’m right. They pay your termination fee and then pay you 100 dollars if you have an iphone that you give them.

  5. Thats funny..good marketing ploy too. But dont Iphones sell for much more than $100 on ebay?

  6. While this is a nice deal, I must say that it is within the iPhone owner’s best interest to just unlock and eBay the phone. They will come out on top of even this deal even after the ETF. Even with my iPhone 4 ETF, after selling my phone on eBay, I had nearly $400 left over towards a new android device. I know this company can’t match this. My point is, there are other (better) options.

  7. Its not just ATT and iPhones..

    Its switching from any carrier, they will pay your early termination fee.

    I didnt know Cellular South had such good coverage, I always thought of it as a local Cricket/MetroPCS type provider.

    I might just switch but dont have the 400 bucks to afford the nicer phones they have.

  8. I would ditch me Iphone even if they pay me 200$.

  9. What is it with the First posts today….that shit was old in 2008…..

  10. 11th!
    @luffy and @jacob its just fun and games.

  11. Sorry. I would not ditch me Iphone even if they pay me 200$.

  12. Lets see how many bite. My money is this will be a failure and this will be last we’ll hear of it from the Android fanbois…

  13. Interesting… But I have no interest in a CDMA network.

  14. Like or hate AT&T, but you have to take the retard bus to school to term and goto these dudes.

  15. I’m sure they might get some people to trade in their iPhone who aren’t too smart. They could easily eBay it like Bela said. I wonder who would be worse, AT&T or Cellular South?

  16. That’s dumb in my opinion plus don’t even know how good service Cellular South have. And just glad I don’t even own a Iphone.

  17. I have Cellular South. Coverage is excellent, never any trouble with their cell service, and plans are very low and reasonable. I go across the country and never have issues, I travel a lot with my job. They are the largest regional carrier in the US, home grown from right here in Mississippi. I believe they piggy back off of verizon when we are out of State. This I believe is how they give nationwide coverage so well. Their phone selection has always been mediocre, but they are just now starting to get better android phones. They will have 4g by fall of 2011.

    Customer service leaves a lot to be desired as well as knowledgeable tech support, but a lot of carriers seem that way, except when i had my iphone, Apple was always there with all the answers and very good support and backing of their products. I do miss them and my iphone.

    Problem is, here in mississippi, att does not have the network issues that big cities have, so really, their only real selling point has been plan pricing.

  18. LOL
    yeah, I could see someone trading in their iPhone 4 to get $100 off an Android phone……
    OR they can put it up on EBAY and get upwards to 1k……….
    iPhone 3G&3GS still sell for upwards to 400…………
    Yeah, Don’t see THAT happening anytime soon……..

  19. Csouth will pay your ETF from any carrier up to $200 per line PLUS $100 for Iphones. Android phones on 2 year contract start as FREE and go only to $250 with a $50 rebate=$199 for Galaxy. You just might be surprised how many people have taken this offer.

  20. I don’t know nobody can beat the iphone4 and it’s worth more than 100.00 they are getting over because they are to sell those iPhones for way more than a hundred dollars

  21. My wife and I switched from AT&T to CellSouth months ago. We had AT&T for years — so we had no termination fee, so if this applies to you, it’s not a bad deal. With AT&T, we were paying 160 a month. We got TWO HTC Desires for about 270 bucks…and did not have to “give them” our iPhones…so I don’t know where that info is coming from. Then we simply eBay’d them and made about 100 bucks each. We now pay 100 a month for two smart phones on great plans (I think it is the unlimited plan, not sure). If you ask me, the roughly 700 bucks that we’re saving a year is worth the switch. Our only concern is the coverage we’ll get once we leave MS. Worth looking into if you’re considering the switch!

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