Dec 2nd, 2010


Cellular South understands your pain, AT&T subscribers, and they think they have the remedy. The carrier is willing to pay you to ditch that other network and hand over your iPhone to Cellular South for a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new device. They seem quite confident that their Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire might do the trick to change your Apple-weary mind.

While the offer seems well intentioned, $100 really won’t do much to pay the exorbitant early termination fee at AT&T, let alone have any left over to really save you money on an Android device, but it is a valiant effort nonetheless. We know most of our readers are already on Android, but does this offer do anything to sway those stray iPhone users who have access to Cellular South and have been looking to make the switch?

[via Cellular South, thanks Eli!]

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