Unrevoked Working on Fix for Droid Incredible Root



Unrevoked is a great tool for rooting many a handset, but if any of those handsets should receive an OTA update like the HTC Droid Incredible recently did, the rooting method is liable to break. But the Unrevoked team doesn’t give up in the face of adversity, and has been working on a fix to get Incredible support back into the app. The fix is currently in testing, but very could be available by the weekend. Sweet.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Better idea, do not take these updates, run roms that respect you enough to let you have root.

    But good to hear they care.

  2. what about the new evos? those are coming with updated software stock, no word at all for us.

  3. Root the SOB as soon as you get it and then turn S-Off so all you have to do is flash a couple .img’s and you’re rooted again.

    I know this update is for those who were never rooted, S-On and so on.

  4. im don’t know what unrvoked is. is it an app or a thing u download on the computor to root ur phone? is it Nand root? plz answer and thank you in advance. sorry if the question displeases u for my lack of knowledge.

  5. Unrevoked allows you to root your phone in a click or two.makes quick work of rooting your phone so that you may put custom roms and other apps not on the market on your phone.

  6. Oh and not an app you do this on your computer.check out their web site for more info but super simple root.

  7. can u give me a link or is it unrevoked.com?

  8. its nand root?

  9. whats busybox then? and how do u get roms on after u download?

  10. Even rooted you will get prompted for the OTA update. You have to change the build.prop file and never get bugged again until 2.3 comes out.

  11. What is s-on and s-off?

  12. I think nand is a flash storage unless there is a rom out there that i do not know about which is entirely possible.

  13. How do I change the build prop file on a droid 1? The nags are constant.

  14. Busy Box is something that you install on your Droid to give you some additional handy LINUX / UNIX based commands. You need Busy Box installed because some commands are not available to you and you made need them for some root level tasks. Here is some info on what Busy Box is.


    Here are some good instructions for installing Busy Box. Sorry to direct you to someplace outside of this site. I am sure you can find other instructions in Android Forums, they all should be basically the same.

    Install Busybox | Root Your Droid

    Keep in mind that you will also need to have the Android SDK installed on your machine as well so you can run the ADB commands. I hope this helps.

  15. some seem to not go though phones very often… if i kept a phone long enuf, it would still be rooted – period.

    they need this updated and fixed so that those that receive newer phones with this applied, can root and for those that acquire a phone from someone that has applied the update but could care less about root access, can root.

    keep up the good work for the grateful community, unrevoked crew!

  16. wait now im confused what nand is. and also is busybox only for the droid? what is ADB? and what is sdk?. thank you whap for all your heplful info. u helped me understand it alot more

  17. Keep it simple first and foremost.rooting your phone can be a good experience however you can do damage to your phone too. My suggestion is to do a google search on rooting your phone. Make sure there are benefits for your use our types of functions you do with your phone. Take your time. Once rooted there a quite a few custom roms. Cryagen makes some good stuff. Just make sure you do your research so you don’t make your expensive phone a useless paper weight!

  18. thankes for the advice. ive been researching some a few days ago and got confused by alot of things so that is why i asked those questions. i went to xda but that didnt help much cuz i got lost and couldnt find alot of useful info. do u know a good place to start in another website or do u know a thread i can go to on xda. thanks again

  19. Google is a friend. Do searches such as ‘ADB Android’ etc.
    Quick summary, Android is based on the operating system Linux.

    Therefore certain principles & tools that were designed for Linux can be used with Andoid.

    Busybox is a self-proclaimed Swiss-Army Knife of toolkits – allows many useful commands such as copy, file renaming etc in the smallest package possible.

    ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge – basically a tool to connect a computer to the underlying Android filesystem. With this tool, you can install other programs to facilitate ‘rooting’ the phone.

    SDK – software development kit. Again, primarily a toolkit to for making apps but also contains tools for rooting the phone.

    Go to forum.xda-developers.com, find your phone, read the forums for a bit, then ask questions if you get stuck. Most stuff is well explained, before you ask a question make sure you’ve done a search of the forum to ensure it has not already been answered. Rooting is (slightly) risky but well worth it.

  20. I agree!

  21. thanks for the answers guys. i really appreciate it.

  22. I have written up a guide to bypass the Nov OTA update, gain S-OFF, and root.

    You can read the guide at http://jonsuh.com/2010/11/root-your-droid-incredible-how-to/

    I was able to take my device that had the Nov OTA and S-ON and make it S-OFF and root it.

  23. Im trying to do your fix. In the command promt its saying “‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  24. I had the same problem as Zeldin and I installed all the ADK software and Java?? Please help

  25. good news guys, my phone is fixed. i helped test with unrevoked, and it works. so expect the fix to be up in a couple days. i actually have the .exe for it. i can try to attatch it to an email. [email protected]

  26. so i used the new unrevoked 3.22 to root my new droid incredible. the root was succesful,tried to boot into clockworkmod recovery..failed, so i installed rom manager and it reconized the clockworkmod recovery so i flashed it tried to reboot into clockworkmod recovery still failed any hints would be great

  27. Love the news that the fix is in for Droid Incredible. If unrevoked needs to test the fix for the stock 2.2 evo Just let me know on my email


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