Dec 2nd, 2010

What do you do when a gunman carjacks on your way out to get some groceries? You track the mother licker using your Android phone, duh! After having his car mercilessly snatched away from him, a quick thinking Android user realized his HTC Droid Incredible was still in the vehicle and running Lookout, the mobile security app that is typically used to find your phone if it becomes lost or stolen (it can also do a bunch of other things remotely to protect your data). When that phone happens to be in a stolen vehicle, it will lead the cops right to the goods, and it did. Droid does, my friends. Droid does.

[via ABC]

That  got us thinking, though: how has Lookout helped other people? Whether you just happened to lose your phone in the couch or your phone was actually lost or stolen and you were able to get it back thanks to Lookout’s GPS location features, has it saved your butt at least once or more?

Leave a comment below with your story and you could win one of 10 year-long subscriptions of Lookout Mobile Premium. (That’s a $29.99 value for each subscription.) A premium account goes above and beyond allowing you to blare a siren or locate your phone with great accuracy. If you need just a bit more security (perhaps you have some… “undesirable” pictures you don’t want the finder/culprit to see), Premium allows you to remotely lock and wipe your device, back your pictures and contacts up, and introduces advanced privacy controls and security simply by logging into Lookout’s website.


I’ve tested all of these features out in the free 30 day trial they afford you, and I was nothing short of impressed: even if you think you won’t ever need to use it, it gives you great peace of mind. (And those periodic backups and malware checks are nothing to scoff at.)

So tell us your story: how has Lookout Mobile helped you? Don’t lie: we’re not looking for the craziest stories and we’ll be selecting participants by random, but we love to hear how yet another Android app helps make your life easier and more worry-free. And if you haven’t been using Lookout, let us know of a time where you would’ve liked to have it. You’ll have until Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time to enter, so go ahead and comment below, and remember – you’ll need an existing Lookout Mobile account to be stepped up to premium if you win, so be sure to sign up for an account and download Lookout Mobile Security if you haven’t already! (And use a real email address when commenting, otherwise you get nada!)

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