Gingerbread Builds Show Up in App Logs (and Honeycomb, Too?)



December is just a couple days away and still we have no official sign of Android Gingerbread’s impending release, but we know it is deep in the testing process. Take, for example, these application logs showing the new version of Android residing on at least a few Nexus One handsets. The latest build is going around as GRH47B.

Perhaps a bit more interesting is the presence of a couple Honeycomb builds as  HRI83D and HRI783D. Remember, the user agent of a phone can be spoofed pretty easily with a bit of know how, so take this with a grain of salt for now.

[via DroidLIfe]

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  1. The Honeycomb ones are clearly fake, note the test keys used.

  2. Yeah, every build so far has had a different test key. This is just someone editing his rom and not doing a very good job at it either. I could set my phone to 4.2 Jelly Donut and get in their logs too.

  3. fuck gingerbread fuck google liar

  4. Really Mohammed? Didn’t your mother teach you not to use potty language? Im terribly sorry but the big boys are working right now. Did you miss the name of this site or did you just come here to vent your frustration about Apple being relegated to number 2 yet again? Why don’t you go play in your walled garden and we will get back with you once we (the android community ) build the rest of the world. You’ll have to forgive us for knocking down a few walls in the process. :-)

    Sent from my Nexus One

  5. Hell yea@Sean!_! You are spot on,ismail whoever is just an Steve jobs D rider!_! Google is up above Apple,literally…..you said what I was thinking sean!!! I can’t stand ppl like imeem ismail….so lame

  6. Yeah F Gingerbread because my Nexus want Honeycomb already ;P

  7. On a related note, I received an update today for Dolphin Browser HD that says it fixes UI compatibility issues with Android 2.3. That’s somewhat surprising since the 2.3 SDK is not yet available from the usual SDK download page. Apparently some developers have it already.

  8. My Nexus One shows build FRG83D but Android Version still shows 2.2.1 not Gingerbread or 2.3 But before last week and the 2 part firmware upgrade it was running 2.2. But there are no noticeable changes since the firmware upgrade.

  9. Abt time to unleash the GBread already…most likely the Samsung Nexus S and its issues causing the holdup. Hopefully just a week more to go no more…my N1 need some Gbread like ystday

  10. @jdog25 honeycomb is for tabs meaning you probably wont want it on youre N1-.- all this honeycomb madness is driving me crazy gingerbread isnt even out yet why would they have already announced its expiration date
    my guess is 2.XX = phones and 3.XX= tabs?

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