Samsung I9020T Gets a Couple Antenna Swaps


The I9020T(Nexus S) has made its way back to the FCC. The difference from old to new? A new BT/WiFi and GPS antenna. No information about the two changes. What did they do? What have they added? Removed?

[via Engadget]

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  1. If the change were an HSPA+ capability, that would be something… But I doubt it.

  2. @Ed

    Its possible, the only reason it didn’t have it last time is that hummingbird processor’s don’t support HSPA+ and so being that they switched the processor with Orion dual-core so it may. Being that Orion was in that flagship ad for samsung with 14.4 HSPA it might be able to do HSPA+.

  3. remove gsm and add cdma, lte, wimax for verizon and sprint

  4. andulas, add cdma?! thats whats wrong with the world, phones that are locked down to carriers and even when being bought outright still can’t be switched to another carrier is like living in the 90’s, the N1 was a god send since everyone who wanted a decent phone could get one, no way should it ever go back

  5. Fret Not my Friends much like Samsung brought the Galaxy S to all carriers it will they were chosen to bring the N2 to all carriers only Samsung has this much pull in the market, so dont get your pannies in a bunch a CDMA Version is due out soon…………!!!!

  6. Bringing the N1 to all carriers is where Google had failed before so they reformulated tactics with a stronger manufacturer that has a relationship with all carriers and can arm twist them to accept their phones HENCE N2 being a Samsung Phone……..

  7. But still no mention of HSPA+ …..
    I wonder how many tech savvy TMO die hards will spend $500+ on a phone that cant make use of the new faster connection ?
    In my estimation, leaving HSPA+ out of the equation would not be a good gamble for Google to make.


  8. Hopefully this fixes the gps issues that Galaxy S had..

  9. @EDGE
    actually froyo fixed the gps for me.

  10. @Z-Liberator
    Htc is a stronger phone manufacturer then samsung is and htc is more solid products just look at all of the issues with the galaxy s phones and samsungs poor history with updates

  11. wait wait the nexus S will not be HSPA+???????? i just canceled AT&T and went to tmo just for this phone!!!!????? I will go back if this is not true!

  12. Chris its not about being the bigger phone manufacturer as much as it is being a bigger name or company.

  13. @Chris
    All the problems with the galaxy s phones?!?! Like what…gps and file system lag……compare that to HTC N1 with screen issues(breaking easily & dust under them), multi touch problems, poor speaker quality, low volume in earpiece, terrible battery life, and the list continues just not able to think of them all now. As far as updates are concerned Froyo has been out nearly 2 months for the galaxy s, just because the carriers are taking their time tinkering with it doesn’t mean you can blame samsung.

    Stop being an HTC fanboy and take a step back and look at what you are saying. Yes samsung has their problems and so does every other mfg. but they have far less than HTC.

    P.S. I don’t own a samsung currently own a moto droid1 since release day and don’t plan on upgrading until another phone has the support or openness it has.

  14. Well, If The GPS Was The Delay For This Phone Being Released. Then I Guess Everything Is Okay Now & It Should Be Released Soon Enough :)

  15. HSPA+ doesn’t matter to me, hell, i don’t even get 3G where i’m at… at least with tmobile. even then, i’m connected through wifi most of the time so it doesn’t bother me. i would like to get some official news on the cpu/gpu of this phone though.

  16. the lack of updates for this phone are not an option because google deals with the updates. people need to stop crying about little not existent issues just accept that all phones are made different and if you can make a better phone become a phone designer.

  17. @10.Chris

    Lol thats funny because I remember a lot of HTC products having more issues with the hardaware than Galaxy S the ONLY issue galaxy S had with Hardware was the GPS and many people had that fixed with the leaked 2.2 android and/or lag fix. N1 had issues with multi-touch and then it was unpocketable thats only two of the many issues N1 had. Evo4G wasn’t perfect either. A lot of HTC devices were crappy hardware. Samsung makes great quality hardware and even more so their hardware is mainly made by Samsung.

  18. @10.Chris

    Even more so laughable that you said MANY issues because aside from the few people with lag and GPS problems there ARE NO OTHER ISSUES! LOL every company has their faulty devices not every device has GPS and Lag issues. And not having Android 2.2 isn’t really an issue either thats just wanting more.

  19. The problem with the Galaxy S was the broadcom GPS/WIFI/BT chip. The 2.2 release seems to be a work around not a complete fix so it makes perfect sense that they’ve swapped it out.

    A sensible decision from Samsung….. I’m stunned!

  20. Samsung really does make incredible hardware. I had 3 HTC phones and now a vibrant and its amazing. Although the gps does crap out in the middle of every trip I use navigation for, which makes me want to crush it up and eat the stupid phone just so I can shit the damn thing out like the piece of crap it is. But I do hope my next phone is a Samsung, the GPS is the only problem but its an unbelieveably huge and inexcusable issue but ultinately its resolvable . And lets not forget how extensively apple relies on Samsung for parts. And as much as u hate apple the iPhone is a phenomenal device

  21. Samsung have shot them selfs in the foot with is one as it proves the GPS can’t be fixed on the galaxy s..I think every body should demand a fix or a phone that works right out of the box even with froyo it still not right

  22. Yup…if the new GPS antenna in this new phone is for fixing the GPS issues with current Galaxy S phones that alone should be reason enough for some kind of deals on new phones.
    This also could be a sign of Samsung listening to customers more, or they finally starting hanging out in the forums…lol.

  23. So I’m hoping Andy Rubin announces this phone next monday at the D: Dive Into Mobile event. If he does, I would be so happy. What are the chances of him announcing gingerbread AND this phone?

  24. @davis, go and install axura’s 205 and i tell you you will fall in love with your vibrant, this Rom is amazing fast smooth and the gps is completely fix.

  25. I hope Andy Rubin announces this at the D: dive into mobile event. What are the chances of him announcing the nexus s AND gingerbread?

  26. @chris….

    HTC is not on the same global level that Samsung is…… ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE…..

  27. Wonder if I could get the new antenna and install it in my Vibrant. That would be great. :)

  28. so they added bluetooth, wifi, and gps… hmm… starting to sound like a cellphone to me!

  29. omg… come out already =[

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