LG LU3000 May Be Korea-Only for Now, but Is the LG Phone We’d Like to See Elsewhere



While it took a little bit of time to work things out, LG finally has a pretty solid Android hit with their Optimus One series of phones. Still, while the handset is proving quite popular due to a release strategy reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S, it lacks the true power to make Android fans drool. Enter the LG LU3000, a Korea-onle (for now) Android 2.2 device.

The latest version of Android is backed up by some pretty beefy (though still pretty standard in high-end smartphone terms) specs: 3.8-inch WVGA screen, 1GHz TI OMAP 360 chip, and the ability to record 1080p HD video. Even if it was in the States and other locations it may not be your first choice phone, but it would definitely be your first choice LG phone, and it is a sign that the manufacturer should have good things to come.

[via GSM Arena]

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  1. Sounds nice and all, but the cameras on phones are almost uniformly awful. I can’t imagine the kind of disgusting quality of 1080p footage you’d get from that.

  2. That video poster has been extremely biased against Galaxy S (or in favor of LG). Looking at another video, you can see live wallpaper + tons of background services on status bar only on Galaxy S and still compare “youtube launching speed.” LOL.

  3. With or without the prog’s running in the back, Galaxy S phones suck and run like crap… get over it, except that you should have bought a better phone like the HTC Evo from Sprint with its blazing fast processor and “4G speeds” [Sponsored Post]

  4. The only person I know with an evo gets a whopping 4 hours battery life.

  5. Vibrant ftw. Samsung made a great phone, why is everybody hating?

  6. Why does the lg have touch wiz ?

  7. Well, I wanna know how I can get that weather/clock widegt. It looks pretty damn awesome.

  8. @Itrustme Yeah, good point.

  9. I have an Evo and I easily get 10-12 hours of battery life, and most of the time 24 hours or so.

  10. @Dan, I think you’d be surprised at the quality the Galaxy S shoots and it’s just 720p (30fps also makes a huge difference). It’s really quite good for a phone.

  11. @Itrustme
    thats no touch wiz for ur info its actually lg’s skin(it kinda looks like touch wiz but just look at the boxed dock icons. so lg)

  12. @Bod1ggity i have a EVO and the galaxy s pro i bought the galaxy s off contract just because it was so epic. The Humming bird is better than the that generation of snapdragon it is almost as fast with a MUCH better gpu performance. Also don’t be so oblivious when talking trash you can buy a galaxy s on sprints 4G network its the EPIC (The Galaxy S Pro, the one I own).

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