Nov 29th, 2010

We’ve seen the thing in retail store inventories, cellebrite systems, we’ve just gotten a look at the first snap-on cover, hell, Verizon’s even shown it on their own site and Android Central had a device of their own to look at. So where is this HTC Merge, Verizon? Why must you play this cruel game with our hearts? We hope you really were waiting to release it so you could make it a world phone with radios for your LTE network because nothing else explains why we’ve been hearing about the Merge for nearly four months now (since it first broke cover as the mysterious “ADR6325VW” on the Incredible’s USB cable.) But if you take too long, the “Incredible HD” is just going to steal all of its thunder. Yea, we know about that too. (You leak like a sieve.) Get on it!

thumb_550_htc-merge-case (1)

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