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Well, it’s November 18th and still no official announcement of the HTC Merge for Verizon, but if this recently posted (then pulled) 360 degree view of the phone is any indication, we are likely to see this one launched very soon. The Droid Incredible event planned for tonight seems to be forging ahead without any further reference to the Merge, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make a cameo. Sure looks DROID-y, doesn’t it?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Wait, this isn’t the incredible HD right? Does this have a front camera? Does the incredible HD?

  2. Yes, yes, come closer…
    It’s this or the Droid 2 Global. This has the nicer keyboard, but it’s a 800mhz snapdragon vs a 1.2Ghz OMAP. I know clockspeed isn’t everything, but it’s something that I just can’t get over.
    Ah screw, Merge here I come! Now just announce the damn thing!

  3. I will never understand why HTC backtracked on the 5-row QWERTY from the TouchPro2. It makes no sense to me. They already had the perfect design, why screw with it?

  4. @CurrentWeb

    This phone is “only” 800MHz, but it is a 2nd gen Snapdragon. Tests of its G2 cousin (same internals) actual show it to be more powerful than the 1GHz 1st gen Snapdragons and OMAPs Not sure how it compares to the 1.2GHz OMAP in the D2G, but I would guess that it’s pretty close.

  5. I cannot believe how obsessed I am with this phone. Jesus H. – come out already!!!

  6. It looks like a Droid, but then I see a Bing app shortcut in the home screen, Ummmm, what’s the deal with Verizon and Bing?

  7. The deal is moolah. Verizon gettin’ paid my Microsoft for using Bing.

    So does this use a Z-Hinge like the G2?

  8. If it is Binged it is useless.

  9. @STEVE: BING is nice.

  10. I still dont get sense. I know its a phone but, its a smart phone. I think the apps button should be centered and the phone button should be on the left. Allow the enduser to choose, have some commonsense.

  11. @pax bing is another crap Microsoft product. It uses their normal business method, if you cannot compete pay off people to use it.

  12. i’m like you guys… while this thing is nothing special, i’m obsessing over it and can’t wait for it to release already!!! so much “hands-on” footage, and obviously production level and ready…. yet NO release YET!!! Grrrrr….

  13. But you know…. VZW has a habit of either delaying things altogether (the 9650 Blackberry was teased forever before releasing), as well as canceling altogether, like the VZW Nexus One that was listed on Google’s site, but never materialised.

  14. I’m fine with Bing just not fine with how its implemented into androide
    -G2 user

  15. Verizon always keeps releases under wraps til like if you are lucky a day before. They did the same thing with the droid 2. I dont know what the big deal is why verizon needs to do this just set a solid date so people know when things are coming no need to keep it in the shadows just may cause people to leave if they keep this up and dont start announcing concrete dates

  16. Wait? What Droid Incredible event? How have I not heard this before now? I follow this site all the time, check it multiple times a day (even saturday and sunday when new articles are rarely posted). Must know more about this event!

  17. Ali Landry (Doritos girl) was at the HTC event Thursday night and I asked her on twitter if the Merge was unveiled at the party like the original flier said. She said she was talking to the HTC developers and this was her answer:

    alilandry: all I can say is every day is a new day.

    What does that mean????

  18. thats a nice ass phone. wish Tmo had it

  19. @steve
    lets hope it means that it will be coming soon lol
    tmobile has the g2 which is pretty similar

  20. Sorry, VZW and HTC. This looks like a great phone, but being bound to Bing as a search is a bad move. I’m sure you can just create a shortcut to google’s web page and use that, but BING maps for navigation/GPS disqualifies you from my consideration.

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