Aug 2nd, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:07 pm

We have just received a rather interesting image of a Verizon inventory screen showing a mystery HTC phone that could be headed to the carrier. Listed by the model number ADR6325VW, we are left scratching our heads as to exactly what the phone could be. Interestingly, the same model number shows up as one of the devices listed as compatible with the same charger used for the HTC Droid Incredible and HTC Droid Eris. So the number has been floating around with Verizon’s HTC-related products for a while, but this is the first we’ve seen it corresponding to a VZW inventory listing.


Could it be a variation of one of the Droid Incredible? A currently released HTC phone from another carrier getting the Verizon treatment? Or something totally new? We really can’t say, and this point all is speculation regarding this mystery device. Could Verizon be getting an EVO variation for its upcoming 4G network? I almost get the feeling that this is more likely a mid-range device to fill the void left by the departure of the Eris, but anything is possible at this point. Anyone out there think they can shed some light on this mystery?

[thanks to Egg_head for sending this our way!]

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