Mystery HTC Phone Pops Up in Verizon Inventory, Model Number ADR6325VW


We have just received a rather interesting image of a Verizon inventory screen showing a mystery HTC phone that could be headed to the carrier. Listed by the model number ADR6325VW, we are left scratching our heads as to exactly what the phone could be. Interestingly, the same model number shows up as one of the devices listed as compatible with the same charger used for the HTC Droid Incredible and HTC Droid Eris. So the number has been floating around with Verizon’s HTC-related products for a while, but this is the first we’ve seen it corresponding to a VZW inventory listing.


Could it be a variation of one of the Droid Incredible? A currently released HTC phone from another carrier getting the Verizon treatment? Or something totally new? We really can’t say, and this point all is speculation regarding this mystery device. Could Verizon be getting an EVO variation for its upcoming 4G network? I almost get the feeling that this is more likely a mid-range device to fill the void left by the departure of the Eris, but anything is possible at this point. Anyone out there think they can shed some light on this mystery?

[thanks to Egg_head for sending this our way!]

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  1. Hmmmmm……….

  2. Maybe it’s the Droid Incredible with LCD Screens.

  3. This might be another mid range device or that new Droid incredible with lcd screen instead of amoled.

  4. The numbers date back to April 28th: HTC didn’t know they’d need a new Droid Incredible SKU at that time.

  5. My money says it’s the model number for the SLCD Droid Incredible since it has the same ADR63xxVW format (for AMOLED Dinc, xx is 00).

  6. i want a phone like this eris. it was good and very affordable.

  7. Wildfire equivalent perhaps?

  8. “Interestingly, the same model number shows up asone of the devices listed as compatible with the same charging cable used for the HTC Droid Incredible and HTC Droid Eris.”

    The Eris and Incredible chargers are not compatible. One is a mini USB and the other is a micro USB.

  9. I think it might be the HTC SCORPION.

  10. HTC Scorpion

  11. please be the scorpion…..running 3.0 and LTE enabled. PLEASE PLEASE!!! (and either a 4.0 or 4.3 inch screen) and come out November 9 (my upgrade date :P)!!!

  12. Could it be the HTC that hit the FCC site back on 7/21? It was CDMA, so I was surprised no one reported anything on it, didn’t even make Engadget’s FCC Friday report. That same device got Wi-Fi certification for b/g/n back in June I think.

  13. it’s = it is

    its = possessive form of it

  14. HTC SCORPION! praying….lol

  15. god.. i hope this is the HTC Scorpion, time to get bank account in order!!! I think it is, minus LTE.. but good enough for me.

  16. “Could Verizon be getting an EVO variation for it’s upcoming 4G network?”

    Not particularly likely, since Sprint’s 4g network is based on WiMax and Verizon plans to deploy LTE. Since the radios you’d need for LTE are different then the radios you’d need for WiMax you’d have to re-engineer the handset anway, so an LTE version of the Evo is really no more likely than, say, an LTE version of the Droid Incredible.

  17. SSP-571-D-ADA-RP
    Stainless steel handsfree panel telephone with pushbutton automatic dialer, red/green LED call indicator light, braille emergency plate and remote programming feature. Optional 371-011 mounting box and 371-012 mounting frame . 301-037 security tool included.

  18. @whatever yeah, because a manufacturer has never made different variations of the same device for different carriers. Pretty sure HTC released the Touch Pro2 on just about every carrier in the world without a ton of difficulty.

  19. To many phones coming out. They need to chill and update and support their current models! This is rediculous.

  20. I would love to see the HTC Legend with increased specs. That is such a sexy / sturdy little phone!

    Wishful thinking, of course.

  21. I’m with Eddie Android, can I please have at least 6 months with my phone without regretting not getting a newer model that’s already out of date in 3-4 weeks time.

  22. @Aeires no, otherwise we would be slowing progress to a crawl.

  23. ADR6325 was first mentioned back on 4/28/10, but there was no additional updates:

  24. @whatever

    i think you interpreted that incorrectly. Just because it will be verizon’s version doesnt mean its the same phone or branding, just meaning its the same manufacture with close specs, specifically meaning screen size. Moto came out with 4.4 now its HTC’s turn to put out a big screen for verizon, which will hopefully be the Scorpion..

  25. It’s the Evo equivalent coming to Verizon to compete with the Moto X.

  26. Wow ever think that someone may be typing on a phone that has auto correction on it and it turned its to it’s? Stop trying to look intelligent, you don’t and you just look like a jerk, wow what some people do for attention this is a blog!

  27. I’m hoping it’s something 4G. I’d be tempted by the Droid 2, but why would I go for that just months before Verizon launches their LTE network? I’m waiting for some sweet 4G, Qwerty keyboard-having, STOCK (hopefully) Android mamma jamma.

  28. Legend/hero 2? Wasn’t it a rumor at mwc it would be coming to verizon?

  29. If I had to guess, given the competitive nature of wireless, it will be a 4.3″ HTC to compete with the Motorola X. Probably the HTC Scorpion that conflipper reported on. 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, Android 2.2, the works. It would still be 3G given that it’s in Verizon’s inventory right now and 4G roll-out is too far away still……. It IS NOT the new SKU for the Incredble with SLCD screen. There will be no new SKU for that phone.

  30. its not the scorpion

  31. You should hope it is at LEAST a Verizon EVO, as this phone is the bomb right now for me. If the rumored Scorpion, even better with that 1.5GHz snapdragon. The screen on this EVO awesomely is huge and I’m not sure a cell phone screen can get much bigger before it’s too large to wield comforrably, so hopefully for Verizon customers it will have a large screen.

  32. It’s a variant on the EVO but it wont have LTE since the LTE network is for data cards until mid next year.

  33. The stock charger for my incredible shows support for the following devices:


  34. person was talking in verizon store today and said this new droid had a full keyboard and would be out in 2 weeks

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