HTC Merge Gets Videoed


Well, well, well, if it isn’t the HTC Merge again. This time, Android Central grabbed another look at the device in full color and motion. Nothing out of the ordinary to see here, but it’s the first time we’ve been able to see this device moving about. We know it’ll come preinstalled with Android 2.2, but it looks like we won’t be getting the latest version of HTC Sense found on the Desire Z and Desire HD (though it’s possible that could change before this handset comes out, whenever that is.) This phone is “Bing-ified,” but you knew that. Anything else is just drool material if you’re waiting on this phone, so be sure to press that play button ASAP.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. waiting til sprong or summer.d1 is still my vanilla stock hero

  2. Anyone else find Phil’s voice seizure enducing?

  3. Great video. Please keep them coming

  4. i like the gangster andy in the beginning.

  5. Whatever happened to the front facing camera that was originally on this phone way way back when it first leaked or is that another HTC Verizon phone…

  6. Bingified = less than useless.

  7. it sounds like he said there is 8 GB and change of space available on the phone and there is a small sd card installed, but in the video, it looks like the total space available is 1.21 GB and the sd card is at 0.95 GB. which makes more sense since all previous articles suggest that the phone has 300 MB available to the user.

  8. What a BINGing fail…

  9. I’m tired of everyone complaining about Bing. Yes, I know Microsoft sucks at pretty much everything they do but the bing app’s on these phones are actually pretty decent (I think I just had a miniature stroke). I’ve used them a couple times and know a few people who have the Bing stuff on their phone. The Bing app’s do almost EXACTLY what the Google ones do. The only thing I don’t like about having Bing on Verizon phones is that you can’t change it as the default if you wanted to which, in my opinion, contradicts what Android is all about. Stop complaining about Bing vs Google, the only reason you are even upset about it is because the crowd says Google is cool and Bing is not. Before you complain about something over and over try it out and form you’re own opinion don’t just follow the crowd like you belong to the Apple cult or something.

  10. i agree with chesee. its ok but i rather have google. ive tryed it out on my friends’ fascinates. it shouldnt be a dealbreaker just because of it. my future phone :)

  11. Can’t you just make Google search your home page? Won’t google navigate and search widgets still work? If so, then no bing deal. (yes yes a pun or something like that)

  12. I’m really starting to hate HTC right about now fxck! Cuz this phones looks exactly like the G2 same shape, size n even button placements. I remember when HTC phones had some sort of unique look to the all. Like the G1 there wasn’t a phone that came close to lookin like it. Motorola doesn’t make the best software but dammit they make their damn phones look different n have their own unique look. Look at the Cliq has many different iterations but all of them have a unique look to them. UGh HTC is blowing me! Ugh these fxckin manufacturers are starting to act like their retarded. First they don’t get the picture that we wanna choose wat we want on our phones then they start copying phone. The G2 clones> HTC Merge & HTC Desire Z why not jus do somethin different with it! Take ur notes from Motorola in the designing department HTC!

  13. Wow i was waiting for this phone for soo long now i realize its a piece of crap no front facing camera internal memory sucks and the back of the phone looks horrible point blank an ugly phone what a fail im still waiting for a phone that can replace my EVO! i wish i could just have an evo with a keyboard! but yeah this phone is ugly and my EVO still rocks!!

  14. *HTC Evo 4G, HTC HD2, HTC Desire HD* same damn thing jus different internal specs n different release dates. At least change the shape or somethin. Or color or special software of its own some kinda difference

  15. I use to feel proud to hold up my G1 because it had its own unique everything that was different from every HTC phone n every other phone

  16. Great keyboard and slider on the bad boy. Not sure about the internal specs however. What is the deal?

  17. @ cheese however you look at it when someone buys a Google phone they want all that comes with google so…though you make-some good points the fact still remains that putting bing on a phone that is, expected to be famously google experience…is weird…and Google search and maps is not the samething…

  18. …as bing search and maps

  19. …ones better then the other…

  20. Quite frankly, I would rape that phone in it’s input jack

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