Phan Giveaway: Thanksgiving Edition!


We’ve got a lot to be thankful for at Phandroid, and that’s why this round of the Phan Giveaway won’t end until Thursday night at 11:59 EDT. In addition to giving ONE random commenter the below goodies, we’ll also be hooking up 3 other random commenters with a package of our Phan Gear.

Unfortunately in the holiday madness I was unable to put together a giveaway video, but most of you freeloaders just hop to the comments and drop “would like”, “do want” or a “me” anyways. Not that it’ll help your chances if you’re a bit more creative but come on, be a bit more creative ;)

Maylong Universe Android Tablet
maylongLast week I did a quick unboxing and hands on of the Maylong M-150 Android Tablet… and now I’m giving away the second of the two I purchased ! It only costs $100 at Walgreens.com but it’s kind of a get-what-you-pay-for scenario. It’s a 7-inch tablet with a resistive screen running Android 1.6, no Android Market and a bunch of other gotchyas. BUT, I was pretty impressed with this thing since – let’s be honest – it’s only $100.

iSteamAndy T-Shirt
isteamWe told you folks about the iSteamAndy T-Shirt earlier this month and I’m not gonna lie – it’s a pretty cool concept. Take Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous sketches and imagine if he were to dissect our beloved Android Robot. Now take that imaginary sketch and slap it on a T-Shirt and you’ve got the Exploded Android T-Shirt seen to the left (and in the video). If you don’t win, you can always purchase this bad boy from iSteamAndy.com for $19. And oh yeah, they have a bunch of other cool Android-related T-Shirts so check out their full collection!

Smartphone Coaster
circle-smartphone-coasterMaybe a complete dock with a charging station and expensive price tag is a little much. Maybe you just want a nice looking and sturdy smartphone stand that you can lean your Android on for perfect viewing at your desk or bedside. If that’s you, then check out the smartphone coaster at NewPCGadgets.com. You can snag one of these for only $4 and they make great stocking stuffers… but the winner of today’s Phan Giveaway will get one for free!

isotoner-smartouch-glovesIsotoner SmarTouch Gloves
Somehow one of these awesome pairs of gloves got tucked away beyond my vision. A quick cleanup revealed that a teal pair of thinner gloves still remained, meaning either a lovely lady winner will have a new winter companion or a guy with goodluck will have one less holiday gift to buy. In case you forgot, these sweet gloves have stitched in fabric that conducts the current in your fingers directly to your touchscreen, allowing you to flawlessly operate your phone in the coldest of weather. Don’t believe me? Check out this demo I did showing off the gloves’s unique ability.

If you’ve got an original Droid, Droid 2 or Samsung Moment than your gaming aspirations just got improved. While a hardware keyboard can be considered a godsend for mobile gaming success, the Game Gripper greatly improves your odds and enjoyment by providing an accessorized overlay that more accurately emulates traditional game controllers and keypads. Check out Kevin using his Game Gripper in action on the Droid 2. We’ll only include this if you’ve got one of the 3 mentioned devices… that’s our obligation to the environment since you’d likely just throw it away otherwise.

Phandroid Gear
phandroid-gearAnd as usual, we’ll hook the winner up with Phandroid Gear including a Phandroid drawstring bag, Phandroid stadium cup, Phandroid pens and Phandroid mints. Stay tuned for that Phandroid T-Shirt… I promise we’re still working on details and it WILL exist at some point in the near future. Promise!

Today’s winner is guaranteed a lot of awesome stuff, and it doesn’t take much at all to enter. Glance over this very short list of things you need to do:

  • Provide a valid e-mail address with your comment
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Live in the United States (sorry, I gotta ship this stuff myself)
  • Submit a comment by 11:59pm EDT on November 25th, 2010
  • Only 1 entry per person, multiple comments will NOT improve your chances

We’ll contact the randomly selected winners on November 26th for their address and contact info.

Let the commenting begin!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I gotta have those gloves. They would be “handy” HAHA! Pun intended… :-P

  2. Cool, hope I win!

  3. Phandroid Rocks!!!

  4. me me me… I want it.


  6. I have been reading phandroid for ages now. And this is the second phan giveaway I have entered. Wish me luck!

  7. gimmie gimmie gimmie! heh heh

  8. Interesting gear. Good luck to everyone!

  9. Sweet!

  10. I’d love to win something.

  11. I’m in,

  12. I am dying to get my hands on that tablet and those gloves…but alas, this is the season of giving not of buying for your damn self! ;-)

  13. Pick me need to put something in the win column this yr.

  14. I Like Stuff and Things and especially Android!!!!!!!!!

  15. Great idea here!

    I would like to see you folks cover a few more of the lesser known tabs though. There are so many out there I am sure it is hard to keep up at times but I have come across a few that seem like they will be nice tabs that I sent to you but have not seen them on here yet…


  16. @wesome some turkey day goodness!! Got to love phandroid. Typing from my cyanogenmod 6 G1

  17. love the controller

  18. It was -20 below here today, -40 with wind chill! I neeeeed those gloves! lol

  19. Let me in…

  20. Give it to me or the kitty gets it!!!

  21. Liking the gloves.

  22. looks nice, I’m in…

  23. Make me thankful for a gift from my favorite news blog, Phandroid!

  24. Give me some love phandroid…daddy needs a new pair of shoes

  25. That t-shirt is awesome! Want!

  26. oooohhhhh free stuff!
    count me in

  27. i thought i signed up for this contest already :O

  28. Wow I would really like that Maylong tablet. I never get lucky on giveaways but maybe this will be my lucky one!

  29. i probably refresh phandroid like 50x a day for android news at work, i would love to win something to show for it!


  31. =)sweet action! and yes please for the hookup

  32. PhanGear appreciated.

  33. I would love anything fre!!!

  34. Me! Pick me! Pick me, my lord!

  35. There once was a lurker named Jumbo
    He would read forums while eating his gumbo.
    And then he saw your new post!
    and Wanted to tablet the most.
    so he played you a song on his trumbo

  36. Paul is dead.

  37. Here I am, a guy on the net
    who read Phandroid religiously day after day
    He read all the posts
    didn’t comment on most
    but made sure he got in on this giveaway

  38. awesome giveaway. great site. that tablet would fun to play with and see what i can get to work on it.

  39. butterscotch pudding…

  40. Lol, I would annoy the crap out of my wife with the PhanGear and Android T-Shirt. (she’s an iCrap user) i already piss her off with my Andy the Android action figures! :-)

  41. Wow best giveaway ever!

  42. With all the cash I am about to spend on holiday gifts, I could do with some free swag. Pleeeease? :)

  43. I want now!! :P

  44. I’d like to give thanks for the package that I’ll soon be receiving from Phandroid.

  45. I sure could use the game gripper for my droid.

  46. Puh Puh Puh Puhlease dont do this to me!

    Pick me:)

  47. android ftw

  48. I would like those gloves..please.

  49. Hell yeah! That’s what I call a Holiday Spirit! :D

  50. I love free stuff!

  51. Sign me up!! please :D Phandroid rocks!

  52. im in for any of them if it’s okay with you!

  53. This sounds like fun stuff. Lets get a win here!

  54. Keep up the Giveaways Phandroid. We love it. :)

  55. Oh yes, I am leaving a comment for this giveaway. I even want the Droid game gripper. My sister in law has a Droid and loves gaming, and I know she would get a huge kick out of it!

    Love the prior comments too. :)

  56. Game Gripper and gloves, want!

  57. Lookin like a nice set of prizes n at!

  58. Me Like Free Stuff!!

  59. Me loves some iSteamAndy!

  60. Im very thankful you guys stay on top of Android News!

  61. Phandroid for thanksgiving would be great

  62. I would love to win!

  63. Here we go again. You missed my birthday… now it’s time to make up for it.

  64. I’m in. Gimme now.

  65. I definitely need that Tablet to give it a whirl!

  66. Don’t start trampeling people

  67. I am down for prizes lol

  68. I don’t know y coaster was made so late … it was a simple idea not implemented till now.

  69. Good morning Vietnaaaam!

  70. The King of Android Lives!!! :D

  71. The android tablets have made the tablet market reachable for those who can’t afford high end tablets….but quality needs to be little better than what we are getting or atleast we need a newer operating system.

  72. Please be me.


  74. Phandroid FTW

  75. I’d be very pleased with one of the shirts or coasters…count me in! Thanks for the contest!

  76. Oh man, too bad I can’t win this before Thanksgiving, I’d love to stuff some of it in the turkey turducken style to surprise the family with some generous gifts.

  77. I long for the Maylong ;) and that phone coaster is sick too!

  78. FIRST!!! Oh, wait…what?

    Just jokin’…thanks for the chance, Phandroid and Rob!!

  79. Cool stuff that tablet looks pretty cool to bad it doesn’t have a market though. I wonder if you can root it.

  80. phandroid, please let me be the winner of these phantastic prizes

  81. I’m the cheapest to ship to.

  82. Me too!

  83. Please.

  84. If I win, I will shave a “P” into the back of my head for new years in times square.

  85. I want these

  86. I actually really want that shirt. You could do me a huge favor for christmas by helping me not have to purchase on.

  87. I want itttt

  88. Why not =D Let’s see if I win =)

  89. would love the tablet or gloves,also good luck to everyone and have a happy thanksgiving

  90. Please enter me into this contest. I would love to win… well anything! :P

  91. oh phandroid how I love thee

  92. I’m gonna put more that “I Want”!

  93. Can i haz some goodies :)

  94. If I win this, I won’t give it to any orphans, but I might let them look at it. LOOK. Not touch.

  95. I’m cool with just the shirt.

  96. Wow lots of good stuff.

  97. Me, please, me!

  98. I want the Melong tablet just to play with, or the gloves – it gets cold up here in New Mexico!

  99. need some love for the G1.

  100. Woohoo!! Keep the fun contests comin’!

  101. Maylong!!!! Maylong!!!! Maylong!!!!

  102. You mean EST.

  103. Yes please!!

  104. I may not have a phone for the controller, but it would be one less gift for me to buy for someone else.

  105. Woot! Count me in! Phandroid is on point!

  106. I’ll bet those gloves will fit me nicely! :)

  107. CUTE.

  108. I love Android!

  109. I am freakin in this BABY!


  111. I’ll bite. I’d love to have a pair of those gloves!

  112. will it work in the uk

  113. best site ever

  114. who doesnt love free android stuff?

  115. Nice!

  116. So creative comments don’t help at all … Not even promising to name my 1st born Phan Droid. :p

  117. I would love to have a few toys for christmas since I got laid off. [email protected]

  118. i love phandroid its the best

  119. Bring me Harry Potter.

  120. Phandroid is Awesome!

  121. i love phandroid woo hooo go phandriod

  122. tastes like burning

  123. Well I’ll give it a whirl. Would help keep my little ones entertained but anything is fine with me. Good luck to the rest too.

  124. I wanted to play with a Maylong, this would save a sawbuck

  125. SmarTouch gloves. mmmmmm teal.

  126. I am thankful for Phandroid

  127. phandroid.com is my number one stop for android info and news!

  128. if you don’t pick me to win, the terrorists win.

  129. i want those gloves!!! :)

  130. Love the site/app you guys always hook people up would love to win your badas. Gear so please pick me thank you.

  131. Pick me! Pick me! :)

  132. Gobble Gobble

  133. I am in for prizes too.

  134. Insert creative response here.

  135. I just want something!

  136. Thanks!!

  137. P-retty please
    H-ells yes
    N-erds, love them


  138. Hmm so you re a racist hate people outside USA ahahaha.
    And what if i pay you the ship i am winning an tablet for 50$ is not bad at all :P

  139. Second time posting, and it was worth it!

  140. I need to win I’m running very low on phandroid pens from the live event!

  141. I’d love to win. It would be a sweet early Christmas! :)

  142. So I’m in Seattle and we just got a bunch of snow dumped on us. It’s not a lot by other standards but come on, this is Seattle. We don’t know how to handle it! Which is why I need the Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves!

    And as for the rest, well for that I’m just greedy…

  143. It would be delightful to win something in this one. I’m hoping for the T-Shirt

  144. go phandroid

  145. Use your secret revealing marker see what I have to say, in invisible ink, about this give away!. ”
    ” and, ” .” -Thanks.

  146. im a fan of android must make me a phandroid

  147. Can’t i pay for the shipping myself? I would really like some phandroid stuff, or the tshirt.

  148. What the…? They’re giving things away that I want? When did they start doing that? Who took my false teeth?

  149. give it to me

  150. Something more creative.

  151. Pick me!!!pick me!!!

  152. I would like to win!!!

  153. Give me all the goodies or Ill kidnap your first born!!! Just kidding……..or am I? >_>

  154. Maylong you love time!

  155. I want!

  156. another great givaway!

  157. I can haz a cookie?

  158. My Birthday is xmas eve and would love love love to get my 1st phone :).

  159. gimme gimme!!… please?

  160. Hoping for the tablet, would love anything!

  161. I live in the UK so obviously I don’t want any of that =(

  162. Well I never win anything, but it’s still worth a shot!

  163. Phan-droid by proxy.

  164. You guys rock! Would Like/Do Want/Me :p

  165. This Thanksgiving I would be thankful for some Phandroid Gear (Maylong tablet wouldn’t be bad either ;) )!

  166. Been looking at these gloves since you reviewed them! Would be very thankful to win a pair! The other stuff would be great to of course

  167. do want!

  168. I hope that i get to win something.

  169. Ok, cool stuff? I’m in.

  170. I believe I am the one….right here,…uh huh……yep.

  171. That tablet is pretty cool.

  172. I’ll give it a try! Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Black Friday everyone! :D

  173. (Insert sob story reasoning why I should win this above anybody else here.)

  174. ^—- Biggest Phanboid here :D

  175. it’s my birthday on the 25th and this would make a great gift :-)

  176. Great Contest & Prizes!!! Thanks Phandroid!!!

  177. Sounds like its gona be a great Thank giving lol #TeamAndroid uber Epic!!! hahahha Have a Good holiday Guyz!! cheers

  178. Wow. Now this is one awesome giveaway! I’m loving that iSteamAndy t-shirt!

  179. Hey, I am up for free. I am so thankful for your service. I ready it several times a day…looking for cool information. Does brown nosing help my chances of winning something?

  180. Fingers Crossed.

  181. I’m thankful for phandroid!!!!

  182. Count me in!

  183. Thanks for the giveaways! Gloves look really useful.

  184. happy thanksgiving!


  186. I’m in :) Android RuleZ

  187. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
    (sent from an original Droid!)

  188. Dammit man, I’m not in the US but I will pay for the shipping :)

  189. will pay for shipping if picked!

  190. yes please…i’ll take one of everything!

  191. Im in the US and will pay for shipping :)

  192. Oh Gawd! I wanna wiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

  193. damn I would love this I have droid i have been running for a little while and the tablet would be a great way for my girlfriend to get familuar with android. plus it could be nice to try to mod past 1.6

  194. Entered… and waiting :)

  195. Sweet! I would be thankful.

  196. Let’s do this

  197. Hmm….Why not? Give me sum of that Android luvin.


  199. pick me! pick me!

  200. Been following phandroid since the app first went live near the G1 launch. Great website, keep it up. Also, I’m not nearly as lucky as the winners of these gifts are. GIVE ME 2.2 on Galexy S PHONES PLEASE.

  201. Omg my black friday would be complete if i won the Phandroid GEAR because of these 3 reasons. 1) i visit this site EVERYDAY at least 6 times, 2)my friend would be TOTALLY jealous if i won anything from anywhere specially if its an internet contestw hich he doesnt believe in, and 3)because i just ran out of money and dont get paid till 2 weeks from today. so yeah :-)

  202. weeeeeeee

  203. I know what I am asking Santa Claus for Christmas this year. :]

  204. The gloves actually do work!! Good luck.
    I own a moto droid…

  205. FTW! Has a truer statement ever been made?

  206. Ford, you’re turning in to a penguin. Stop it.

  207. Phandroid rocks!

  208. This should surely make up for me having to work during Thanksgiving :(

    Being the new guy and working for a newspaper, this is expected :P

  209. Don’t drop acid.
    Take it pass/fail.

  210. pick me please!

  211. Gotta love it when a web site clears out it’s bounty closet.

  212. When I win the shirt, could you make it an XXXL, if it’s 100% cotton? They tend to shrink.

    Happy Holidays.

  213. Since finding this site about a week to two weeks ago I am a loyal fan and its my first bookmark option!

  214. I love you, Rob.

  215. I would love to have the GameGripper for my Droid2 classic gaming! The gloves are nice too =)

  216. I would love to have the GameGripper for my Droid2 classic gaming! The gloves are nice too =)

  217. Pick me! Pick me!

  218. Count me in…

  219. let’s do this

  220. I’ll take that off your hands ;)

  221. hell yeah!

  222. Happy thanksgiving! I would love some goodies!

  223. In it to schwinn it

  224. All over this one.

  225. Want that shirt bad!

  226. <3 Phandroid!

  227. I <3 android

  228. I want stuff.

  229. Phanfest

  230. I’m thankful for Phandroid!

  231. I want this so much that I am going to stare at my computer screen until it explodes!

    And if you are wondering, yes, I am a Jedi.

  232. “would like”, “do want” “me”

    All of the above for a freebie, even a Smartphone Coaster!

  233. would love a pair….although never get lucky..

  234. I love stuff. Stuff is my favorite stuff. Things are good too. Nothing like a good box full of things and stuff!

  235. forgot to say thanks for all the great work on this awesome weekend..

  236. Count me in!

  237. Happy Thanksgiving Phandroid!

  238. I’d love that tablet, would be a fun thing to hack around with.

  239. Count me in on this.

  240. <— That guy.

  241. Last — well, I couldn’t be first. Obviously, I need a win.

  242. i’m ok with just saying “ME!” :)

  243. MacGruber and Phandroid rock!

  244. Gimme some swag!

  245. I always wondered what a android tablet would be like.

  246. Phandroid rocks \m/(><) \m/

  247. Gimme!

  248. hallo!

  249. Once more unto the breach

  250. GIMME!

  251. Thank you for all the great information that you guys provide!!!

  252. I’m game! I like stuff, free stuff even better!

  253. Never seen this before…good idea!
    By the way…I want!

  254. GO PHANDROID!!!

  255. nice.

  256. sweet just in time for the holidays..

  257. This loyal Phandroid Phan, proudly self-proclaiming AND (I’m sorry folks but this IS a contest) HANDICAPPED with MS Geek would love to proudly share pictures of me with all of this incredible gear with the rest of your readers.

  258. I wrote a poem for Thanksgiving:

    Holiday cheer is a mug of beer
    and an oven stuffed with turkey..
    Too much cheer while dawn draws near,
    that bird will turn to jerky..

    Holiday cheer is ungluing your ear,
    that has been pressed, passed out on the table..
    Too much cheer again for this year,
    to hell with it, there’s a football game on cable.

    Holiday cheer is being queer
    And eating lots of junk
    Too much cheer, so pass the beer
    I’m getting freakin’ drunk!

    Turkey dibble drabble booze,
    Green beano corn pie SHUT THE HELL UP, I’M TALKIN!!
    Turkey dibble drabble booze…


    You’re welcome. haha

    Thanks Phandroid, love ya!

  259. I just want to look Phat with some cool stuff help me become Phamous and I’ll be your biggest Phan!

  260. I’ll just cross my fingers!

  261. Gimme da loot gimme da loot!!!

  262. I don’t care if it isn’t the greatest, that tablet would be fun to hack apart :)

  263. I wouldn’t buy the Maylong tablet, but I would love to win it (:

  264. pick me please
    i will give a cookie(Ok, i lied, but still pick me!)

  265. I love all the stuff here but would love a phone coaster

  266. Whoops. Wrong door.

  267. The gloves would really come in handy in these cold Iowa winters. I walk everyday with my Droid. It would be a life saver.

  268. Phandroid rocks…….woot!!!!

  269. Please pick me.I’ve had a horrible month and this would lift me up. When I say it’s been a horrible month,i really mean a devastatingly horrible.

  270. Dear diary:

  271. I would love to have those gloves!

  272. Free willy and get me something too!

  273. is this random enough?

  274. LMAO @ Paul T.

    The shirt, the stand, and the tab are awesome, I don’t care what anyone says. Hell, I’m still on a MT3G 1.2 (running 2.1) and 1.6 wasn’t all that bad, people! It still kicked my iPh0n3 3G’s butt.

  275. I will proudly wear the Android onstage with my band Johnny Danger. Plus I never ever win crap. I also tune my bass with my Android app and I promise not to put an eye out with it…… Honest!

  276. Count me in, fer sher!

  277. i love android

  278. If I won that Tab and the GameGripper my life would be complete!!!

  279. Hope I win!

  280. worth a try

  281. I came here looking for information about the rumored Verizon phone that was supposedly going to arrive today, but I would settle for some free stuff…

  282. Count me in as well

  283. Some nice stuff up there. So generous!!!

  284. Count me in on this, hope I won.

  285. My G1 is getting long in the tooth. As a bona fide freeloader, I need more stuff and would appreciate your help.

  286. Android ahoy!

  287. Would like…do want…me!

  288. I have free time for a cheap tablet, a torso to wear the shirt on, a smartphone to use the coaster with, a wife to give the gloves to, an original Droid to use the gripper with, and I love free stuff! So I’m pretty much the perfect candidate to win this.

  289. Woohoo!


  291. freaken love this place

  292. I can has?

  293. I would love to win!

  294. count me in

  295. Gimme gimme quick and easy!

  296. Pick me!

  297. Happy Thanksgiving!

  298. They will be mine. Oh Yes, they will be mine

  299. If I had creativity I wouldn’t be in IT Infrastructure. I’d still like to see what a $100 gets you in a tablet-ish form.

  300. Me meme memememe mememe mememe? Was that annoying enough?

  301. 2010 year of the android

  302. Ooooo me me me!

  303. i mean that tablet doesnt look great, but maybe someone will root it and we can do something cool with it?

  304. Phandroid is awesome opossum!!

  305. I want to win something

  306. Would love a Game Gripper for my Samsung Moment! (I’m not picky, though :D)

  307. This is awesome! Happy early Thanksgiving!

  308. Hope i win!

  309. That smartphone coaster would really be nice!

  310. Wicked

  311. I am thankful for Phandroid!!!

  312. I like turtles

  313. Really wish they had one of those game grippers for my Epic. Hopefully they will have one soon.

  314. Be the swag.

  315. May was long now November is here,
    ISteamAndy has a tee for me to wear,
    My phone has a kick stand but would enjoy a coaster,
    Now lets add some gloves to make it toastier,
    Although my phone will not support a Gamegripper,
    The Phandroid Gear would be much hipper!

    Hahaha I know that was lame but these Items are cool I hope I win!!!

  316. Random number generator, stop HERE!!! NOW!! QUICK!! (Not that I think it will increase my chances, just trying to be creative :)

  317. Must have!!!

  318. Count me in! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

  319. I wanna win

  320. dude i come to this website at least twice a day, no joke. Its one of my breakfast ceremories, coffee and phandroid on my Droid1 or my archos 5. I would really LOVE to have the game gripper since i’ve had the D1 since the first week and the PAID snes app.

  321. meeeeeeee

  322. Happy thanksgiving all!

  323. plus it would be awsome cuz i would be able to show off to my asshole Iphone friends. they piss me off so much w their stupid “does ur phone have this app” questions… they have a effin flute app, how stupid is that…. just sayin

  324. Even without the gloves, there will still be love!

  325. In to win it all
    Pick me
    As Igor says……..Ohhh Welll

  326. I guess I’ll stick with pointing out the use of EDT again. Daylight Saving Time ended weeks ago. I guess the comment period ends at 10:59pm EST.

  327. I’d rub at least half of those prizes all over my body along with some Stove-Top.

  328. Last!!!

  329. WOOT more free stuff! <3 Phandroid

  330. Well, nice to see people thinking about giving rather than receiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  331. Woo! Pick me!

  332. sick go phandroid!

  333. I hope I win Somethin!!

  334. Happy Thanksgiving to Phandroid and All…..Now all I need is some good stuffing to fill this here android turkey….I think a tablet/coaster/t-shirt is just what the doctor ordered….Keep rocking as you do guys, and have a Phantastic and safe holiday.

  335. Since I found this place last month I have lost a good hour clicking refresh. It’d be nice to grab some of this stuff ;). But honestly, I’m running a T-Mobile G1, and do I really need another device stuck on 1.6? Who knows? But those gloves may sure come in handy…

  336. I’ve been wondering about the 7″ers. I bought an iPad several weeks ago for development purposes, but really prefer Android’s UI. Now, there’s this Dell Mini Duo which looks kind of interesting….

    Pick me, I don’t work for the TSA!
    Pick me, I won’t x-ray you!
    Pick me, I won’t pat you down!

  337. I have a lowly Ally which seems like it will never get Android 2.2 but a $4 stand could help it replace my fancy alarm clock:)

  338. Pick me please! You guys rock.

  339. I really need those Phandroid mints.. just ask my wife =/

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  348. I still say these $100 tablets are perfect eReaders, with a little email and web-browsing on the side.
    – Jim

  349. I have a lowly Ally which seems like it will never get Android 2.2 but a $4 stand could help it replace my fancy alarm clock!!!

  350. me me me me me me! i would like it =D

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  353. Oh my god those prizes are awesome. And although I am typing this on an iPad, I am disappointed in the example used above for “smart phone coaster” is showing an iPhone

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  378. Any of these would be great in my device lab.

  379. So…I was taking a nap, and I had this dream that Android came to my door. Yes…the Android…and he had a santa cap on. And he said to me, in the most awesome Sean Connery/Darth Vader/Short Circuit voice, “Go to Phandroid, and win this stuff.” And he stepped aside and my kids wagon was full of a bunch of goodies…very similar to the offering above. However, my kids were in the wagon…and they were touching and drooling and throwing everything around. Android looked at them, and looked down slowly, as if disappointed. I told my kids to tell Android that they’re sorry for ruining his gift. They did, they went inside, and then I threw all the stuff in my car to take to work so the kiddos wouldn’t touch it anymore. Android gave me a high five, even though he didn’t have any fingers, he’s speaks my language.

    So, long story short, I’m here, I’m entering the contest, so I’ll go with the “OMG OMG OMG PICK ME!!!!!11!!1!1!!!” comment and go on my way.

    Happy Holidays Phandroid, keep up the good work.

  380. creative? how bout a short song/poem? =)

    phandroid, i love you so,
    phandroid, youve got the fLo!
    i check up your site EVERYDAY,
    even when eating dinner from my tray!

    the website rocks and youre easy to follow,
    not like them other guys(theyre short and shallow)
    you bring all the gadgets and all of the news,
    i watch you as much as a kid watching blues clues!

    i wanna win, oh YES i DO!
    if i win i mite even wear a pink tutu!
    ok maybe i wont but you get wat im sayin,
    itd be awesome to win, no lie, im not playin!

    so with this i conclude my short song to you,
    YOU ROCK! YOURE AWESOME! keep doin what you DO!


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    Just one of the MANY reasons why phandroid is the best.
    Thanks guys!

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    I don’t have a fancy phone that could use the game gripper, so you could save some shipping costs if you randomly pick me :D

    Just looking out for your wallet’s interests, of course.

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    i can haz?

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    I think it’s awesome that you guys are doing this! Way to push the site and hopefully get product into people’s hands. Not many sites do stuff like this so it’s great that AF/Phandroid DOES do it.

    BTW, I think I would be the perfect person to win this time! :)

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    Hope I win!

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    That coaster is awesome as well. I could use some free about right now. Phandroid ftw.

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  493. My girlfriend wants one of the Maylong tablets. From the video you posted it looks very cool, albeit a bit buggy. ArsTechnica just TRASHED the Maylong recently though. Have you read their review and how much truth is there to it? From your vid it seems to perform ok.

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    Hopes i doooooo!

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    Phandroid is the best blog around.

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    Never seen that many before.
    Free stuff will do it I guess.
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody !
    Now if I can only get thru the holiday season whout hearing Burl Ives singing Frosty The Snowman.

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    oh wait, were we supposed to say something??
    oh yea
    “Do Want!”

    is that how you’re supposed to do it??

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  527. random commenter

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