Nov 23rd, 2010


Ah MiKandi. It’s very existence is a testament to Android as a platform and an abberation to one Mr. Steven Jobs. If you aren’t up to speed, MiKandi is the adults-only app store that bucks the Android Market and delivers porn-filled applications for all comers. The market is totally NSFW, but it has just been given a big overhaul. The company rebuilt the store from the ground up and in the process added in one major feature: paid applications.

The way it works moves away from per app purchases and more towards the model in place on Xbox Live. You purchase an amount of virtual currency which you are then able to dole out for premium apps. A little more discreet for those interested in dropping some cash in the MiKandi store while offering developers incentive to create higher quality apps for the fringe market.

Yes, it is still a store for porn, but with the recent addition MiKandi in a way legitimizes itself. For instance, the recent Hustler app made its way to the Android Market, and while it could be considered NSFW, the women involved still leave their naughty bits covered up, making way for more of an R-rated experience than the full-on triple X showing that is MiKandi. If Hustler has an outlet to make money off of a premium version that is not limited by certain decencies of the Android Market, why not? It is not to say I (or the general population) crave legitimized porn apps, but from a strictly business sense why can’t MiKandi be afforded the same place in the world as, say, the upcoming Amazon app store?

As always, the MiKandi store will prove divisive and be sure to stir up some discussion, so I will leave you with a poll for though. Is Android for porn?