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Ah MiKandi. It’s very existence is a testament to Android as a platform and an abberation to one Mr. Steven Jobs. If you aren’t up to speed, MiKandi is the adults-only app store that bucks the Android Market and delivers porn-filled applications for all comers. The market is totally NSFW, but it has just been given a big overhaul. The company rebuilt the store from the ground up and in the process added in one major feature: paid applications.

The way it works moves away from per app purchases and more towards the model in place on Xbox Live. You purchase an amount of virtual currency which you are then able to dole out for premium apps. A little more discreet for those interested in dropping some cash in the MiKandi store while offering developers incentive to create higher quality apps for the fringe market.

Yes, it is still a store for porn, but with the recent addition MiKandi in a way legitimizes itself. For instance, the recent Hustler app made its way to the Android Market, and while it could be considered NSFW, the women involved still leave their naughty bits covered up, making way for more of an R-rated experience than the full-on triple X showing that is MiKandi. If Hustler has an outlet to make money off of a premium version that is not limited by certain decencies of the Android Market, why not? It is not to say I (or the general population) crave legitimized porn apps, but from a strictly business sense why can’t MiKandi be afforded the same place in the world as, say, the upcoming Amazon app store?

As always, the MiKandi store will prove divisive and be sure to stir up some discussion, so I will leave you with a poll for though. Is Android for porn?

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  1. Open is open. If you start putting restrictions it is no longer open. Leave it to the marketplace to decide if they want to get their porn over their phones. If they don’t, Mikandi and outlets like it will go away.

  2. The Android OS will claim the lions share of apps by the end of this year. Plus, this is a pretty cool app, for adults that is.

  3. Ugh, what a sad sinful world we live in….

  4. bring on the porn! only problem is last time i tried this there was very little of any quality in the store. may give it another whizz though.

  5. @Brandon, yeah this is called fun, nobody gets to decide whats ok or not for the rest of us, that includes that imaginary friend jesus

  6. @james, no one mentioned Jesus. If you have no moral code, that is your own fault. The sinful part of this is not the sad part. The sad part is people who carry porn around in their pocket. What losers.

  7. @James. Imaginary? Jesus was a real person. But I`m sure you thought that was hilarious and no-one had heard it before. Lame

  8. Actually their store app is almost as good as the real Android Market.. very few apps and very few users tho.

  9. What exactly is sinful about adults viewing porn? Whose rights are being violated? Who is being sinned against here? I have a moral code and its perfectly fine with porn. I guess my moral code isn’t one of those that try to make me feel bad about being human…

  10. Yes, MiKandi has its place in the Android ecosystem.

    BloomWorlds, our upcoming “Family Friendly” app store is another example of how niche app store will work on Android’s open platform.

  11. Its not on the market anymore. Atleast not on it for me droid x

  12. The internet is for porn….

  13. The big question is free porn. Why more outlets aren’t doing ad driven free porn is beyond me.

  14. 8.27% of people who voted no are eunuchs.

  15. @james, yours is the imaginary world and not only did he live but still lives.

  16. Makes me rethink getting a refurbished phone.

  17. Not a big fan of this material but Android should be open and this type of stuff should be openly available (with the proper security protections, of course).

  18. Thank you for the coverage, Kevin and Phandroid!

    We’re happy to finally have payment support up and running for our developers. It’s been a long time coming and a lot of hard work. When we set out to build our own virtual currency payment system, we took notes from what was happening in the casual and social gaming space.

    The beauty of Android is that it gives everyone the power of choice, without judgement. Because of that niche stores like MiKandi and BloomWorlds (hi Todd!) can exist to serve our mobile communities.

  19. By the way, to celebrate our anniversary, the launch, and our newly discovered pop music skills (not really), we made a music video parodying Like a G6 by the Far East Movement. We called ours I Got Kandi.

    You can see it on our YouTube channel Jump to 1:10 to see the Android bot get down. Video SFW. :)

  20. @azureus

    LOL!!!! Really? Quality? OMFG!!! We are talking porn here right? Anyway, are porn sites blocked on the iphone or something? Well, as long as it is legal not much can be done, some people just do not subscribe to this nonsense. Some have a stronger moral compass than others, thats all.

    A.L exactly right on man, he lived and still LIVES!

  21. Merely proving that there is an app for that…on android.

  22. Can we ban the Jesus freaks from here?
    And get all that bible crap of the market.
    THAT is far more offensive to me than any of this porn shit!

  23. James, Jesus was real. I believe you meant to say god?

    The Christian moral code is not the moral code of humanity, so stop quoting bible crap at us.

    TBH there is nothing wrong with having a porn store on android. I mean any data connection is a porn store ffs.

    And Steve Jobs should not be talking of all people. He is the dude that had an illegitimate child with an artist and refused to pay child support. I think porn is a lot less “sinful” than screwing random chicks.

  24. Well, I don’t see a new bible app being showcased here on Phandroid. (See what I did there? One extreme to another. ;) ) I’m pretty sure everyone here has seen porn, but for the younger tweens with phones like the the Samsung Intercept and Motorola Flipout, they may have looked up porn before or never have, and guess what? Now its even easier for them to find and access. They go here, see the porn app adds and go “Hmmm… maybe I should check this out.” And before uk it, tada. Kids looking at this crap on their phones. Phandroid shouldn’t showcase these types of apps on the homepage though, its really unnecessary, you never know who comes to look at for all we know a 8 year old could be looking at this and then type in “Porn” on Google. This is simple cause and affect. Think.

  25. Um, looking at porn is not a sin. Someone of you are forgetting things like the fact that whoring is the oldest profession. Men have been doing this since before there was a jesus. I wouldn’t doubt jesus went to a brothel. This is in no way sinful. I am not gonna use it because I think having porn on my phone is stupid, not because it is wrong. I won’t look at anyone differently for having it…well maybe a little differently…I voted that apps like that should be here. Android is open and that is why it is so popular.

  26. I wouldn’t want to restrict access to anything, but my boys will be upgrading phones soon and I don’t think it needs nudity needs to be right there in the open. This app is a step in the right direction. Otherwise, “open” for adults is great, but as a parent I should be able to restrict content for my children.

    Not just for porn, but for anything I feel needs restricted. As it stands now, anyone of any age has access to any content. Whether or not I choose to allow that, there will be many people that choose not to get droids for their kids. That has to be a sizeable portion of the market. (maybe 15 – 20%) So if they are denying themselves a 5 – 10% share of the market when a simple parental control could be instituted, that is just ridiculous.

  27. @bill amen, if great minds are able to create such innovations as the mobile phone and is because they were designed by an intelligent creator, not billions of years of monkeys turning into men.

    and it’s not about morals. do you want to see people having sex in public? no. so why should people watch porn in public? keep it in doors, in your room, in your house, don’t take it out in public.

  28. Its now finally worth keeping around on my phone. old version was clunky and cheap, now it feels and acts more legitimate. Props to MiKandi to making a market that doesn’t push perversion over usability.

  29. Neither bible apps nor porn apps are being pushed to your phone.

    P.s. Everyone that posted is wrong about everything.

  30. While I don’t care if this stuff is available, I hate hearing people complain that there should be more “controls” in place. It’s ultimately up to PARENTS to keep a watch on what their kids are doing, not someone else. Anyone who is too stupid or worried that they aren’t gonna look like the “cool” parent when they try to keep watch as to what activities their kids are participating in should have thought about it before having kids. My wife and I don’t have kids and I certainly wouldn’t want one in the near future. I’d hate to have my kids grow up in with what seems like a mindless society. /rant

  31. “…delivers porn-filled applications for all comers.”

    I see what you did there.

  32. Looks like a fine app store, where can I download it or can I download it in the market?

    “As always, the MiKandi store will prove divisive and be sure to stir up some discussion”
    You were right there, the holier than thou sin police came in at the 3rd comment already!
    I’m sure about 30CE there were a few Jews named jesus walking around and if there was a specific jesus as described in some holy books then with all the not being married and hanging out with men almost exclusively I think he’d appreciate a Gay category in the MiKandi store.
    As for this guy being his own father and becoming a zombie…

  33. Porn apps for android? Well why not, but would you people actually spend money on mobile porn? I know i wouldn’t.

  34. What about the children?! Won’t somebody please think of the children!?

  35. @bill

    yes quality! the apps in the mikandi store are terrible! just junk – no decent video apps – just some bullshit apps that lie and are just about 3 pictures that are links to go to the paid members website.

    there’s absolutely no reason for me to go here instead of just googling “streaming porn” on my phone and watching free, good quality videos from the likes of pornhub etc.

  36. Jesus must be real, how else could he have hijacked this thread?

  37. With each new technology, pornography’s slimy hands worm their way into it.

  38. I think anyone who uses this is just pathetic, but it should be allowed.

  39. Morals are independent of religion. The things that are supposedly immoral from a purely religious standpoint are usually things that have no measurable negative effect on the real world. Things like porn and gay marriage, for instance.

  40. @spook I agree on that part. They should add some kind of parental control option into the marketplace so that if parents choose to lock out certain apps they can.

  41. @TonyJ – Porn does have an effect in the real world because it can tear apart a family or married couple if abused.

  42. @Eric: So can WoW. What’s your point?

  43. @Eric again: My Aunt’s family was torn apart when her husband suddenly converted to fundamental evangelical Christianity, and he started forbidding her from talking to her ‘sinful’ relatives and friends.

  44. Matthew 5:28
    How many of you guys here are married?

  45. My point is that is does have a messurable effect in the real world. You said it didn’t.

  46. @Eric it doesnt have an effect unless you allow it to

    if you dont like it dont view it

    those whom it affects are those who choose to allow it to be, they did it by choice, therefore one could say it is relatively unmeasurable because that person would get their fix somewhere

    perhaps this keeps a few thousand sexual deviant molester types pre-occupied instead of looking at the street corner bus stop for their next fix

    i imagine that could be measurable

  47. sorry losers there is no jesus, just government, lies, and porn… live with it or get an iphone and go read your gay bible

  48. I approve this app!!

  49. Just an idea, maybe android could use a content filtering app for parents and their kids. Remotely monitor their kids content and remove apps at their parents discrection. Just like the big brother that removes disapproved apps from our devices withoutus knowing. So you can be a responsible parent even when you are not physically there with your child.

  50. meh … I have no problem with the porn angle … heck i find “adult games” to sometimes be hilalrious and funny.

    The marketplace however was none of that. It basially contained “apps” of the worst kind, not in content but in quality. Poorly written, most just redirected your browser to a website with bad “click here” interactions …

    I dont see this marketplace gaining much ground. Not because it’s “adult”, or “amoral”, or whatver. But becuase the content is poor.

  51. Whoever needs to defend Jesus’ current existence, needs to look into themselves a little more.. if you need a backbone supplied by other followers’ support, I would say you’ve wasted more of your life trying to “believe” than trying to be yourself.

  52. The Hustler Android app is not very good, little tiny pictures, terrible video…The super Web Models app is much better, great video and even music, and while the girls are very hot, they don’t get naked either.

    Looks to me that google don’t want hard core in the Android Market and will leave it to others to supply it while apps like super web models in the Android Market try to walk a fine line.

  53. It’s almost embarrassing to say that it actually has a smoother and sleeker interface than the actual android market.

  54. Personally, I jerk off to the Bible – all that raping and incest, never fails to get me stiff…

  55. @44 Happily married but when I’m old I’d like some Biblical fair maidens to “know me” (wink wink) as in 1 Kings 1:1-4

  56. @Jesus ROFL I thought you were imaginary, you rapscallion!
    Where you been all these years man? Wait… you just approved a porn app, so you were… Awww thats gross! I hope you washed your hands before you typed!

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