Motorola’s Tegra 2-Equipped Olympus Slate Caught on Camera?


It’s been a little while since we’ve heard and talked about this thing, but Gizmodo seems to have procured shots of a Motorola slate that looks like it could be that Tegra 2-stocked Olympus we’ve been hearing about. To date, this is the largest screen we’ve seen on a Motorola phone outside of the Motorola DROID X for Verizon. We’ll assume 4.3-inches, for now, but this image – wherever it’s come from – makes it seem a lot larger than that. (Almost Dell Streak-like.)


Whoever Gizmodo spoke with said that “this will hands down be the iPhone killer,” but that’s subjective and we as Android fans don’t need an iPhone killer. We just need Android to continue to evolve, and the accompanying hardware seems to be keeping up as we head into 2011. From what we’ve heard before, this phone looks to be headed for AT&T first and will get launch treatment on other carriers sometime after that.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Please stock gingerbread.

  2. iPhone killer?

    Wasn’t the DROID supposed to be the iPhone killer?

    …and the Nexus One?

    …and the EVO?

    I’m a bit tired of the term “iPhone killer”. I appreciate how the term was used in this particular story, but I don’t think it is necessary to mention it at all for a minor hardware leak.

  3. Every single Android phone I’ve had has been an iPhone killer…..
    Just let it die. No need to bring it up all of the time.
    As for the Olympus, doesn’t look anything special really.
    Looks like pretty much every other android phone……

  4. No single Android phone can “kill” iPhone, even if it sells more units than the iPhone in launch day, or what have you. It’s Android itself who will make iPhone a lot less important in a few years from now.

  5. I do believe I see a front facing camera (I’m sure this will be the standard with most phones going forward).

    I am getting tired of manufacturers choice of providers however. AT&T? Come on. Especially when Motorola has had so much success on VZW, and LTE is right around the corner (LTE/Tegra2/Motorola… I think I just had a heart attack).

  6. congrats motorola your first good looking phone….

  7. Better hope the EVO 2 doesnt grow in Size…..Otherwise….HTC will trump Motorola once again.

  8. Stop going after the iPhone killer thing. I phone died when Nexus came out.

  9. @moises, the x looks better then that.

  10. I think the whole I-phone killer is a stupid remark… the Iphone is a really nice phone… its all preference and the iphone will allways be around and it will always have a dedicated following. Now admittedly it had no real competition until Android came onto the scene, but I don’t think that the iphone will simply disapear, they will just divide the market. I personally love android and would never go Iphone (although their screens and camera’s are the best) but I don’t think that Android phones are the end all be all only phone on the market worth peoples time and money. The iphone is a great introduction into the smart phone market, it is easier to use and less buggy. Android is more innovative and expansive… let people get what they want and stop acting like your smarter than someone because they use iOS and you use Froyo. You just look like a nerd who thinks he/she’s smarter than everyone else. Its a phone. Don’t become a fanboy.

  11. What’s the display size in pixels and inches?

    That’s a big factor for me.

  12. Let’s hope this device is free from blur and locked bootloaders.

  13. I thought the phrase “iPhone killer” has long been retired. It’s like the War on Drugs, it will never end.

  14. It was Engadget that said it was an “iPhone killer,” not Phandroid. Don’t go jumping on Quentin about a comment made by another site. Read it again…or better yet, have someone read the article to you.

  15. BOUT FUCKING TIME. This is the phone I’ve been waiting for just glad I return my X10!

  16. @Sam I Amdroid…

    I never said Quintin, your an idiot for using that term, I simply explained how stupid the term is. Read and think before you reply.

  17. Pretty sure it won’t be stock android since it has the blur menu and home key.

  18. @Nlsme no way with that big ugly hump in the back, not for me this is much nicer.

  19. LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!!!!! We meaning the android community who use android products, have surpassed the ios a long long time ago. The iphone is shit, it always has been an always will be. But before I leave here today I do have to say something that is total blasphemy. Android on the ishit 4
    , would make one kick ass device. Anyone agree with me. android is a superior OS, just like winmo7. I have to say speaking as a techie; i really think MS did a good job with winmo 7. I say its better than ios.

  20. Droid product like and the Galaxy S line probbaly compare to the iPhone in terms of sales!

  21. Looks exactly like the Samsung Fascinate but with Motorola branding.

  22. i would love to see the samsung focus with gingerbread in it…that would be ideal for me.

  23. waaay too frickin big. this bigger than the last model trend is getting ridiculous.

  24. Why no front facing camera??? I do not get it at all. HTC, Iphone, and a ton of android tablets have them. Why does Moto leave it out. I mean it can not be that hard to put one on a cellphone.

  25. Cleary looks to have a ffc….

  26. Would MUCH rather info and/or a leaked pic of the Stingray.

  27. I hope its come with vanilla honeycomb but ihope too much. I’m looking forward to the LG star tegra 2 phone. Who will come out with the 1st tegra 2 phone? Iphone killer? These phone are capable of stealing the DS, PSP markets as well.

  28. wow it even seems to have two front 3D camera.

  29. I always like it better in the front

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