Namco Games Get Small Price Reductions Nov. 25


Alongside hardware, expect sales for apps to skyrocket this holiday season. We’ve already seen many other apps go on sale to match up to this festive time of the year where people tend to get into spending frenzies, and the boat moves right along with Namco offering a nice crop of their games at cheaper prices. From November 25th to December 5th, be sure to stop by your local Android market to check out some of these titles:


Priced down to $3.99

  • Ms. PAC-MAN
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Priced down to $2.99

  • Harvest Moon Frantic Farming
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Rolling with Katamari
  • The Wolfman

[via AC]

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  1. I’m not seeing katamari in the market at all..anyone have a link?

  2. Same here – I can’t find it.

    (Droid 2)

  3. Thirded! I looked over not expecting to find anything of interest, and was like “holy crap, Katamari!”…now nothing in the Market :(

  4. Just checked up on Google, it does seem to have been removed from the Market and has some pretty poor reviews. Oh well.

  5. IMHO, a bit pricy compared to the other games in the market…

  6. The article does state Nov 25th to Dec 5th–it is only Nov 23rd people…

  7. Heads up. Pacman at least has a FREAKING DRM on it. It’s only playable when connected to the web. I found this out when I tried playing it on an airplane. NAMCO can suck-it for that BS!

  8. I googled it and it looks like its for “old phones” aka not on the android OS.

  9. Talking about katamari btw, sorry lol.

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