ThickButtons Beta 0.9 in the Android Market Now


ThickButtons have just announced that they’ve reached version 0.9 of the beta version of their application and have urged users to go ahead and download the new version. Here are but a few of the improvements and features found in version 0.9:

  • Typing in Spanish, German, English, French and Italian;
  • Voice input for FroYo users;
  • Smarter support of landscape mode.

I could’ve sworn English has been a supported language since the keyboard replacement was introduced, but we’re not going to grasp at straws. They’ve also published results from usability tests they’ve run. They found that users were 31% more accurate and 24% speedier when using ThickButtons compared to your traditional QWERTY keyboard.


And if we’re talking about the stock Android keyboard, then I have no hesitation in believing them. (It’s like murder for someone with hands as big as mine to type on that!) Give ThickButtons a whirl now by scanning or touching the QR code below, or by searching for “ThickButtons” in the Android market. [via A&M]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Whoa, didn’t even know this existed.

  2. I have tried this from time to time and it’s a neat idea but the keys expand to the point that they move. I invariably hit the key adjacent to the one I’m going for.

  3. did not like it, hard to type, does not really help. and really annoying if you wanna type something in a different language..

  4. Very cool concept

  5. Fuck the bing ads

  6. I’m sure you get tons of crap for the bing ads, as you should. Remove the bing ads.. I’ve always followed Phandroid.. Get rid of the bing ads please none of us true android fans want to see them.

  7. Awesome keyboard, great for my big fingers

  8. I can’t get used to the damn Bing ads either. When I first see them, I think it’s part of the article, then I quickly realize it’s just a stupid, annoying ad…and it makes me mad. I hate it.

  9. I love it when people comment on irrelevant shit, such as the Bing ads, rather than the article itself. If you don’t want to follow Phandroid any longer because of such trivial nitpicks, then don’t. I don’t think anybody will notice or give a damn. Now, as far as the app mentioned in the actual article goes: it’s a cool concept, but the prediction could use some improvement. It seems to be aimed more at slow typers for now.

  10. Ads are ads, people. Don’t be so petty. Just ignore them. I can’t stand this sense of entitlement that runs rampant. They have the right to post ads from any company they choose. Stfu and stop thinking you can dictate how they make their money. As much as I love google, I’d advertise bing, if mIcrosoft paid me to.

  11. so if you have 2.1 your fucked?

  12. Tried this keyboard and had mixed reviews. Hard to type really fast because the width changes a lot. Like Swiftkey the most.

  13. Guys if the ads are bugging you so much just use FireFox and install the AdBlock Plus addon.

  14. This is what the iPhone uses except apples is invisible and much better. This one actually moves the buttons (or at least it used to) which is completely insane. IPhones just resize based on prediction And its the best keyboard there is. Blindtype will hopefully push it for rank but this keyboard is just a poor version of the ios keyboard. Its good to see third parties trying though. I guess, hell I haven’t found one worth switching to and I’ve tried them all.

  15. Regarding Bing adds: AdBlock. Bam, no more Bing. Get it.

    Swype is better. Not even going to try this.

  16. I think this keyboard would be harder to use than the regular keyboard. I have yet to try it though.

    Bing Ads: Normally I understand why ads should be on a page as a webmaster my self. I will say however, these ads are obnoxious and large. Because of that, I have enabled AdBlocker on this site. I normally allow ads on Phandroid to help support it but not when you have ads like that.

  17. not nearly enough languages included :) Sry

  18. I gave this thing a the old college try, and the whole keys moving round confused me and made my typing 40% slower and 80% more inaccurate. This still needs a lot of work. But def going in the right direction.

  19. All you people complaining about bing ads need to update your hosts file. I never seen a bing ad since coming here

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