Tegra 2-Powered Motorola Olympus to Put AT&T’s other Android Phones to Shame Come Q1 2011



We have been hearing about Motorola’s upcoming NVIDIA Tegra 2 smartphones for a while now. We have also been hearing the Motorola Olympus codename bandied about quite a bit. While many were leaning towards that codename going along with a tablet, the latest rumor out of BGR puts it instead with a “tablet style” smartphone headed to AT&T early next year. The Olympus features a 4-inch screen, but it apparently won’t be just any old LCD or AMOLED. The source speaking of the device says it is “beautiful” and “step[s] it up in resolution.” To us that sounds like something using a similar technology to the iPhone’s retina display. The source also says the phone will run on an NVIDIA chipset, and considering the only one they have been throwing at mobile lately is the Tegra 2, we are inclined to believe this is the Moto phone to get it.

There is no question that if this phone would put the blush of embarrassment on the faces of AT&T’s other Android handsets, but for some reason we get this feeling the carrier will mess it up. I suppose when Steve Jobs has you in a stranglehold and won’t let you tinker inside his phone you need to exorcise your control issues elsewhere, hm?

[via BGR]

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  1. I hope we can see a leaked picture or even render of what it’ll look like by Dec.

  2. Me too, I hope it comes to Verizon though too.. But I guess we’ll find out soon.

    So far I still really like that LG phone… unless this looks better and comes around the same time, idk. Because the LG phone will have the same specs: (Tegra 2 for sure, (hopefully a high res display, stock android for sure, and hopefully Gingerbread!)

  3. With the i*hone supposedly coming to Verizon in Q1 of 2011, AT&T needs to definitely add to its smartphone alternatives in order to compete on a newly level playing field. Of course, isn’t verizon supposed to get this phone too?

  4. Hopefully we’re going to see a similar phone on tmobile

  5. Tablet style phone? What are the evo4g/droid X considered? To me it sounds big (dell streak with smaller screen).

  6. I remember all that talk about the motorola super ‘utopia’ phone that would incorporate everything that’s technologically possible.

  7. I pieced together info from some other sites too and from what I read Moto’s going to be doing something similar to the Galaxy S and roll it out on all the carriers, at least that was the rumor. It’s hard to say anything definite. Rumor also has it the phone’s hardware is already done as well and they’re just waiting for software and that the NDA on this phone is nearly absurd.

  8. Knowing AT&T, it’ll probably be crippled and shameful to own.

  9. I am very excited about this phone.

    But, why do they always keep things such a secret? Take a lesson from Apple’s Marketing and announce this well ahead of time and make an event out of the launch. Build some hype and get some excitement beyond people who browse the Android bulletin boards. This phone has every chance of making a real impact and splash. Motorola and AT&T have had a great relationship over the years, going back to the original Razr and the exclusivity it had for over a year.

    I like the allusion that they are making a ‘Samsung-like’ marketing approach and launching on multiple carriers.

    One thing that couple a benefit from such launches will be less-fragmentation of most of the popular devices with having them in several camps, such as HTC, Motorola, and Samsung.

    I think there is a good chance that AT&T will hamper this phone. It learned too much from Jobs and his closed approach. But, this was during their exclusivity of the iPhone and if that is indeed ending, they ARE smart enough to know to go a different direction and Android is obviously the best route to go. A high-end phone just before “the end” of the exclusivity will be a great way to do that.

    Will this bring throngs of people to AT&T? No. Will it prevent a lot of Apple Fanboys currently on AT&T from leaving and going to Verizon? No. But it will allow AT&T to provide their customers with a legitimate choice between devices. Most people on Phandroid.com likely don’t like the iPhone. To me it’s OK, but, not for me. Apparently it did something right and changed the face of smartphones, like their product or not, you cannot argue the results.

  10. Yeah what every AT&T. You guys just keep kissing up to STEVE JOBS ASS AND APPLE. Then I won’t switch to T-Mobile after contract ends. cause YOU WON’T GET ANY CUSTOMERS if you get rid of the UNLIMITED DATA PLANS!

  11. Tegra 2 GPU is weak.

  12. @jjfnights8

    Uhhh, all the carriers will soon end unlimited data plans on smartphones. Verizon has just started themselves.

  13. ***Apparently they didn’t get the memo about the launch of the
    Samsung Flagship device that has all this and more.

    Launching February 2011:

    The gentlemen at Engadget grew tired of breaking news on the Nexus S, so they turned their attention to a yet-unnamed Samsung
    superphone that will be coming in February of 2011. This slide shows how super-thin this new phone will be and it will feature a new 4.5″ WVGA sAMOLED2. To think that it’s better display than the current crop of Galaxy S phones just amazes. It’ll pack Android Gingerbread, full 1080p recording and playback, as well as a 8 megapixel shooter. They list it as having “advanced hardware” that includes 14.4Mbps HSDPA/5.76Mbps HSUPA, 1.2Ghz processor and 16GB of memory. This phone almost makes us forget about the Nexus S. Things are moving fast people.

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