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We have been hearing about Motorola’s upcoming NVIDIA Tegra 2 smartphones for a while now. We have also been hearing the Motorola Olympus codename bandied about quite a bit. While many were leaning towards that codename going along with a tablet, the latest rumor out of BGR puts it instead with a “tablet style” smartphone headed to AT&T early next year. The Olympus features a 4-inch screen, but it apparently won’t be just any old LCD or AMOLED. The source speaking of the device says it is “beautiful” and “step[s] it up in resolution.” To us that sounds like something using a similar technology to the iPhone’s retina display. The source also says the phone will run on an NVIDIA chipset, and considering the only one they have been throwing at mobile lately is the Tegra 2, we are inclined to believe this is the Moto phone to get it.

There is no question that if this phone would put the blush of embarrassment on the faces of AT&T’s other Android handsets, but for some reason we get this feeling the carrier will mess it up. I suppose when Steve Jobs has you in a stranglehold and won’t let you tinker inside his phone you need to exorcise your control issues elsewhere, hm?

[via BGR]

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