Tablet Tuesday: ViewSonic ViewPad 7 on Sale, Aigo AigoPad Out in Asia


It’s time for another sort-of regular edition of Tablet Tuesday! This week we aren’t scraping the bottom of the barrel, we are skimming the sweet cream off the top. Two pretty good 7-inch Android tablets are dropping just in time to give the Samsung Galaxy Tab a run for its money.


The ViewSonic ViewPad 7 has gone on sale over at Amazon for a healthy $600. For that you get Froyo, a 600MHz ARM chipset, and rear and front-facing cameras. The 7-inch touchscreen runs at 800×480 pixels and an SD card expands upon 512MB of internal storage. But what does the ViewPad 7 do that the likes of the Galaxy Pad doesn’t? Voice calls. Just as pricey as the Tab for a give and take in terms of features.


The Aigo AigoPad (some creative names for these tablets, huh?) is another 7-inch device with what on paper looks like a winner. Android 2.1, 512MB of RAM, and an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. How is that for quick? 32GB of storage can hold plenty of media to output through the device’s HDMI output. The whole thing is reasonably priced at what amounts to about $452, but for now is only available in Asia.

[via AndroidGuys, AndroidCommunity]

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  1. The Aigo pad looks decent.. but what is the Processor speed? Sure it can have a Tegra 2 but with a crappy CPU its still be a crappy tablet.

  2. let me refrase that what is the processor speed of the Tegra 2

  3. Aigo Aigo? Is that made by a Korean company?

  4. Does anyone else think 7 inches is too small for a tablet. Having a 4″ Galaxy S phone, I just don’t see the appeal, nor the justification of spending hundreds of dollars on something my phone can already do.

  5. Have you actually SEEN a 7″ tablet in person? The size difference between that and a 4″ is quite dramatic. It’s a HUGE (pun intended) increase in screen size.

    Imagine three Galaxy S phones in portrait mode, side by side, and you start to get the idea.

    But that size is still more portable than the 10″ iPad (which is twice the size of the Tab).

  6. I got a Viewsonic G Tablet this weekend, its hardware is alot better than the Viewpad for a much more reasonable price. The UI isn’t all that great but the Dev support is building quick on it and with a few tweeks its bearable for now. So it is by far better than than the Viewpad especially with the Tegra 2 under the hood.

  7. Sorry, not impressed. Android tablets so far have been pretty underwhelming. I would consider a Tab if it was several hundred less. Hopefully 3.0 based tablets will be much more compelling.

  8. The Viewpad 7 is no way worth $599

  9. @Elsydeon tegra 2 is dual-core cortexA9 with a speed of up to 1ghz.
    it’s no guarantee that it will be that speed in the aigopad though, it may very well be something like 768×2.

  10. I have seen it Croak, that’s why I mentioned it. I happen to think the larger tablets are more practical. Even at 7″, it’s too large to fit in a pocket, so it’s really got nothing to do with portability in my opinion. I just think that if you’ve already got a laptop and you’ve already got a smartphone, what’s the point in spending over 500 bucks for a device that pretty much does the same thing as the two devices you already have. I just can’t see this thing really taking off. I understand that everyone is putting one (or 2 or 3) out right now and they’ll probably sell a few over the holidays, but still, seems like overkill to me. And in this economy especially, who can really afford to spend a half a grand on a gadget like this?

  11. Hope this is better than the G Tablet, sending mine back. No market, no apps, poor viewing angle, and way overloaded UI. Figured it was worth a try for $400 (10″ tablet) but can’t see any way to get apps on it.

  12. Personally, I’m interested in these things for the geek factor. They’re just plain cool. However, they do seem to have a place in business. I have several clients that use them more than their laptops. One client who is employed by a large linux distro in NC that uses his iPad exclusively during the week. The laptop stays at home or on his desk. I have another client that is upgrading their salesforce to iPads instead of laptops and smartphones. You may not see a place for them right now but this is a trend not a fad. They are getting more powerful with more memory…nearly every day.
    Just my humble opinion.

  13. bad translate

    not confirmed that AigoPad have tegra 2 processor only 512mb ram, 380 grams, 7 inches and price

    AigoPad N700 isn´t brand Compal NZ10 like rumours says in summer

  14. Why not just go with the Zenithink for $239? Sounds like the best deal IMO

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