People of Lava’s Android TV is One Google TV too Late



Way back in April, Swedish manufacturer People of Lava began drumming up hype around their new television sets deploying Android as their operating system. Half a year later and after the release of Google TV the company is upping the ante with a big old 55-inch set. Problem is it runs Android 1.5 along with its own custom app store.

The company argues that Google TV legitimizes their offering and should boost sales, but we will leave that claim open to debate. This thing will se you back 4,257 euros. Not cheap, and not the deep integration Google TV affords. If I were someone at People of Lava I’d start hitting up big G to let them in on their TV software.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Not cheap is right. Maybe it runs on Unicorns.

  2. Yes, electricity from unicorn furnaces are very expensive to operate.

  3. what are you taking about. this thing runs on refined dragon taint sweat mined from plutos 3rd invisible moon. of COURSE its better than Google tv. 1.5 or not this thing is PIMP. i mean seriously the company is called “People Of Lava”. How could it possibly be a fail in the making?

  4. Just a gimmick, better off with an HTPC then

  5. Saw it at AndroidOnly in Stockholm in August. It is easy to diss it and the fact that it is based on android 1.5, but there were significant improvements on the OS. Besides, what good is GoogleTV until there is a real app market and thus an SDK?!?!

  6. Not dissing the software since I haven’t seen it, but the “Oracle” says that this thing is $5,800 USD. That’s a lot of coin for a 55″ panel these days.

  7. I also saw it at AndroidOnly in Stockholm (August) – I must say it was not that bad… Clearly it will have to be updated from the prehistoric 1.5 (which I think they have done), but apart from this, it is a pretty cool product. What it did good was the speed and the way it handled video… Impressive and surprising, I must say. The price – hefty, but the guys at People of Lava, argued that their position is and have to be premium, up and away from Sony, Samsung and the rest.

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