Nov 12th, 2010

I know, I know: this poll is a bit premature considering we still don’t have the full smorgasbord of information regarding the supposed Nexus S – Samsung’s and Google’s attempt at an “updated” developer phone. Still, considering what we know (that this might be indentical to or only slightly better than the Galaxy S and that many manufacturers are looking to introduce even more powerful devices early 2011, including Samsung), would you jump for the Nexus S or wait until something else comes out?


Many of you are saying it’s not about the hardware at all, as a Samsung hardware + Google software combination would make for a delightful experience. (And note that when I say hardware, I’m referring to the beefy internals and not the aesthetics that many seem to have an issue with.)

So what is it? Nexus S? This new supposed flagship device from Samsung that should be even beefier? Or are you going to keep on waiting until we learn more about what other manufacturers are doing? (Most likely once CES takes off in early January.)

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