Nexus S or Bust? [Poll]


I know, I know: this poll is a bit premature considering we still don’t have the full smorgasbord of information regarding the supposed Nexus S – Samsung’s and Google’s attempt at an “updated” developer phone. Still, considering what we know (that this might be indentical to or only slightly better than the Galaxy S and that many manufacturers are looking to introduce even more powerful devices early 2011, including Samsung), would you jump for the Nexus S or wait until something else comes out?


Many of you are saying it’s not about the hardware at all, as a Samsung hardware + Google software combination would make for a delightful experience. (And note that when I say hardware, I’m referring to the beefy internals and not the aesthetics that many seem to have an issue with.)

So what is it? Nexus S? This new supposed flagship device from Samsung that should be even beefier? Or are you going to keep on waiting until we learn more about what other manufacturers are doing? (Most likely once CES takes off in early January.)

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’d get it just as a guinea pig for all sorts of Android frankensteinery.

  2. If Nexus S has a S5PC210 Orion, heck YES.

  3. What about carrier? I don’t care about any thing other than big red.

  4. Even the new “super” Galaxy S phones can’t really beat the Nexus One so I am definitely getting the Nexus S. The Nexus has shown time and time again that its all about the software. Also if you plan on waiting, don’t because there is always another super Android phone around the corner so you will be waiting forever, the Nexus One is the only Android phone that has not been forgotten in 2 months.

  5. I will pick Nexus S only if it runs vanilla Android. But I might take it anyway because I am sick of HTC recent poor hardware selection: small internal memory (1.5GB on Desire HD) and small battery 1230 mAH. I want at least 4GB internal memory, 8GB is GOOD, 16GB is BETTER, 32GB is unbelievable. I love Android, but I hate my HTC Desire pathetic internal memory size :(

  6. What blows my mind away is how all the different companies shove their own version of the OS on us. Come on!!! Why can’t they give us options to choose between them? That’s why I hate politics.

  7. May be not as good looking, but the latest Android Firmware upgrades at consistent time frames is more enough then to adopt this device. But for me, it’s not there anymore. I just think Android is slowly getting too many devices/too many firmwares, that it’s just all confusing to the end-consumer market. Especially since the Nexus One in the UK is so rare, I’d doubt the the second version would be anymore popular. Although, HTC Desire was adopted rapidly here.

  8. I got an N1 on the first day it could be ordered. I love having updates as soon as they’re ready. That’s the main reason I haven’t switched to another phone. If google is working with samsung to produce a phone that will be updated as quickly as the N1 I’m on board.

  9. I don’t care if the Nexus S doesnt have a dual core or HSPA+ , all I care about is having a powerful 1ghz with great GPU, NO carrier branding on the phone, and No Carrier BS! After being spoiled by my N1’s freedom (and Google’s complete control) I can’t go back to a locked carrier Android phone.

  10. @Wrceuro, It’s nothing to do with politics, companies can do whatever they want to their mobiles. Android being open source allows them to make it even more easier to distribute their applications onto the overall OS experience. They don’t just shove ‘their’ version primarily but a version of Android with added extras ontop. HTC, Samsung, Moto and Acer, they all do it, it’s just how the business works. Then when their advertising champaign begins, they can set aside differences they’ve added to make it sell more. For example, HTC adds their Sense service/user interface with added widgets, customised apps and social networking integration. So it’s not politics it’s just the consumer market and how they are trying to sell as many of these devices as possible, just like any business.

  11. @christian
    Big Red will *never* release an untouched, uncrippled, tether-enabled, Google-updated Android phone.
    I’d love to sign up with Verizon, but their policies suck worst of all.
    I’d much rather have stock Android and get updates straight from Google, within a few weeks after they’re made public.
    The Nexus S will likely be T-Mobile only. So, is it worth it? Considering what carriers are doing to Android — HELL YES.

  12. Plain and simple, this hardware does not fit my needs. I have several Galaxy S phones I test at work, they all have several flaws that the Nexus S also seems to have.

    1 – Shiny, scratch magnet plastic. Coming from the durable teflon and aluminum Nexus One, this is a definite step backward.

    2 – Pentile from Super AMOLED. The sole feature I dislike about the N1. I’ve honestly shopped getting an SLCD N1 or replacing the screen, that’s how much it bothers me (despite the N1 otherwise being the best phone I’ve ever owned).

    3 – Slide covers for USB and MSD. They get loose and rattley, pretty annoying.

    Granted none of this is set in stone, but something tells me these items are more than likely in the Nexus S, and they would be dealbreakers for me.

  13. If it gets a Tegra 2, yes. There will be great games coming to Tegra platform exclusively because of the Unreal 3 engine which only supports Tegra 2. I wouldn’t want to miss them.

    Hopefully it will also have a 720p display resolution or something like that.

  14. What about carrier?

    My Nexus One runs on AT&T.

    I’m still under contract and I’m not a big fan of T-Mobile.

  15. i already have the epic 4g and the fact that samsung hasnt even released froyo when gingerbread is already out has me wanting to return and go with t mobile and g2

  16. I hope the hardware is dual core and shows us again why android will be ahead of the competition.

  17. I’m a little bummed out that Android phone development is slowing down so much. The N2 will barely be better than the N1.

    Although, I almost don’t mind, since my Droid X is still on top of the heap a solid 4 months after release. That’s some sort of record, right?

  18. I am not impressed with Samsung Android phones. Samsung seems to be late with bug fixes and software updates especially with the Galaxy S GPS issues.

    I have a Nexus One and love it. I would get a Nexus Two if it were made by HTC or Motorola. I will not be getting a Samsung made Android phone anytime in the foreseeable future.

  19. I’d say it’s a combination of both hardware and the full Google Experience.

    With that said…I think ill wait to upgrade when a real Nexus Two gets released, I have had better luck with HTC Android devices than I have had with Samsung devices including the Vibrant.

  20. Yea you may want to check on the info someone posted above about the current Nexus S being scrapped at the last minute to up the processor specs. And it makes sense because I JUST told somebody yesterday that the Nexus S would be obsolete come January so they may just want to wait.

  21. I love my Vibrant for the hardware only. What I hate about it is Samsung. They are d1cking around with the frign updates and it is simply not worth it. Right now I have a very good and really powerful phone but sh1tty support. If Samsung released all their proprietary stuff to Google so they could update the phone I would be totally happy!

  22. Why does Google keep producing phones with either T-Mobile or AT&T frequencies? If they are trying to change the way phones are sold, why don’t they make a pentaband 3G phone like Nokia did with the N8. I really wish Nokia would adopt the Android OS because they make good hardware but their software just isn’t very competitive.

  23. I love the hardware of the Galaxy S, but I HATE!!! the custom UI, so I would never get it. If I could get the amazing hardware without the horrible UI consider me sold.

    If it has Gingerbread, than I am even more sold

  24. I may look into it only after it has been released for a little while to see if they fixed the gps problems and wont have to worry about their shitty support with updates since they would come directly from google but will most likely go with HTC or moto because by the time they release this im sure it will be dated compared to the phones other companies are making.

  25. The Nexus S is not only a Samsung phone, but it just looks like a cheap plastic toy (like other Samsung phones). No way in hell would I get it.

  26. @Evan dude Nexus S

  27. @Evan dude Nexus S IS totally managed by Google. So there is no way Samsung will put their custom UI.

  28. The Galaxy S phones have HORRIBLE gps and compass support, and Samsung never made it right.

    Even after their alleged “fix”, neither my compass nor GPS worked.

    I will never buy a Samsung again.

  29. To all u guys saying no HSPA+.. T mobile has stated that FFC wouldnt work with 3G and HSPA+ or 4G is the only way for it to work (WiFi too).. So I am sure Sammy will beef up the specs or it would be a waste to have FFC

  30. If the internals are identical to the Galaxy S line, fine. I thought the specs were great. Of course they could be better but find me anything that cant be improved upon in some way and i’ve found a liar.

    Now, if it looks like cheap plastic crap like the Vibrant then no. That was a major turn off.

    However, as long as its stock Android it will probably get my money considering TMO’s last 2 releases: Mytouch 4G, nice but looks like a sidekick (which i hated) and Espresso UI? No thanks. G2, GREAT overall but 800MHz processor? Thats nice and all but I have concerns about update rumors for Gingerbread. Until I know fore sure whether or not 1GHz is a requirement or not its safer to lean toward the side that says that it is and go with something more powerful which is a good idea anyway.

  31. I would take a Motorola build Nexus…. I love the build of their phones, just as long as it can be unlocked and pure google. The Moto Droid was really the first Nexus if you think about it… They made Android bigger than HTC was able to…

  32. My next phone HAS to have a GPS that works, and a case that’s durable enough I won’t need to constantly worry about scratching it with the stuff in my pocket. So that pretty much rules Sammy out. I think Vibrant owners are still waiting for Froyo from Samsung.

  33. I have a G2, with some time left in my grace period…It’s a good phone, so is the MT4G. Nexus S would be a good switch, but if it comes out after my grace period I don’t want to spend extra $$$ just to chase the latest hardware. I can always get the latest software with Cyanogen.

  34. The main problem with the existing Galaxy S is that Samsung have utterly crippled what should be the leading handset with their terrible software.
    Firstly – KIES – its truly awful.
    Secondly – the LAG – totally unacceptable for such a powerful device to grind to a halt after a day or two, but that’s what the Galaxy S does. (At least OCLF and other fixes help)

    So if this new handset can solve those two issues then it may be worth having – but I’ll probably be looking for something else next time I upgrade.

  35. It sounds like, if this rumor is true, that Google is looking to use retail channels for their Nexus. That’s very good, and could well prove more successful. I’d feel better about upgrading to it if me & the mrs. can actually see the thing. (My N1 purchase was a gamble, a good one, but not how I’d normally do a phone buy.)
    For the folks wanting this on Verizon: I feel for you, but really, how does one put an unlocked phone on a CDMA network? The carrier has to program it, and you think they’ll let an “untested” phone on their network? GSM is way simpler to sell as unlocked; just throw in a SIM card.

  36. If you always wait for something bigger and better to come out, you’ll be waiting forever. The thing is, nicer phones come out every 2 months, and the average joe isn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars to break contract each time a new phone is released. If they do, they’re not too bright to begin with. Since I recently upgraded to a Fascinate I’m stuck with what I have until late next year. But that’s fine by me because by this time next year there will be even bigger and better phones than the Nexus S available.

  37. These polls show that people are very confused about what they want. Poll one say they want to wait for a better hardware and poll two says they think software is more important. The Nexus line of phones is the most software supported Android phone so what they want is the Nexus S, see it wasn’t that hard to figure out.

  38. Booo.. TMobile.. I will never go back!

  39. It’s software, not hardware, if the Nexus one still gets 2.3, does it matter if it’s a dual core? not unless it cripples the experience.

  40. I love my iPhone 4 and wont use android phones at all, cause iPhone is much better.

  41. @Justin-Great, then GTFO and go back to sucking Jobs ***k.

  42. The rumor of a last minute processor swap, and having to redo the software to optimize for dual core and do it all in such a rush because they want to get it to market (for the holidays I imagine) makes it risky to jump on it.. I’ll wait for awhile to see what problems the early adopters have.

  43. No HSPA+ on the phone ?
    I will get the G2 instead because thats a major problem.


  44. If not next gen hardware, no care.

  45. This phone doesnt match the breakthrough of the N1. The Nexus brand should be the phone that is a model to all manufactures to see what they should be doing, the N1 did that.. so far from what I know the n2 isnt going to do that.

    I also like the first N1’s hardware. I hate plastic.
    Go HTC!

  46. Funny how there’s always a few apple fanboys on this site! They either secretly love android or they’re full of sh!t and are just trolling. Either way what a sad lonely life the must live.

  47. @Jacob I’m sure that’s just some jackass who may or may not care about Android or iOS but posted that just to get reaction.

    Also, I agree with some of the above. Im mostly concerned with the software side. Stock is what I need but lack of HSPA+ compatibility is just dumb.

  48. No way in hell will I get a Nexus 2.
    I own 2 Nexus Ones (Both carriers) and a Captivate. I got the Captivate because it looks nothing like an iphone. The other Galaxy S phones look too much like an iphone and this “Nexus 2” looks exactly like an iphone. No Thanks!!!
    Added to that, the specs on this new phone aren’t advanced enough to be “next gen”. The WOW factor just isn’t there.
    3rd… I don’t see anything being called the Nexus S. Google won’t give Samsung that much control over the phone or the name. The N1 was “THE” Google phone which was designed by Google but made by HTC. This “N2” is just a Galaxy S rehash. I don’t see any visible Google input.
    Lastly…. Why would Google reward the company that doesn’t even respect Google enough to put the “with Google” logo on their current phones? Just about every Android phone I’ve seen has it except for my Captivate and of course the other Galaxy S phones.

    OK, really lastly now… Samsung can’t even get GPS working on their phones. My N1 has pin point GPS accuracy. My Captivate has me driving straight down a road when I actually turned left onto a different road 5 minutes ago.

  49. @ UDTSeal “I don’t see any visible Google input.”

    how do you know that Google didn’t like the design?

    Every post about Samsung I’m getting sick of noobs/crybabies/moaners who just can’t seem to take in the fact that their Nexus one is getting updated to a new one.

  50. I just got a Galaxy S device (Epic) and all I care about is Google forcing carriers to update in a reasonable timeframe. Especially Samsung. What they’ve done with updates so far is completely unacceptable. They are really giving Android a black eye because of their neglect of staying up-to-date on Android releases. It’s not only fragmentation of the OS, but it is also damaging to the security model of the OS. Updates don’t just fix bugs and bring new features, but they fix a ton of security problems. With the recent publication of the study done on the security of Android, it’s more important than ever for the manufacturers to provide updates as quickly as possible. It’s a liability if they screw around for 6 months after Google releases a new update to Android before their own update gets pushed out.

  51. I can confirm this is the new google nexus phone. I live right next to the google campus in Kirkland WA and I was at the local store where I saw someone using this very phone. I asked if it was the new google phone and he quickly hid it and said.. “nope” BUSTED!

  52. The Nexus S looks like an iPhone. ’nuff said.

  53. strangely the option “No, I want a ground breaking phone like the Nexus One, not this mediocre POS, wake me when the endless tide of hardware clones die out” yea i’ll vote when you put that as an option

  54. Super disappointed with the hardware (it’s a Galaxy S + flash) and the plastic build.

    Slightly disappointed because -even though it will have Hummingbird, it’s still old-gen. I want a Tegra 2 or Orion phone with next-gen guts that will last well beyond a year or two (until 3D screens hit and are worth the upgrade).

    If there’s ONE thing that I would change about the Nexus S, it’s the cheap plastic casing.

  55. I think that it’s a mix of both hardware and software that I’m after. Right now, all high-end smartphones have 1GHz Cortex A8 based ARM chips. Yes, there are slight modifications made by Qualcomm on their Snapdragon and Apple with their A4 to make things a bit faster clock for clock, but the difference isn’t that great. CPU wise, I would only go for it if it has a dual core Cortex A9.
    GPU wise, that’s a whole different story. The Galaxy S series has GPUs that are way more powerful the the N1 (90 million triangles per second as compare to N1’s 22 mil). Though, I would like a GPU that can rival ARM’s recently announced Mali T604 or NVIDIA’s Tegra 2.
    Waiting for Tegra 2 though is also a mixed bag cause Tegra 3 is set to be announced at CES in January next year, plus LTE is just around the corner.
    But great hardware without software optimization would still be quite useless. After all the UI won’t be much faster even if a spanking new GPU unless Google adds in GPU acceleration.
    I know, I know, my post is really long, but well, as it stands now, I’ll probably wait till next year.

  56. It’s either the Nexus S on T-Mo if it has HSPA+ or the Verizon Evo phone if it has LTE. It’s gonna be a tough couple of months to wait.

  57. I’m sorry but like all Samsung phones they look good at first glance. But then there is the obsessive use of shiny plastic that makes it all look cheap.

    And more important.. their service sucks. Had a samsung phone before my first (and only) android phone (htc desire) and it had a couple of software issues. Despite filing bug reports and updating to all kinds of new roms it was never fixed. I eventually say Fuck it and bought a new phone.

    As far as phones are concerned i’ll never buy samsung ever again. Not even if its the new google phone. I had enough of their bullshit

  58. UDT:your GPS complaint doesn’t hold water. GPS works just fine on my Fascinate. Sure I had a problem with it in the begining, but after Verizon sent out that small ota update its worked fine ever since.

    OH of course, you wouldn’t know. CUS YOU DON’T OWN ONE.
    THAT’S WHY YOU’RE B****ING ABOUT IT crying like a 5yr old girl. Pathetic and grow up.

  60. I’m with UTD where is the major jump which make this a great phone the best thing I have seen yet us that it will have super amelod 2 beside that what could it be

    We know it won’t have dual core
    We know it not hspa+ (t mobile customers)
    We know it will have 2.3 but so will the G2
    We know with out hspa+ that me wifi ffc
    I don’t even see why people say that this is the nexus 2 why would google take on a lawsuit just to use the nexus 1 name to abound it on the next version come on people this phone when it comes out will still be behind the curve in a few months

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