Nov 12th, 2010

China-based Lenovo Group’s Chief Executive Yang Yuanqinq has expressed plans to bring the Lenovo LePad to the United States. This follows interest from the American market after Lenovo showed off their unique user interface for Android and the detachable hardware QWERTY keyboard that you can get with their phone offering, the LePhone.


They’d be butting heads with some rather large players here in the states. Most worthy of mention is Apple, of course, who is currently dominating the market with their iPad. Samsung in Korea just introduced a nice option on the Android front, of course, with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Blackberry’s Playbook tablet could be a sleeper hit once RIM is finally ready to release it.

And if they’re willing to bring a tablet to the table, we don’t see why they wouldn’t bring their Android-based phone out, as well. Let’s hope we hear more about that come early 2011.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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