Samsung Has a New Flagship Device Headed Our Way, Trumps Galaxy S in Every Way


The Nexus S train got off to a quick and ruthless start yesterday, but let’s not start thinking that this will be Samsung’s cream of the crop heading into 2011: Engadget’s already procured evidence of the next flagship device out of the Korean carrier. According to some slides from a powerpoint – which Engadget says is definitely from Samsung – this phone will be a “1st half flagship” which implies that they’ll have two large scale launches going down that year. (I know, my detective skills are unmatched.)


But let’s take a look at these specs: Android 2.3, 14.4 mbps HSDPA and 5.76 mbps HSUPA, a 4.3-inch or 4.5-inch sAMOLED2 display (the S stands for Super, we’ll assume, and the two means it’s better than what’s in the Galaxy S line), an 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, 1080p HD video recording, a 1.2GHz application processor, 16GB of “memory” (we assume this is for storage and not RAM), and “Clouding services.” All of the other bells and whistles you’d expect – such as WiFi N, Bluetooth 3.0, and (hopefully working) GPS are there.

The slide describes it as having an ultra sleek design, and considering Samsung’s Galaxy S line, we don’t think they’d be incapable of getting even slimmer than their phones already are. Expect to see it sometime in February 2011. Does this phone sound like a winner to you? [PS: the photos in the slides are not of the phone in question. Apparently, Samsung just found some random concept shots or photos of old phones and used them as placeholders.]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. S Amoled 2? interesting I didn’t know there was smuch a thing.

    Also, they are running 2.3 which who knows at that time if it will be up to date or not.

    Also, 1.2 should be a dual processer by that time or hopefully, that’s a bad add phone though.

    Physical keyboard would benefit this big time!

  2. yummy.

  3. As badass as this phone looks I think I will still get the Nexus S because my Nexus One has proven it self time and time again to be one of the best Android phones. Its has the ultimate hardware but its crippled by its software :(

  4. I call fake, did Samsung really say that these fake devices were place holders? And if so, why does that UI not look anything like TouchWiz and more like iOS? It’s either fake, or the device isn’t coming out till the second or third quarter.

  5. too iphonish and too much huge screen…now matter how thin it is, cose of the screet its just 2 big for me

  6. Well, it’s a Samsung, so I’d have to completely blow the competition away for me to even consider it.

  7. Samsung will undoubtedly come out with a 4.3″+ superphone to compete with Moto and HTC. Samsung will undoubtedly come out with another Superphone about half a year after the Galaxy S release in order to keep the party going. And what better an idea then to come out with their first monster sized phone at the start of 2011 and be the first company with the much anticipated Y2011 specifications that EVERYBODY is gonna want…. Count me in for one of my Vibrant’s big brother.

  8. hoping its vanilla android …

  9. This is the Nexus S. What else can “half flagship” mean?

  10. @jdog25 the hardware on the nexus one is HTC, this is Samsung which isn’t know for good hardware

  11. Why are you running this piece now? It’s a fake, it’s really bad fake and Engadget have been laughed at for running it.

    1. HD Ready logo has an accent on the e
    2. Screen size changes on the same slide
    3. UI apes iPhone, looks nothing like Android (look at the notification bar)
    4. One of the pictures is of an old VoIP phone
    5. In the slide with the screen shot, the ‘screen’ doesn’t fit the phone and is at the wrong angle. It is also a badly hacked picture of and iPhone 4, look at the silver band wrapping around the phone, why would anyone copy a broken design?
    6. ‘Clouding services’ is a made up term, it is called cloud services.
    7. DLNA is spelt wrong in the specs
    8. The Google icons on the slide with the screenshot are awful quality, really bad cut and paste job.

    to name but a few things wrong with it.

  12. @ Vido… LOL, you beat me to it… fake fake fake. For shame Phandroid. Try and keep up with the other blogs.

  13. Samsung will have to bring out some new Gingerbread phone, it doesn’t really matter if it is this or not. If you look at how much they have improved, not only their hardware but the software and the distribution, you’ll see that the next one will be something special indeed.

  14. Yea this is fake. It has the MIUI rom on it if you look at the other pictures. Plus why would it be 1.2 ghz for a flagship phone in 2011 when dual core will be the thing?

  15. No front facing camera? Whoever photoshopped this really under-pimped this phone.

  16. I bet the sAMOLED2 is the unbreakable screen that samsung has been working on.

  17. yeah this is as real as fairies and unicorns.

  18. The specs sound impressive, but i to believe this is a fake, i saw from another site, it looks like it running ios. I will stick with my vibrant until something better comes to tmobile

  19. this should be the nexus s phone

  20. it’s true, I never drop my phones and I treat them with greater respect than anything else. None of my phones have ever broken from hardware failure EXCEPT my Samsung T629! It would slide up then just go black and become utterly useless…I do think Samsung has the best designs for phones, however that means it lacks in sturdiness…sorry, I feel HTC is now going to dominate the market because the MyTouch 4G still looks better and is not made flimsy.

  21. How the hell do you hold something that thin? I’d be impressed if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s too damn thin to securely hold in real world usage. I like the professional look of the build, but gotta give me something to hang onto.

  22. there is no way this is real, they basically just named every single cool thing in phones today and names it

  23. I will buy it if the spec is real :D

  24. Photos are fake but the phone is real !
    You can find more information here : http://www.frandroid.com/47223/le-samsung-elitegalaxy-s-2-bien-reel

  25. Everyone knows this thing is as fake as hell. Why keep RE-posting it.

  26. Did any of you people actually read the article. This picture included is not of the new phone. It clearly states that morons.

  27. if it has 1080p playback/recording then it will be sporting the Orion chip. and with a SAMOLED2 in it…oh yeah, it’s gonna be a killer device

  28. The big flagship of Samsung in US won´t be a Android, but Bada Wave phone.
    The next Samsung Android generation Galaxy S will be amazong, but the real deal breaker will be a Bada phone.

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